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NCRI - In the recent weeks, the Iraqi forces under the command of the Iraqi Prime Ministry have prevented transfer of many Camp Liberty patients to a hospital in Baghdad upon various pretexts. Many of these Iranian residents of Camp Liberty are in critical conditions or are cancer patients that need immediate medical attention or surgeries.

1. On Tuesday, July 15, the nurse and interpreter for Reza Jalali, a patient in dire conditions, were prevented from going to the hospital. The patient who was too sick to manage the trip to the hospital all by himself was forced to cancel his medical appointment.

2. In another harassment on Wednesday, July 16, the Iraqi agents obstructed the nurses and interpreters for two cancer patients Mahmoud Vahidei and Abdolali Qanbari from accompanying them and asked for them to be replaced. This was while due to their critical conditions these patients have permanent nurses who are familiar with the patients’ individual and medical needs. Nevertheless, the residents replaced the nurses, but the Iraqi agents turned them down again. Only after replacing them for a third time were the patients permitted to leave the camp for the hospital after much delay.

3. Previously, on July 10, the Iraqi agents prevented the nurse of another patient from going along to the hospital. The patient who could not manage alone was unable to go to the hospital.

4. On this same day, the Iraqi forces at the gate of Camp Liberty took away the respiratory apparatus of one of the patients and refused to return it. This measure that has also been reported to UNAMI has caused much problem for the patient.

It is six years now that Government of Iraq has imposed a medical blockade on Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty Iranians resulting in loss of life of 20 patients in these two camps. This medical blockade is a physical torture of the patients as well as a psychological torture of all camp residents and its perpetrators must be tried and punished.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

July 18, 2014


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