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NCRI - As a new round of nuclear negotiations begins in Vienna, the clerical regime’s supreme leader Khamenei expressed his fear of escalating student uprisings and the student opposition to regime’s nuclear projects. He reiterated on “serious, accelerated and comprehensive continuation of scientific movement as the principal element that shapes the future destiny of Iran and the Islamic world.”

Khamenei who was speaking to a group of his paid hands at the universities on July 2, expressed his fear of public opposition to regime’s nuclear projects and said:

“Transforming universities into political clubs is a deadly poison for the scientific move in the country and regrettably for a period we witnessed such a phenomenon.”

In a blatant call to oppress students he added: “Pertinent officials and university directors should seriously prevent transformation of scientific centers into a place for the activities and thriving of political currents… if God forbid serenity [of universities] is damaged, scientific movement shall cease and Iran will regress.”

Khamenei who was calling nuclear projects of his regime “scientific movement”, concurrent with the nuclear negotiations, stated: “The scientific movement of the country should not stop. Any halt in this path or slowing down the acceleration of country’s scientific engine will bring about regression. If this scientific movement and motion is halted, getting it rolling again will be extremely difficult. A halt in the country’s scientific motion is one of the main plans of the front of the enemies of the system… neglecting the external enemy is a mega strategic blunder that will harm us”. (ISNA state-run news agency, 3 July 2014)

Khamenei uncovered his intentions to follow up on the nuclear projects by emphasizing: “The rolling of the accelerated and twofold scientific movement of the country is a fundamental issue in country’s future and that of the society and even the Islamic world”.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 3, 2014

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