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On Tuesday, April 22, the speaker of the Iranian regime’s Majlis (parliament) National Security Committee Hossein Naghavi acknowledged that the savage raid by the suppressive forces had been due to fear of reports by international human rights bodies concerning the catastrophic state of violations of human rights by the religious dictatorship ruling Iran.

Tasnim news agency affiliated with the Iranian regime's terrorist Qods Force quoted Naghavi as saying: “A series of fabrications and lies were passed on to some defiant elements such as Ahmed Shaheed, the lying UN Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, or the foreign media from inside the prison. Thus, further studies and inspections were quite necessary and essential.”

He ludicrously claimed that “this measure is to further the security of prisoners and to maintain the security in the prison so that no incident would happen in these centers”!

The speaker of mullahs’ National Security Committee described the measures taken by the elements of IRGC and the intelligence in their attack on Evin Prison as “very accurate” and said: the inspection team “acted correctly because among prisoners’ belongings laptops, tablets, cell phones, and some other electronic equipment were discovered. "

"Documents and evidence on the connections between some of the prisoners of Ward 350 of Evin Prison and the system’s opposition are available. These prisoners passed on incorrect information to dissident groups for these groups to use the information to bring fresh and false allegations against the system (regime). This is while this kind of acts are against prison regulations.”

Acting in a concert with Esmaeili who has claimed that the prisoners have not even been touched, Naghavi said: “In the recent inspection by the Prisons Organization from Ward 350 of Evin Prison, the team that was making the assessment respectfully guided the prisoners to the yard, but some prisoners resisted and started insulting and using foul language… the transgressing prisoners attempt to provoke other prisoners by shouting and breaking windows glasses and doors and in doing so one of them injured his hand.” He went on to threaten: “According to the law, the transgressing prisoners in Ward 350 will be dealt with.”

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, underscored the need for an independent international investigation into the brutal raid on Evin Prison on Thursday, April 17, by the revolutionary guards and intelligence agents, as well as the other crimes of this religious fascism in Iran’s prisons. She said that the falsifications and the contradictory remarks by the clerical regime’s leaders to cover up and minimize this atrocity, doubles the need for formation of an international fact-finding delegation to shed light on the dimensions of this great atrocity and to identify its perpetrators.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 23, 2014

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