The United States has a 'legal obligation' to make Camp Liberty safe for residents until they can be relocated to third countries, US Congressman Ted Poe told a conference in Paris.

He also called for the Iranian regime to be listed as a foreign terrorist organization, and said if the ruling mullahs were put on trial they would be convicted of murder.

The Texas Congressman told the gathering of Iranians on June 27 that Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki is hiding the truth about what goes on in Camp Liberty and is 'compliant in the attacks with the government of Iran'.

He said: "It has been said it is the moral obligation of the world but it is also the legal obligation of the United States and others to make Camp Liberty safe and then expedite the removal of the residents of Camp Liberty where they want to go.

"In Camp Liberty there is no liberty. You don't have a right to a lawyer in Liberty. It is a prison, it's a concentration camp.

"No more murders by the Iraqi government. No more interference by the Iranian government. And then countries will open their doors.

"Let the people of Iran determine their own destiny, not the dictators. Rouhani is no friend of liberty. He is the big bad wolf of the desert. Some choice, some election. And the wolf is in charge."

He added: "The first human right is the right to be free, to govern our own destiny. And that is what should happen in Iran, your country, your homeland.

"And you've got the right leader to do that with Madame Rajavi. And the next time we meet, hopefully you daughters of democracy, you sons of liberty, we will meet again, we will walk together shoulder to shoulder in a free and liberated Iran."

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