Iran: Workers were prohibited to enter in Alborz Steel Factory

NCRI - On 22nd August 2016, Ilna News Agency reported that the workers of Alborz Steel factory (located in Ghazvin Province) protested on Sunday 21st of August and following this protest the employer of this industrial unit prohibited 150 workers from entering the workplace in the morning of 22nd August.

Following the repressive measures taken by the agents of the Mullahs' regime, the workers in solidarity with their coworkers lodged a protest in front of the entrance door of the factory for two days.

Music concerts are banned in the universities of Iran

NCRI - The deputy minister of Science pointed out that no coed camping trips are permitted for the students. He also said that: “holding concert is forbidden in the universities,”

Iran: Atena Farghadani congratulated Rouhani’s achievements! including high number of executions on the occasion of “Week of Government.”

NCRI - Cartoonist Atena Farghadani who was arrested on January 2015 for drawing a caricature of the members of Majlis (parliament) and was released on May 2016, congratulated Rouhani’s achievements including high number of executions on the occasion of the “Week of Government.”

“Week of Government.”

I congratulate all the statesmen on Government Week!

Sirjan – Student of Farhangian University stage protest outside Department of Education

NCRI - On the morning of Thursday, August 18, students of Farhangian (Teaching Faculty) University of Sirjan staged a protest to voice their discontent over unfair assignment of their work places.

The students gathered outside the office of the Friday Prayer leader of Sirjan and then marched on to the Department of Education where they held a rally. Students expressed their dissatisfaction over assignment of their work places.

Iran: Steel workers protest unpaid salaries and unpaid bonuses from 2015

NCRI - Iranian steel workers protest 7 months’ unpaid salary; boss responds: “If you want to remain employed, stop complaining”.

A group of steel workers in Iran are protesting over the 7 months’ unpaid salary and unpaid bonuses from 2015.

Former Workers from Dehloran Cement Factory protest

NCRI - A group of former Dehloran factory workers and their families gathered to protest at the entrance gate to the city on Sunday, according to the regime-affiliated Nassim Dehloran news agency.

They were protesting their dismissal from Dehloran Cement Factory last year, which has left many unemployed and unable to find work. Most of the former workers had upwards of seven years’ experience within the company.

A summary of this week’s protests in western Iran

NCRI – A series of protests have been held this week in western Iran by locals complaining of everything from overdue wages to inadequate drinking water. The following are reports from just a few of the protest that took place on Tuesday and Wednesday:

Students and teachers rally outside Iranian regime’s Parliament

NCRI - Students and graduates from the Petroleum University of Technology in Ahvaz, south-west Iran, gathered outside the Iranian regime’s Majlis (Parliament) on Tuesday, August 16, to protest the unfulfilled promises of the regime over their employment options.

This is the latest in a series of protests regarding the employment offers they were promised when they signed up to study there, the state-run Tabnak website reported.

Five strikes and protests in Iran last Sunday

NCRI - This past Sunday, August 14, there were a series of strikes and protests in Kermanshah, Iran which represents the discord amongst the Iranian people.

Pensioners protest in the Social Security Organization

A group of pensioners gathered inside a branch of the Social Security Organization in Sanjab Street, Kermanshah, to protest the non-payment of their salaries. So far, they have not been paid for two months and they are demanding an immediate settlement.

1988 massacre in Iran

The untold story of the 1988 Massacre in Iran

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Activists of the PMOI pay tribute to political prisoners who were mass executed in Iran's Mashhad

30,000 political prisoners massacred in 1988

Paying tribute to martyrs of the Syrian resistance

FreeIran Gathering in a glimpse

Rocket attack on Camp Liberty - July 4, 2016

Protests in Iran over desecration of statue of hero in Iranian constitutional revolution

Ex-Tehran University President urges Iran’s youths to protest against dictatorship

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Retired teachers' protest outside Iran regime's Parliament


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