Iran: Protest Gathering of More Than 1500 Depositors of Credit Institution in Tehran

NCRI - More than 1,500 depositors of Caspian credit institution and those who see their assets lost have staged a protest gathering on Saturday, January 15, across the office of this institution in Tehran, state-run Tasnim news agency, affiliated to terrorist Quds force, reported.

The main demand of the protesters is their deposit and the money plundered by the institution be restored.

Protests Across Five Major Iranian Cities for Non-Payment of Wages…  


NCRI - Last weekend, protests broke out across major cities in Iran, with people protesting non-payment of wages, essential utilities, like water, being turned off and lack of education for schoolchildren.

 Sunday, January 15

 Arak- Central Iran

Hepco Co. workers were protesting five months of unpaid wages and demanding to be paid their outstanding wages and benefits.

Iran: Thousands of People Staged a Protest in Front of the Regime's Parliament

NCRI - On January 11, 2017, more than 2500 retirees of the Steel Industries staged a protest in front of the regime’s Parliament. Protesters had come from various provinces to participate in the rally. They had set up a huge banner in front of Parliament reading “We simply want our right”, “We retirees of the Steel Industries want to be amalgamated in state pension”. Protesters demand cancellation of self-administered pension plan of Steel Industries and its transfer to state controlled pension plan, payment of outstanding and unpaid claims including salaries and health benefits of pensioners.

Iran: Protests Against Noise Diffusion by the Clerical Regime

NCRI - On January 9, 2017, a large number of people of Shiraz rallied in front of the Fars Governor office to protest noise diffusion in the greater Shiraz city that has caused incurable diseases for the residents. One of the protesters, who had participated in the rally with hospital gown, carried a banner reading “We got bone cancer from the noise and we don’t have money for treatment”.

Commander of Khamenei's Plain Clothes: In 2009 Uprising in Iran, the Entire Regime Was at the Edge of Precipice

NCRI - Following escalation of social discontent in Iran as the election approaches, the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, noted with concern the growing crisis at the helm of the regime over plundering and upcoming election show and fearfully dispatched his Friday Prayer leaders and commanders of Basij (mobilization) forces to the scene to warn about the consequences of the crisis and the risk of uprisings.

Iran: Demonstration of University Students

NCRI - students at Tarbiat-Moalem University demonstrated for the fourth day in a row, on Tuesday, Jan. 3rd to protest the university for charging tuition for the withdrawn and retaken courses.

The university has enforced a new rule charging students who withdraw a course or retake an already passed course.

The students chanted 'we will continue our protest as long as the cruel fee is imposed.

Iran: Workers' Strike and Protest

NCRI - On Tuesday, January 3, protesting a five-month delay in the payment of their salaries. Workers at the “Glassbid factory” in Arak in North Central Iran went on strike.

The “Glassbid Company” is the first producer of grain paint in Iran, which is used in painting traffic and pedestrian lines and walkways.

Iran: Protest Gathering of Workers

NCRI - On Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017 a demonstration was staged in front of the Governor's office in Gilan province by the laid off workers of 'Parandak-Khazar' Slaughterhouse who were protesting against being fired and not being paid.

'About 100 workers with long term records of service have been fired since April from 'Parandak-Khazar' Slaughterhouse,' said one protester. 'We were fired after a 4-month cessation of the slaughterhouse's activities. We have not been paid our salaries for 6 to 14 months.'

Protest Gathering of Labor Union in Front of Iran Regime's Parliament

NCRI - On Tuesday, January 3, 2017, more than 3,000 members of the Labor Community Union staged a protest gathering, in front of the Iran regime’s Parliament.

The protesters joined in the capital city Tehran from different provinces including Tehran, Semnan, Qom, Qazvin and Mazandaran. They condemned the merging of the Social Safeguard Fund with other Funds in the country.

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