By Gaia Caesar

Il, July 8 - She has been fighting for years for a democratic Iran, freed from the repression of theocratic dictatorship. Maryam Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, came to Italy in recent days "to get help for residents of Camp Ashraf against the regime in Tehran who wants to kill them."

What does it mean to be an opponent in Camp Ashraf?"It means continuing to fight for democratic values. Try to free the Iranians from the misery of living in the open-air prison that is Iran. Risk your life to fight against the religious dictatorship.,“ says Rajavi.

 Their lives are in danger as in raid of April 8, which killed 36 people in the camp, this time by Iraqi forces.

"Yes, and behind that attack Iraqi forces, there is the hand of the Iranian regime, the sign of its influence on Baghdad,” Rajavi continued.

But why Iran has not followed the spring that has exploded in other Arab countries?  

"Discontent is ready to explode in Iranian society. But repression is too strong. It is no coincidence that Iran is the country with the highest number of executions worldwide. In comparison with this regime, the dictatorships of Qaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria, are soft. Iran has at least 70 government agencies responsible for law enforcement and security," Rajavi responds.

And the revolution that works online? 

 Rajavi replies, "There are at least 12 institutions to monitor and filter Internet e-mail and websites. Many young people in revolt of 2009 were arrested over the audit of their e-mail. “

What kind of help do you expect? 

She said, "We would like the West to not turn its face to the other side when it comes to defending those living in Camp Ashraf, as the influence of the Iranian mullahs in Iraq is becoming more and more.”

Yet you are also an Islamic movement. Can you imagine a country that is not ruled by Islam?  

 "We want a republic based on separation of church and state. Our vision of Islam is tolerance and peace,” replied Rajavi.

The Iraqis want to close the camp by the end of the year. Why this should not be?

"Because that's what the mullahs want.  They want their opposition to be eliminated. And they try to do it through their influence on Iraq. However, we are ready to accept the plan by the European Parliament and move to third countries provided that we receive protection," said Maryam Rajavi.

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