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Camp Liberty, IraqNCRI - The forces under the command of Iraq's prime ministry continue to impose anti-human restrictions, carry out repressive and provocative measures, and pave the way for a raid and massacre against the residents.

In a most worrisome act on Thursday, July 17, Iraqi suppressive forces known as SWAT who were wearing masks went on top of the bunkers outside the camp and began reconnaissance of various sections of the camp from behind the T-walls.

Meanwhile, in the past week, contrary to the last two and a half years, the Iraqi forces impede entry of sewage tankers that are rented by the residents and keep them waiting for hours in the astringent heat of Iraq at the camp’s entrance allowing them to enter Camp Liberty for just 4 hours. Disrupting the drainage of black water in a camp that lacks the minimum infrastructures, especially in the summer heat, pollutes the environment and causes considerable health and sanitary problems for the residents. The other objective of the Iraqi agents in imposing these pressures is to get the tanker drivers who work for Camp Liberty residents to quit.

In yet another inimical measure, it is a month now that the prime ministry agents are refraining from implementing previous agreements to give forklift trucks to the residents on a daily basis. This compels the residents to move heavy loads in the hot weather with bare hands. At the time of transfer of residents from Ashraf to Camp Liberty in February 2012, the Iraqi forces prevented the transfer of residents’ forklifts. Only after numerous referrals to and correspondence with the United Nations and the United States, it was decided that a few of residents’ forklift trucks remain with the Iraqi forces to be used by residents during daytime on a daily basis. During the past month, only once have the Iraqi forces given a forklift to the residents.

While warning of the provocative measures by the Iraqi forces and the ongoing preparatory acts, and given the repeated and written commitments of the U.S. government and the United Nations on the safety and security of Camp Liberty residents, the Iranian Resistance calls for immediate measures to end these repressive and provocative measures.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 18, 2014


       Islamic Fundamentalism and Iran

Islamic Fundamentalism, which may manifest itself on the streets of France or Yemen and Syria, and its victims may be diverse, but it is a single issue confronting the globe. It may appear random or unplanned but it is in fact shrewdly promoted and sustained by a regime, which relies on the phenomenon for its very survival. 



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