Iran: Judiciary Dismisses Appeal of Six Kurdish Political Prisoners

NCRI - The judiciary of Urmia, northwestern Iran, dismissed an appeal filed by the lawyer of six political prisoners detained in Miyandoab Prison.

Iran’s Supreme Court upheld the Miyandoab criminal court ruling, after evaluating the case for six months without holding a single hearing or summoning witnesses.

Iran: Reaction to Murderous Judge in Raisi's Campaign Team; Unity of Human Rights Violators!

NCRI - The presence of Saeed Mortazavi at an election campaign event of Ebrahim Raisi in the city of Yazd, central Iran, gained widespread attention on social media.

Various social media channels in Yazd Province claimed Mortazavi had told reporters he supports Raisi’s candidacy, according to the official IRNA news agency.

“My dream is Raisi becoming president,” Mortazavi said, according to the Entekhab news website.

Per Capita Income Conditions in Iran No Different From War-Torn Syria

NCRI - The state-run Aftab-e Yazd daily, affiliated with the faction loyal to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, issued a post shedding important light on Iran’s economic conditions.

“There has never been an election in Iran where the candidates have not promised better living conditions,” the piece reads.

Iran: Female Futsal Player Eliminated From Team for Violating Hijab Regulations

NCRI - The misogynist Iranian regime has eliminated a national women’s futsal team member for failing to abide by hijab regulations.

Shiva Amini took to her Instagram page to write this about her banning:

“For our officials, it is not important to bring home a medal of honor for Iran. Hijab is more important for them than women’s sports and this is painful. Is the hijab rule mandatory outside of the country that I have to obey it?”

Ghalibaf: 10% of Iranians Living in Utter Poverty, Sleeping Hungry

NCRI - Tehran mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, a candidate in Iran’s 12th presidential election farce, recently targeted the policies of President Hassan Rouhani, saying continuing the status quo will lead to social damage and a recession.

“Today, I want to tell you about the truth about 10% of our population being poor. Completely in poverty. They are facing challenges just providing for their everyday needs. I am not exaggerating if I say they go to sleep hungry,” he said in a recorded TV interview.

Iran: Unemployment Crisis and Presidential Election Dog Fights

NCRI - "Our government has inherited a tsunami of unemployment. The Minister of Labor in Rouhani's government, Ali Rabiei stated on April 26: “the current situation stemming from the previous governments has caused difficulties, and as a result we could not fill the gap between the unemployed and job-seekers although 1million and 900 thousand job opportunities were created."

Iran: Labor Activist Summoned to the Bureau of Ministry of Intelligence in Kurdistan

NCRI - On the verge of the May 1st, marking International Labor Day, the Bureau of Ministry of Intelligence in Kurdistan, located in Sanandaj in western Iran has summoned a renowned labor activist.

Sheith Amani was summoned and threatened on Monday, April 24 not to organize any rally on May 1st.

Iran Regime's MP: Issuing Death Sentence Is Recruitment for Drug Dealers

NCRI - Spokesman for Legal and Judicial Committee of Iranian regime’s parliament has acknowledged that issuing death sentence for all those involved in drug trafficking cycle will harm the families, saying this will push the children of those executed towards drug dealing, thus serving recruitment for drug cartels.

According to Jam-e-Jam online website on Wednesday April 26, Hassan Norouzi also acknowledged that children of those executed are pushed towards drug dealing due to poverty.

Iran Regime's Proxies in UAE Sentenced to Prison for Smuggling Military Equipment

NCRI - The State Security Department at UAE Federal Supreme Court sentenced on Wednesday April 26 two Iranian nationals to three years’ imprisonment, a 500,000-dirham fine, and deportation from the UAE for trying to smuggle military equipment from the country.

Reporters Without Borders: Iran Is One of the World's Biggest Prisons for Journalists

On Wednesday, April 26 ‘Reporters without Borders’ reported, that Iran continues to remain one of the world's five big prisons for media activists and Khamenei is still on the list of the enemies of press freedoms.

The report indicates that the Iranian regime has imprisoned dozens of journalists and web bloggers on alleged charges of "acting against national security" and even "moral corruption."

Iran: 3 Young Social Media Activists, Sentenced to 36 Years Prison Term

NCRI - Three social media activists in Iran who have been sentenced each to 12 years behind bars since mid-September of last year are called, Mr. Mohammad Mohajer, Mr. Alireza Tavakoli and Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Zamanzadeh. These individuals are all administrators of various Telegram channels, Hrana News Agency reported.

Each of these individuals have been sentenced to five years for “assembly and collusion against the state”, another five years for “insulting the sanctities” and another two years for “insulting the leader and revolution founder”.

Iran: Municipality Workers Were Threatened

NCRI - The contracting company of the sixth district in Ahvaz, southwestern Iran, were reported to be forcing their workers to sign empty papers agreeing all their New Year bonuses and other payments were provided for. These workers were threatened of being fired if they refuse to sign the papers. Their calls with the relevant officials in supervising have gone completely neglected.

Iran: Protesters Set Fire on a Regime - Owned Company

NCRI - On Tuesday April 25, furious people of the city of Behshar – Northern Iran, whom their savings were plundered by a state - owned company called Caspian, set a branch of this company on fire.


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