Terrorist Attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt Is a Crime Against Humanity and in Conflict With the Teachings of Islam

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns terrorist attack on a bus carrying Coptic Christians in Egypt on the eve of Ramadan, the month of friendship and brotherhood between all human beings, expresses its sympathy with the victims’ families and wishes a quick recovery for the injured.

Criminals who slaughter innocent people, especially children, in the name of Islam, are the worst enemies of God and humanity and Islam. These crimes against humanity have nothing to do with Islam, but are in contrast to the teachings of this great religion.

Rouhani Again Underscores Regional Warmongering, Continuing Missile Initiatives

Two days after the election façade, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani held a press conference once again proving his inability and lack of will to realize even the slightest change in this regime’s domestic and foreign policies.

Rouhani pledged the mullahs’ regime will continue their warmongering in the Middle East, adding they are on the ground in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and fought against terrorism in the region.
“Iran has and will support these through its diplomats and military advisors,” he said.

Iran Regime Builds New Terror Centers – Col. Wes Martin

It is heartening that the Trump Administration is considering officially designating the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a "Foreign Terrorist Organization" (FTO), writes US. Colonel Wes Martin who served as the first senior antiterrorism officer for all Coalition Forces in Iraq.

For several years, a faction of the IRGC, the Qods Force, has held the FTO title, Col. Martin wrote on Tuesday for Forbes.

The Iranian Resistance (NCRI) Strongly Condemns the Terrorist Attack in Manchester

The world is in shock and distress after the criminal terrorist attack on Manchester Arena. The Iranian Resistance condemns this callous attack and offers the NCRI's deepest condolences and sympathies to the people of Britain, especially to the families of the victims. The NCRI wishes quick recovery for those wounded in the attack.


Maryam Rajavi: The ultimate solution to the regional crisis lies in the overthrow of the Velayat-e Faqih regime in Iran

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, welcomed the positions adopted by the Arab Islamic American Summit vis-à-vis the Iranian regime's conduct, which has undermined peace and stability in the Middle East region and the world. She emphasized in particular the statement regarding the need to confront the clerical regime's export of terrorism and fundamentalism, its ballistic missile program, its interference in the internal affairs of other countries, as well as its destructive regional and international role. She described the stances as indispensable to ending terrorism, war, and bloodshed, and restoring peace and tranquility.

IRGC's 38 Year Record: War, Crackdown, Exporting Terrorism & Fundamentalist, and Advancing the Nuclear Weapons Drive

IRGC terrorist designation & eviction from the region is needed for Middle East peace and tranquility

On April 22nd marking the 38th founding anniversary of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), General Mohammad Bagheri, chairman of Iran’s armed forces command, said the IRGC “acted as the ‘security shield’ of the Iranian nation and all the Muslim people through their presence in Syria and Iraq.”

Vicious Assassination of Saeed Karimian and His Colleague Was Carried out by IRGC Upon Order of Iran Regime's Supreme Leader

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the vicious assassination of Saeed Karimian, the chairman of Gem TV and his colleague in Istanbul that was carried out by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) on IRGC Day upon Khamenei’s order. The Iranian Resistance calls for the prosecution of the perpetrators and masterminds of this hideous crime, bringing them to justice, and blacklisting the IRGC.

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