The Terrorist Plot Against Masjid Al-Haram (Great Mosque of Mecca) Is Strongly Condemned; Iranian Regime Is the Only Party Benefiting From That

Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the terrorist plan against the Mosque of Al-Haram and Mecca and welcomes the failure of this criminal plot. Those responsible for these anti-human and anti-Islamic plans are the most hostile enemies of Islam and Muslims, and are hated by the spirit of Islam and humanity.

The only party benefiting from this ominous plan, which provoked outrage of the Muslims around the world, is the religious fascism ruling Iran that wants to drag the whole region into war and crisis.

Iran: Protest of Investors Spreads

A regime broker: Plunderer institutions have political power and a special backing that circumvents the law

On the morning of Wednesday June 21, thousands of victims of financial institutions belonging to the Revolutionary Guards, the Basij Organization, the Police and the Judiciary in Tehran, Mashhad, Ahvaz, Babol, Abhar, Ardebil and Rasht staged rallies.

Iran: Transfer of Political Prisoner Ali Moezzi to Ward 8 of Tehran Prison

Call for immediate action for his release

The Iranian resistance calls on all international human rights organizations to take immediate action against making a new case file for the 66-year-old political prisoner Ali Moezzi and for his immediate and unconditional release.

Iran: Assembly of Experts Acknowledges Mullahs' Lack of Credibility

Elections held solely to strengthen religious dictatorship

Iran’s Assembly of Experts on June 19 issued a statement in response “to doubts regarding people’s role in an Islamic state.” This statement, shedding light on rifts amongst the regime’s ruling elite and an escalating power struggle following last month’s sham presidential election, is an unprecedented acknowledgement of the mullahs’ lack of “legitimacy” and “acceptability,” emphasizing once again that the people’s vote has no credibility in the mullahs’ regime and it’s only purpose is to strengthen the religious dictatorship’s status quo.

Iran: Regime Terrified of Widespread Social Welcoming of Iranian Resistance Justice Movement

Repressive measures increasing in Tehran & various provinces

Two weeks after failing to engineer Iran’s farce presidential election, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is terrified of the two slogans, “No to murderer, no to demagogue, and “My vote is regime change,” and the subject of seeking justice for the 1988 massacre victims.

Iran: Protests Staged Across the Country by Workers and Investors

Protests staged by investors who’ve seen their money plundered by state financial institutions, including Caspian and Thaman al-Hojaj, continue in various cities across Iran.

On the morning of Tuesday a high number of investors in Isfahan continued their protests from the day before and launched a demonstration. The protesters rallied outside the Parsian Bank, in charge of their investments, and chanted: “The bankrupt Parsian is sitting on our money,” “Down with Seif,” (referring to Caspian’s chief executive), “Seif, answer to our demands,” “Seif is incompetent,” and “This is treason.” State police attacked but failed to disperse the protesters. Similar protesting investors in Tehran staged a rally outside the international exhibition.

Iran: Flogging 20 People in Qazvin Under the Excuse of Breaking Fasting

NCRI - On June 11 the mullahs' regime's henchmen sentenced 20 people to the anti-human punishment of flogging in a summary trial in the mullahs' "special courts". The ruling was implemented on the same day.

Arrests under the excuse of breaking fasting continues in various cities of the country. According to state-run media the number of arrestees in Fars province and in the cities of Qazvin and Urmia amounted to 730. This includes the arrest of 590 people in Fars province under the excuse of breaking fasting and breaking norms, detention of 90 people in Qazvin, and the arrest of 50 in Urimia.


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