Iranian Sunni prisoners protest insults in Gohardasht Prison

NCRI - Iranian Sunni prisoners in Hall 21 of Gohardasht (Rajai Shahr) Prison in Karaj held a protest on Wednesday, May 25, against one of the mercenaries of the mullahs’ regime who had insulted the beliefs and sanctities of Sunni Islam.

Iran: Protests by students, workers and merchants in Tehran, Gilan, Karaj, Piranshahr and Yasuj

NCRI – Reports from Iran of some of the latest anti-regime protests:

University students protest in Yasuj
Yasuj (central Iran), May 17 - A group of students of Yasuj University held a sit-in after discovering cockroaches in the food of female students. The protesters chanted: "Incompetent manager! Resign! Resign!"

Protests in south-west Iran over desecration of statue

NCRI – A mob of Islamic fundamentalists have defaced the statue of a famous Iranian figure in the Iranian constitutional revolution in broad daylight with the Iranian regime’s police looking on and refusing to arrest the bandits.

The incident took place on Saturday at As’ad Fort in Junqan, in Iran’s central Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province.

Iranians protest in Tehran, Ahwaz, Sari and Zanjan

NCRI – Reports from Iran of some of the latest anti-regime protests:

Medical Students Protest in Tehran

On Monday, May 16, a group of students of Tehran University of Medical Sciences rallied in opposition to the fundamentalist regime’s plan to impose gender segregation in the university library and other so-called ‘security measures’ on campus.

An update on anti-regime protests in Iran

NCRI - The following are a selection of news about recent anti-regime protests in Iran:

Saturday, May 14, 2016:

Students Protest in Sama University, Kermanshah

Students of Tehran University of Art protest presence of Iran regime’s officials

NCRI - On Wednesday, May 11, a group of students of the Tehran University of Art staged a protest as representatives of the regime's environmental organization and municipality gave speeches in one of the halls of the university.

According to eyewitnesses, the measure taken by students was an attempt to denounce the cutting of trees in Tehran, in particular those in Valiasr Street, where the Tehran University of Art is situated.

IRAN: Large anti-regime rally held in Mashhad on Thursday

NCRI - More than 1000 victims of major financial scams by state-affiliated companies in Iran held a protest on Thursday in Mashhad, Iran’s second largest city, demanding their rights, according to eye-witness accounts.

The protesters, including victims of the Padideh Shandiz investment scam, demanded that their plundered money be returned, saying that the officials in the companies involved enjoy the support of the mullahs’ judicial and intelligence apparatus.

The rally began at 11.30 in Taqi-Abad Street despite a heavy presence of suppressive security forces. Some protesters gathered in Ahmad-Abad and Malek-Abad districts.

Iran sugar cane factory workers protest dismissals

NCRI – Workers of Iran’s famous sugar cane plantation held a protest over the weekend after hundreds of their colleagues were laid off from work.

The workers of the "Haft Tapeh" sugar cane factory held the protest in the morning on Saturday, May 7, blocking off the road leading to the factory, which is situated in the south-western province of Khuzestan.

Maryam Rajavi hails Iran’s political prisoners and teachers on hunger strike

NCRI - Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, has hailed Iranian political prisoners who have gone on hunger strike in support of the rights of Iranian teachers.

"Hail to political prisoners and everyone who is on hunger strike in support of Iranian teachers," Mrs. Rajavi said on Saturday.

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Protests in Iran over desecration of statue of hero in Iranian constitutional revolution

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