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NCRI - The international community must unite to protect and defend the Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty, where they are exposed to daily abuses of their human rights, the former Special Representative for the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has demanded.

Adrianus Melkert also called for 'reconciliation, peace, democracy and social progress in Iran and the Middle East'.

He told the June 27 Paris a gathering of Iranians democratic change in Iran: "The humanitarian imperative and the cause of human rights should prevail over political considerations and calculations to which no individual should be held hostage.

Sadly, as we know, this continues to be the case for those that were uprooted in Camp Ashraf before discovering themselves impeded to settle down in peace and safety despite promises made.

"Countless efforts were invested in bringing your families, friends and colleagues and our fellow human beings into the spotlight and onto a better place to live in a world that was inclined to look the other way. That is why I urged time and again Prime Minister Maliki to relieve the unacceptable pressure and to help look for peaceful and genuine solutions.

"And that is why on so many occasions I urged the diplomatic community in Baghdad to assume the global humanitarian responsibility and to open their hearts and minds to create havens that would be safer outside Iraq.

"Now some three years later I'm very concerned that Camp Liberty has turned into a place unworthy of its name's promise. That there is no end in peace in sight, that the international community prefers silence over outcry.

"With so many gross violations of human rights multiplying, who will still dare to knock at the door of justice and provide safe shelter for the Camp Liberty residents?"

Ad Melkert added: "More than ever let all those who believe in the force of human power and humanitarian conviction join hands in helping to stem the violence and turn the tide in the region.

"And for the cause of human rights and to obey the humanitarian imperative, let us double our efforts to find solutions and set free in safety the Camp Liberty people that should not be left alone."

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