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NCRI - As another round of nuclear talks approaches, the Iranian regime's leaders are both pushing ahead with their nuclear and missile projects, and continuing with negotiations to exploit West's policy of appeasement to prevent the continuation and ratcheting up of sanctions to buy time to advance their nuclear projects.

During a visit to an IRGC Aerospace Force exhibition, the regime's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei praised missile production as 'a message of innate power and capability' which is 'unfortunately not understood by certain officials'.

He said: "The Aerospace Force should follow up its responsibilities and plans and it should not be satisfied with current levels. It must bring its products to the mass production phase; this is a duty."

He added:"They expect us to limit the missile program. This is while they constantly issue military threats against Iran. Therefore, such an expectation is stupid and foolish."

Khamenei said: “Of course I have always been and am supportive of initiatives in foreign policy and in the negotiations, and my constant recommendation to the officials has been that they have to employ all initiatives and efforts.”

Khamenei's made the remarks in the light of the the experience of the past 30 years, which have demonstrated that ‘initiatives’ and ‘negotiations’ in regime’s vocabulary have no meaning other than deception, concealment and buying time.

Khamenei also emphasized the need to circumvent the sanctions, and said: "The country’s needs, and some issues such as sanctions. should not be tied to the negotiations. Officials should solve the sanctions in another way." (ISNA News Agency - May 11)

The Iranian regime 's president, Hassan Rouhani, described the purpose of the negotiations for the regime in other terms, saying: “Although in politics we want to take a step forward, we do not want to take a step back in technology. Our scientists and our Atomic Energy Agency have sacrificed their lives. We have continued and shall continue with all scientific and legal activities. Everyone, the West, the East, and the P5+1 should know this." (IRGC Fars News Agency – May 11).

Ali Larijani, Speaker of the mullahs’ Parliament, also said regarding this: "The final talks are not an area for negligence. The quantity of nuclear technology is not a matter for bargaining in the talks" (ILNA state news agency - May 12).

Meanwhile, members of the mullahs’ parliament issued a statement, “warning the great powers that the Iranian nation [i.e. the clerical regime] would not retreat from its positions on peaceful nuclear technology … and the negotiating team should not retreat” (IRNA state news agency - May 12).

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 13, 2014


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