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NCRI - More than 13,000 Arab lawyers and judges have demanded improved security for the residents of Camp Liberty and a full investigation into the September 1, 2013, massacre at Camp Ashraf.

The joint statement published by Assembly of Independent Jurists For Defense of Human Rights in Iraq also calls on the United nations to deploy troops in Camp Liberty to provide daily protection for Iranian residents of Camp Liberty.

The statement said: "In 2013, Camp Liberty was attacked four times by rockets by the elements of the Iranian regime and as a result fourteen residents were martyred and dozens suffered serious wounds and were maimed. Thus, provision of minimum security requirements for the residents of this camp is a very essential legal and humanitarian matter.

"According to documents, the residents of this camp are protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention and are refugees under the protection of international law.

"Any siege against them, especially a medical blockade, and their collective harassment are cases of crime against humanity. So far, because of this medical siege and obstruction of access to medical centers, twenty patients among these residents have lost their lives in the past five years.

"The continuation of this oppressive and insulting treatment of these refugees is a violation of international conventions and the rights of refugees and thus should immediately cease."

The UN and the US had a legal and moral obligation to protect the camp, especially following the murder of 52 residents at Camp Ashraf last year, the group said.

They are now calling for the return of protective T-walls, removal of the blockade, access to lawyers and a 'transparent and independent investigation into the Ashraf massacre and the announcement of its findings.

Camp Liberty in Iraq houses members and supportes of the the Iranian opposition movement the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Iraq.


Iran News in Brief - 16 April 2015


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