Sham Resolution of Iran Regime Parliament to Confront the US Congressional Resolution

NCRI - On 13 August 2017, the Iranian regime's parliament in a panic and dramatic reaction show, adopted a new plan to confront the US sanctions against the regime.

The measure, on the one hand, reveals the fear and vulnerability of the religious fascism ruling Iran to the new U.S. sanctions, in particular the imposition of anti-terrorist sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), and on the other hand, shows that all the gangs of this regime have a common interest both in suppression and violation of human rights as well as in export of terrorism and warmongering in the region and are unable to get away from it.

Iran: Companies Controlled by Khamenei Are Winner of JCPOA

NCRI - Iran state-run media reported that Ghadir Investment Company succeeded in signing an investment agreement with the Russia's Zarubazhnaft and the Turkey’s Unit International Companies.

According to Shana, Iran regime's Ministry of Oil news agency, based on an agreement signed in Moscow on Monday August 4, the three companies will invest in joint oil and gas projects inside and outside Iran.

On 2nd Anniversary, Continued Criticism of Iran Nuclear Deal

NCRI - On Saturday, Ed Royce, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman, criticized the Iran nuclear deal, just days before President Trump will decide whether or not Tehran is complying with it. Royce said, “The Iranian regime has accelerated its illicit ballistic missile program, and there have been multiple reports of Iran not living up to the agreement. Just this past week, we learned German intelligence caught Iran trying to buy illegal nuclear weapons technology.” He added, “If Iran has not materially breached the agreement, it’s only because the JCPOA is so deeply flawed. It allowed Iran to keep thousands of nuclear centrifuges spinning and, even without cheating, keep a path to a nuclear weapon.”

Iran Regime Still Seeking Nuke Technology According to German Intelligence

NCRI - The Iranian Regime is seeking nuclear weapons technology according to German intelligence released over the past two months.

The evidence shows that the Iranian Regime’s continued pursuit of nuclear weapons and advanced missile technology is in direct defiance of both the 2015 nuclear deal and UN resolutions.

Iranian Resistance Reveals Details of Tehran's Missile Posture

NCRI - On Tuesday, the Iranian opposition coalition the National Council of Resistance of Iran held a press conference at its Washington DC office to present new information about missile development and testing in the Islamic Republic of Iran. NCRI officials reported that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had ordered relevant institutions to accelerate missile activities in the aftermath of the nuclear agreement that went into effect in January of last year.

Information on Four of the Most Important Iranian Regime's Missile Centers, Including One Linked to the Nuclear Program, to Be Revealed


Information on four of the most important Iranian regime’s missile centers, including one linked to the nuclear program, to be revealed.

A dozen of hitherto-unknown centers involved in various aspects of production, testing and launching of ballistic missiles will be exposed.

IRGC News Agency: New US Senate Sanctions, Killing Iran Nuclear Deal

NCRI - Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) described the new sanctions approved by the United Nations Senate Foreign Relations Committee against Iran’s human rights violations, support for terrorism and ballistic missile program as the “most serious and comprehensive US sanctions bill” against Tehran and “Congress act of killing the JCPOA.” JCPOA is the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or “Iran Nuclear Deal”.

Outlook of JCPOA After Iran's Sham Presidential Election

NCRI - Rouhani repeatedly during the presidential campaign mentioned: We not only move JCPOA forward but also expressed rapid removal of non-nuclear sanctions.

The question is whether Rouhani’s 2nd term presidency, non-nuclear sanctions will be lifted? As he promised.

Iran Regime's Continuing Nuclear Program

There has been a lot of talk in Washington in recent weeks about the Iran nuclear deal. In particular, the breakout time – how long it will take Iran to be free from the restrictions it is bound to because of the deal and the time it will take to make enough enriched uranium to make a single weapon.

To prolong the breakout time it is essential for uranium enrichment restrictions to be put in place. The two main sites in Iran for the enrichment of uranium are at Natanz and Fordow.

Iran news in brief

Alireza Jafarzadeh press conference on Iran missile program 20June2017

NCRI Revelation: Activities Continue at Organization Responsible for Work on Nuclear Weapons


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