Iran: The Staffs of a Major Hospital Went on Strike

NCRI - The staffs of Namazi Hospital of Shiraz (located in southern of Iran) staged a protest against the status of payments and they stopped working for a day.

As the online News Agency reported on 12th October 2016, the supervisor of Namazi Hospital, Mohammadreza Edraki stated that:"the situation is actually critical. The health insurance organization has not paid the 6-month dues to this medical-education center. Like the other authorities, we are also concerned about this problem."

People protest against poor road conditions in Iran

NCRI - On Friday October 7, people of Zir’Ab in Savadkuh in the province of Mazandaran (northern Iran) held a gathering and blocked the international road in protest against high number of road accidents in the last two days in the city.

According to reports, two people were killed in the city on Thursday October 6 in an accident involving a truck and a taxi.

Iran: protest and workers rallies

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s ailing and sluggish economy has not been able to improve people’s lives even after the nuclear deal and receiving the cash. A fact which can clearly be seen in the spread of protests across different cities in Iran against the regime’s predatory leaders.

According to a report on October 6, the petrochemical contract workers in so-called Bandar-e Khomeini, held a protest rally following  the head of the industrial unit’s continued refusal to implement the unification scheme.

Iran: Army Air Force staff hold a protest rally in Dezful

NCRI - A group of Army Air Force staff in Dezful, Khuzestan (Southern Iran), held a rally on Monday October 3 to protest against the ‘Corruption in the Army’s Housing Co-operative’.

The participants in the rally, who were the personnel of Dezful’s Fourth Air Base, expressed their protest against the regime’s predatory brokers in the cooperative by chanting slogans like “co-operative! Give us our money back!” Theywere also carrying a banner which read “where is our money?”

Protest gathering in Iranian Kurdish region, to dissent the apprehensions of demonstrators

NCRI - The clerical regime’s security forces arrested five protesters and organizers of the rally in Marivan (Kurdistan, western Iran) on Thursday October 6. The names of the arrestees are Siran Khornika, Artin Hassan Zadeh, Bahreh Arefi, Parvin Rezaei, and Adel Rashidi.

The protestors demanded the release of the arrestees and threatened that if they are not released on Friday, they will continue their protests.

Iran: Financial Victims of a Company Related to Ministry of Agriculture Stage Protest Gathering

NCRI - On Monday October 3, victims of “Sayeh Gostaran of Iranian Lives” who lost their assets due to fraud by this company staged a protest gathering in front of the Court Branch 31 in Shariati Ave in Tehran and called for the remaining cases and records of this company’s frauds to be sent to court.

Iran: Rallies and protests by workers and employees

NCRI - Dezful 3rd district urban green space workers hold a protest rally (Southwestern Iran)

In protest against not being paid from June, Dezful 3rd district urban green space workers held a gathering in front of Dezful Governor’s place on Thursday September 29.

Students stage series of protests in Iran

NCRI – Students from various universities in Iran staged protests over the weekend against the policies of the Iranian regime in the universities.

Protest Gathering of Iranian University Students (Video clip + Photos)

Iran:  People in Ahvaz protest against execution of two youths

NCRI - On Thursday, September 29, a group of Ahvazi youths staged a protest at night against the Iranian regime by setting up fire and chanting anti-government slogans in Enqelab Avenue in the south-western city of Ahvaz to show their protest against the execution of two young ethnic Arabs of the city.  

The two youths were Adnan Mazban al-Amouri and Ali Sharif al-Amouri, residents of Ghaleh Chan’an in Khuzestan province (south-western Iran), who were executed on Wednesday September 28 in Gohardasht Prison (north-west of Tehran) allegedly on the charges of “armed robbery” and “acting against national security.”


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