Iran Regime's Officials Acknowledge 100% Increase in the Number of Drug Addicts

NCRI - The number of drug addicts in Iran has more than doubled in six years, with opium being the country’s most popular narcotic, local media reported Sunday.

Drug Control Organization spokesman Parviz Afshar said on Saturday regarding the number of drug addicts in Iran, “Studies of the country’s population between the ages of 15 to 65 has shown there are 2,808,000 drug addicts in Iran.” (State-run IRNA news agency – June 24, 2017)

Iran Regime's Official: Unemployment Bringing Kurdistan Youths to Total Desperation

NCRI - Chief of the Kurdistan Province Labor Council acknowledged widespread unemployment among young men and women.

“Kurdistan Province is in very poor conditions in regards to employment. A large number of young men and women, and college graduates are seen selling goods on the streets or carrying heavy loads through border crossings,” Shaker Ibrahim said on Friday.

Iran's Welfare Minister Paraded Infants' Nursery

NCRI - The visit of the Iran's Welfare Minister to a special charity complex and how the infants were lined up in front of him caused a lot of criticism on social networks and even raised the noise among some of government agencies. At this visit, which took place on Monday, June 19, 2017, were Ali Rabiei, Shahindokh Molarudi, in charge of women's affairs in clerical regime, Elham Aminzadeh, the deputy chairman of the president's office, and Mohsen Bandpay, head of the Iranian regime's welfare organization, visited Amina's nursery in Tehran.

Iran's Southwestern Province Experiencing Water/Electricity Outages

NCRI - Iranian MP Majeed Nosseri-Nezhad on Wednesday referred to continuous water and electricity outages in Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran, saying this has made the situation critical for the people.

“People in the city of Shadegan have neither drinking water nor any water for agricultural purposes,” he said while mentioning most cities are experiencing 50 degree C heat.

Iran: Security Forces Authorized to Enter Private Beaches

NCRI - Iran’s Moral Police chief said his agents are now authorized to enter private beaches on Iran’s coasts.

“Private beaches that host public guests will no longer be considered private areas and police officers will enter these areas. There will be no legal restrictions, similar to other areas,” said Gholam-Heidar Heidari.

Iran Regime's Chair of Social Commission: 1.3 Million Increase in Unemployment

NCRI - The Chair of Social Commission of the Iran regime’s Parliament, Salman Khodadadi on Tuesday, June 20 stated that nearly 1.3 million people became unemployed during the past year. He also admitted that some figures illustrate the 10 millions of increase in the level of unemployment.

Majlis Research Center had earlier predicted that in an optimistic scenario, the unemployment rate will reach 16% in 2021 and it might become 26% in the worst case.

The Rise in the Number of Injuries of Thursday's Suppression of Gold Miners' Families in North West Iran

NCRI - The number of injuries of protesting workers’ families have risen to 13 persons at a gold mine in North West Iran.

They were beaten up by Iranian regime's security forces. According to obtained reports, some of them have sought medical treatments in nearby cities, and some have privately gotten treatments in their homes due to fear of arrest by the security forces.

Iran: Water & Electricity Crisis in Southeast Province

NCRI - During the excruciating summer heat, water shortage and continuous power outages in various areas of Sistan & Baluchistan Province, southeast Iran, are deteriorating by the day.

“Sistan, with 50 degree C heat, is suffering from water shortages and power outages in many areas, covering around 10,000 people,” the state-run Hamoon website reported.With decreasing drinking water levels in the city of Zabol, the amount of mineral water is also decreasing in stores and water sources are unable to produce the necessary volume of purified water.

Iran: A Major River's Bed in Central Iran Dried out Again

NCRI - Zayandehrood river flow stopped and the river bed dried out. According to reports, Iranian regime’s officials again decreased the output flow of Zayandehrood dam on June 10, 2017, without any explanation and this river’s bed dried out in the city of Isfahan. 

After much pressures from people of Isfahan, during the regime’s sham election, the regime’s officials increase the output flow of Zayandehrood dam on March 30, 2017, and water was flowing in its bed.


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