Successful Completion of the Resettlement of Camp Liberty residents from Iraq to Europe

Failure of the plan to arrest PMOI officials and to launch missile attacks against Camp Liberty

Simultaneous with growing calls seeking justice for 30,000 massacred political prisoners, the victorious transfer of PMOI members opens a new chapter for the Iranian people and Resistance

Iran: Supreme National Security Council orders intensified siege on Camp Liberty following Paris gathering

According to reports received from inside the Iranian regime, following the massive Iranian Resistance rally in Paris that enjoyed widespread support from inside Iran and abroad, the regime’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) has decided to intensify the pressures imposed on the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MeK) and the Iranian Resistance, especially the residents of Camp Liberty in Iraq.

Ban on entry of food, medicine and utility vehicles into Camp Liberty continues after July 4th missile attack

Camp Liberty Missile Attack – Number 8

Four days after July 4th missile attack against Camp Liberty in Iraq, leaving large portions of the residents’ facilities and supplies destroyed, for the 11th consecutive day Iraqi agents continue to prevent the delivery of food and medicine, and the entrance of utility vehicles into the camp.

Further details on the Camp Liberty missile attack

Missile attack on Camp Liberty – No. 7

50 Falaq-1 240mm missiles of 50 kg Payload were fired at Camp Liberty

Missiles had been placed on launching pads on a flatbed truck by IRGC Industries

According to reports from inside the Iranian regime and the remnants of the fired missiles, fresh details on the July 4 missile attack on Camp Liberty that left 50 residents injured are hence made available:

40 Camp Liberty residents reported injured until midnight

Missile attack on Camp Liberty – No. 5

According to reports from Camp Liberty, as of midnight tonight, more than 40 residents were wounded or injured in the missile attack on the Camp.

Missile attack on Camp Liberty caused major destruction, major fire

Missile attack on Camp Liberty – No. 4

Monday night’s missile attack on Camp Liberty caused major destruction and fire within the camp. Parts of the residents’ property and trailers were destroyed. The picture of the crater caused by one of the missiles is attached.

Several residents injured in rocket attack on Camp Liberty; no one martyred

Rocket attack on Camp Liberty – statement no. 3

A number of Camp Liberty residents were injured, but fortunately no one was martyred, in the rocket attack on the camp this evening (Monday, July 4).

In this criminal attack, which was carried out by the militias affiliated to the regime's terrorist IRGC Quds Force in Iraq, more than 50 rockets were fired at Camp Liberty, a number of which struck outside the camp perimeter.

The rocket attack took place while in the past eight days Iraqi forces have in an inhuman act prevented the entry of fuel, food and medicine into the camp, and the blockade is continuing.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 4, 2016

1988 massacre in Iran


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