: More than 300 Iranian associations from around the world are taking part in the mobilization effort of "All for Freedom," a major gathering of Iranians in Paris on June 27, the organizers said on Saturday.

According to organizers, the scope of the campaign involves five continents and three generations of Iranians, and will clearly send a message shared by all Iranians: "No to the dictatorship of the mullahs in Iran and to the charm offensive of moderation by the mullah Rouhani and yes to democratic change in Iran."

The associations are from throughout Europe, the US, Canada and Australia, and include a wide range of intellectuals, political and human rights activists, women's rights activists, entrepreneurs, experts of many professions, and students. Many of the representatives of associations are also from ethnic and religious minorities.

In addition to the conventional mobilization effort, this year's online and social media campaign for the grand meeting of the Iranians has added a totally different dimension.

According to event organizers, one new aspect of the mobilization effort is the participation of young Iranians who are getting involved in dimensions unmatched in any other occasion. The active role of Iranian women's associations is another new feature of this year's effort. "We want to make sure that the young generation in Iran, the ones who are our age, hear our message for Iran Freedom loud and clear. So the Internet and social media campaign is part and parcel of our effort," underscored a young Iranian university student from London.

The diverse Iranian groups and communities set to meet in the French capital have all pledged their support for democratic change in Iran and condemned claims that the regime's new president Hassan Rouhani is a "moderate".

The world's Iranian dissidents will also underscore that the oppressed people of Iran are desperate to overthrow the extremist religious dictatorship, and also urge Western governments not to overlook the regime's barbaric abuses of human rights for the sake of the ongoing nuclear negotiations.

The organizations condemn the recent sharp rise in executions in Iran under Rouhani, and particularly the execution of the political prisoner Gholamreza Khosravi, a member of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) who spent 12 years of his life being tortured in prison until he was finally hanged on June 1 in Tehran for the sole "crime" of cooperating and offering financial support to the resistance Satellite TV.

A recent announcement by the Northern California Iranian-American Association said: "The actions of previous governments in Iran, including the execution of 120,000 political prisoners, the suppression of women, and discrimination against ethnic and religious minorities under the cloak of religion is continuing unabated under Rouhani's government.

"By participating in the June gathering, we say no to the continuation of the mullah's rule, the rule of executions and injustice in Iran, and pledge our support for the only democratic alternative to this government, the National Council of Resistance of Iran," said the Anglo Iranian Youth Society in the UK in its announcement.

"A clear message of this gathering is that the silence of the international community in the face of the barbaric violation of human rights in Iran under the pretext of nuclear talks is unacceptable," said the statement by the Anglo Iranian Youth Society in the UK. "The problem of the Iranian people and the people of the region with this regime goes beyond the nuclear issue."

The associations also will call on all freedom loving people of the world to raise their voices in support of the Iranian resistance led by president-elect Maryam Rajavi and to back her plan for regime change as the best vision for a free and democratic Iran.

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