Iran: Strikes and protests of workers in major cities

NCRI - According to reports from Tehran, ‘High-Voltage station’ workers gathering in front of regime’s reactionary parliament, were forced to leave the area following the intervention of the suppressive law enforcement agents. The workers then gathered once again in front of the Management and Planning Organization as well as the parliament’s park area while wearing yellow helmets.

Yazd:  Merchants hold gathering in protest to lack of security

NCRI - A group of merchants and shopkeepers in Yazd, central Iran, held a gathering in Yazd Market on Thursday September 22 for the second consecutive day to protest against lack of security and the murder of a jeweler. According to the state-run Shirazeh website, the demonstrators closed their shops in Khan Market and protested against the security situation in the city while chanting some harsh slogans.

Iran: Protest by vendors in Ahvaz continues

NCRI - According to reports, a group of vendors in downtown Ahvaz (south-western Iran) gathered in front of Khuzestan Governor’s office, demanding that their problems be addressed.

This was the second gathering in recent weeks. The previous one was held three days ago at the same place, during which the vendors protested over their unresolved problems. One of the vendors in downtown Ahvaz said: “None of the officials attended these job-related gatherings nor did they respond to vendors’ demands.”

Joe Lieberman: Iran regime under Khamenei & Rouhani has violated all principles of the United Nations charter

NCRI - New York, United Nations, on Tuesday September 20, Joe Lieberman attended a demonstration, organized by the Organization of Iranian American Communities in the U.S., in which thousands of Iranian-Americans strongly criticized the visit to the United Nations by the Iranian regime’s president Hassan Rouhani and also urged the UN Security Council to scrutinize the shocking massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran in 1988, seen as one of the biggest human carnages since World War II.

Iran: Protests in Tehran’s district 5

NCRI - On Monday September 19, a group of residents and shopkeepers of district 5 of Tehran staged a protest gathering in front of the City Hall to protest against issuing permits for construction of commercial complexes inside residential fabrics of central Janat Abad neighborhood.

Iran: Workers strike and students protest in central provinces.

NCRI - According to reports, workers at Ardakan Pellet Producing Factory in Yazd (Central Iran) are on strike. Following the strike, the project and the factory have been completely shut down. None of the project staff has been paid during the past six months.

Social protests in Iran

NCRI - Tehran – A group of people who have lost their properties through investing in “Padideh” credit institute, gathered on Wednesday September 14 in front of Ministry of Economy in Tehran to protest against lack of investigation into their stolen property.

The demonstrators sent a letter, indicating their critical financial situation and demanding an urgent investigation into their stolen properties.

Iran: three protests in different cities of Iran

NCRI - According to a report in September 11 by “Salamat News”, a group of addiction therapist physicians gathered in front of the regime’s Ministry of Health in Tehran, to protest against distribution of “Oxicodone” drug in pharmacies by the Mullahs’ regime and also against the decision to give the medical community’s Baseej the authority to monitor addiction treatment centers.

Iran:  TMU (Professor Training) University students and the workers of “Saiber Birgan” company sit in

NCRI - According to the reports from Iran, the students of TMU university have attempted a sit-in for the third time. The students gathered on Wednesday September 7 to protest cancellation of the so called “Educational Years Law”.


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