Iran's Main Automaker Company's Workers Beaten by Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)

NCRI - According to reports on February 21, Revolutionary Guards in ‘Iran Khodro Company’ beat up a fed-up worker who protested against not being paid and poor working conditions, so that he was taken to hospital by his colleagues with broken nose and teeth.

He later released a clip in this regard, saying: “My fellow Iranians! I’m fed-up. Not for being beaten up, but for the humiliation at the hands of the regime which me and thousands of other workers have to suffer.”

Iran: Large Gathering in Ahvaz Protesting Rouhani's Visit

NCRI - Thousands rallied in Ahvaz, southwest Iran, on Thursday protesting the presence of Iranian regime’s President Hassan Rouhani.

The protesters demanded a halt to all projects rerouting river waters in this province to other areas, dam construction, drying lagoons, measures to resolve continuous water and power outages resulting from dust storms, and immediate action to respond to the air contamination disaster.

Different Classes of Frustrated People Held Rally in Front of the Iranian Parliament

NCRI - Thousands of people held a rally in front of the Iranian Parliament on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Wednesday, February 22nd hundreds of inspectors and experts from the Ministry of Industries and Mines staged a protest in front of the Parliament of Iran demanding permanent employment and the return to work.

Iran Regime's Fear, of the Continued Courageous Protests, in the Oil Rich City of Ahvaz

NCRI - Sunday evening February 19, after security forces declared all demonstrations illegal, and the local police issued a statement calling on people to refrain from “illegal gatherings,” warning that they would be “confronted” if they took part.

The people of Ahvaz once again for the seventh consecutive day gathered in front of Khuzestan province city hall and protested.

Political Unrest in the Oil-Rich Fields of Iran – Op-Ed

There's an emerging disruptive potential inside Iran in its main oil field province, Khuzestan, which has shocked the country, writes Iranian dissident Hassan Mahmoudi.

Thirty-eight years ago, what were known as "The Strikes" in this province, by tens of thousands of oil workers, paralyzed the state, and paved the way for the Shah’s downfall. They are now happening again, Mahmoudi wrote on Saturday for the American Thinker.

Iran: Sixth Consecutive Day of Protests in Oil Reach Southwestern City of Ahvaz, Despite Warnings by Regime

NCRI - According to reports received on the evening of Saturday February18, despite all the police warnings, people of Ahvaz were back into the streets for the sixth consecutive day, protesting against air pollution and water and electricity’s nonstop cut – offs.

On the other hand social networks users published images of riot police and troops who were transferred to Ahvaz from neighboring cities to suppress the protests.

Protest Gatherings of Various Sectors of the Iranian Society Outside Parliament

NCRI - Various sectors of Iranian society held protest gatherings in Tehran on Tuesday February14.

According to reports, about 700 people looted by the Caspian Institute held a protest in front of the Iranian regime's parliament.

Iran Expert: Iranian Regime Is Afraid of People's Uprising

NCRI - Public discontent inside Iran is rising more than ever. The US-based Arabic Institute has recently released figures highlighting Iranian people’s dissatisfaction with Iranian regime’s intervention in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen. Dr. Mohammad al-Moslemi from Gulf Center for Iranian Studies has commented in this regard in his interview with Al-Arabiya TV:

Iran Regime's Fear of Popular Protest Against Broadcast Signal Noise in Shiraz

NCRI - State-run media and members of Iranian regime parliament in Fars province are frightened and confused of the escalating popular protest against jamming signals by the regime’s revolutionary guards (IRGC). A member of the regime’s parliament from Shiraz warned: “People of shiraz have staged several protest gathering for almost a month. The issue has endangered people’s life and they are facing problems and this is not rumor and an answer must be given to this problem.

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