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Iran: Hassan Rouhani pledges not to cross Khamenei’s nuclear red lines

NCRI – Following the collapse of nuclear talks between the Iranian regime and 5+1 countries, Hassan Rouhani, the president of the clerical regime in Iran said he will never crosses red lines set by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on nuclear issue.

Speaking to the state-run TV on Monday night, he said: "We never have and never will act outside the framework that the Supreme Leader has set out as red lines, and within this framework we have succeeded and will succeed on the nuclear issue and other issues."


Members of congress demand new sanctions after failure of nuclear talks

Many members of US House and Senate reacted with skepticism Monday to an extension of Iran nuclear talks and called for new sanctions against the regime in Tehran.

Senator Mark Kirk said in a statement: "Now more than ever, it is critical that Congress enacts sanctions that give Iran s mullahs no choice but to dismantle their illicit nuclear program."


Senator Rubio: Extending talks will not achieve a nuclear-weapon-free Iran

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations says “extending talks with Iran will not achieve the goal of a nuclear-weapon-free Iran” and called for increasing pressure on the Iranian regime.

“Iran was only brought to the negotiating table through tough sanctions,” says the Florida Senator in a statement.


Iran nuclear talks extended for lack of a deal

The six world powers and the Iranian regime agreed on Monday to extend their talks over the Tehran's nuclear program until July 2015, after being virtually impossible to reach a comprehensive deal by today’s deadline.

The talks, which have been conducted in Vienna, are now set to resume in December at a site yet to be determined.


Extension of talks a dirty game by Iran to buy time

As the deadline for Iran talks is looming, Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of the NCRI’s Foreign Affairs Committee, in a short interview with, described the regime’s new tactics in trying to extend the negotiations without taking any serious steps to dismantle its nuclear weaponry program.

Due to the importance of this interview please find below a text of the complete Q&A.


Iranian regime: Final nuclear deal impossible by deadline

It will be impossible for the 5+1 countries and the Iranian regime to reach a comprehensive agreement over Tehran's nuclear issue by the Nov. 24 deadline, state-run news agency IRNA reported on Sunday.

The report quoted an unnamed member of the Iranian regime’s negotiating team as saying: "Considering the short time left until the deadline and number of issues that needed to be discussed and resolved, it is impossible to reach a final and comprehensive deal by Nov. 24."


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