Iran: Thousands of People Protest the Environmental Catastrophe

NCRI - On Thursday December 8, thousands of people staged demonstration in South Western city of Ahvaz to protest the decision by Iranian regime’s officials to transfer the Karoon River’s water to Isfahan.

Protestors held placards demanding a halt to the project of Karoun’s water transfer and a solution to (addressing) the problem of dust (in the air) and other environmental problems. Some of the slogans written on the placards include: “Karoun’s death is death of Khuzestan” and “Karoun is our red line.”

Iran: University Students Chanted "Political Prisoner Must Be Released" in a Regime's Official Meeting.

NCRI - According to reports, the speech made by regime’s head of the Department of Environment ‘Masoumeh Ebtekar’ at Tehran’s university of Tarbiat-e Modarres on Monday December 5 was protested by students who were chanting “political prisoner must be released.” The students interrupted Ebtekar’s speech several times, giving her an oxygen capsule in protest against regime’s failure to control air pollution.

Iran: Chanting "Death to Khamenei and Curse on Khomeini" Slogans in Hall 12 of Gohardasht Prison

NCRI - According to reports, political prisoners in Hall 12 of Gohardasht prison in Karaj protested against forcible transfer of the political prisoner Mehdi Farahi Shandiz to the court and chanted death to Khamenei and curse on Khomeini slogans. The political prisoner, Mehdi Farahi Shandiz, announced that he considers the court illegitimate and does not recognize it and refuses to go to the court.

Iran: antagonizing situation at the top of the regime

NCRI - On November 27th 2016, the state run Newspaper ‘Jomhoori’ in an editorial wrote about the "political ethics" and expressed its concern about the existing disagreement in the Iranian regime.

Having fear in this regard, The Newspaper writes:"the existing disagreement among all authorities with different positions is commonplace and inevitable but bringing the dispute to the public and media is not acceptable to anyone. The more the heads of three branches of government have the disagreement, the more the situation becomes unacceptable and dangerous."

Iran – Tehran, Gathering in Front of the United Nations to Protest the Continued Detention of Mohammad Ali Taheri

NCRI - On Tuesday morning, November 2, dozens of sympathizer of political prisoner Mohammad Ali Taheri, staged a protest gathering in front of the United Nations’ office against his continued detention, while at the fifty-sixth day of hunger strike.

Security Forces Attacked Supporters of a Political Prisoner Who Is on Hunger Strike.

NCRI - On Monday, November 21, supporters of political prisoner Mohammad Ali Taheri who is in his fifty fifth day of hunger strike, held protest rallies for the third day, calling for the unconditional release of all the political prisoners, especially Mohammad Ali Taheri.

Iran: People Beaten by Police, While Trying to Prevent Their Houses From Being Destroyed

NCRI - According to reports, the residents of a settlement in Karaj – Western Tehran clashed on Monday November 14 with about 2,000 of municipal agents accompanied by law enforcement and Special Forces who attempted to destroy the residents’ houses, under the pretense that these buildings pose environmental and health threat to citizens.

Iran: Glass Workers' Furious Protesters Chanted: "We Can't Afford Even a Piece of Bread"

NCRI - For the seventh consecutive day, in Central city of Qazvin Glass workers held a protest rally on Tuesday 8 November in the factory area and in front of its entrance.

According to Sobheqazvin state news agency (, the workers were protesting against not being paid for the past six months.

The furious workers in the gathering were shouting “the bread we eat is dipped in our blood.”

Iran: A look at the popular protests on November 11, 2016

NCRI - A group of victims of ‘Padideh Shandiz’ a Tourism Development Company, who lost their financial assets, staged a gathering on the last day of the media exhibition in Tehran to protest against plundering of their properties by governmental gangs involved in the project of this company.

One of the victims said: “Aren’t you a Muslim? Don’t you have children yourself? How can you sleep at night while I, at the age of 24, have to sell my kidney?


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