Iran: Disastrous Condition of Workers, 3 Times Under the Poverty Line

On March, 15, 2017 the Iranian Regime’s Ministry of Labor issued a statement, verifying that, workers receive less than one third of the figure of the poverty line per month.

The question, however, is why the minimum monthly wage this year was set in the final days of the year.

Unlike previous years in which the issue of setting the minimum monthly wage for workers was raised and discussed in state-run media, though sham, this year, however, the regime, who had made up its decision from long ago and was also concerned about workers’ opposing reactions, announced the minimum monthly wage only five days before new year, so that the workers are presented with a fait accompli and have no opportunity to protest.

Iran's New Year, May Herald the Mullahs' End

With the onset of spring and the Iranian New Year, amid the economic hardship inside, and diasporic societies everywhere around the world, Iranian citizens celebrate with the hope of a forward perspective for the good year to come, the year of the end of mullahs. Wrote Hassan Mahmoudi in an article published by the ‘American Thinker’ on March 15, 2017. It continues as follows:

Environment Turned Into a Social Crisis

NCRI - Pointing to the effect of environmental problems on increased marginalization and immigration, head of Cultural Committee of Iranian regime’s parliament has stated that “the issue of environment has now turned into a social crisis.”

In his interview with state-run ILNA news agency on the effect of environmental problems on Iran’s social issues, Salman Khodadadi said that “the environment, water, and dust storms are among the major issues and our society’s future problems. We are now in a situation where the issue of environment has turned into a social crisis throughout the country, and sometimes even raises security concerns.”

Iran: Patient's Body Taken Hostage After Death in a Hospital

NCRI - Administrators of a hospital in Kerman took hostage the body of a patient after his death as patient’s family were too poor to pay the hospital bill.

“Someone refers to a hospital in Kerman (Southern Province) and unfortunately dies in the hospital. The hospital officials, however, ask for 20 million tomans to be paid by his family so that the patient’s body could be delivered. But the patient’s body remains in the hospital for one week as patient’s family could not pay the requested money”, said Ahmad Hamzeh, an Iranian regime’s MP from Kahnooj.

Iran: Lake Urmia (Sixth-Largest Saltwater Lake on Earth) Is in Danger

NCRI - “Lake Urmia is close to entering a dangerous state, so that a significant part of the lake has dried up while harvesting salt and truck traffic there have led to emerging salt dust in the region”, says the Iranian regime’s MP ‘Mohammad-Esmaeil Saeed’ on Monday March 13.

The Parliament’s ‘Khane Mellat’ news agency has quoted Saeed as saying that “from the beginning of the (Persian) year up to the beginning of this (Persian) month, no funds for water and sewer treatment have been dedicated to the province, with which to collect and treat wastewater coming from the cities around Lake Urmia, which is essential for restoration of the lake.”

Unemployment in Iran Stands at 35 to 40 Percent

NCRI  - The truth in Iran today is far from the official 12% unemployment rate

Statistical evidence does not support the claim of 700,000 jobs created from March 2015 to March 2016.

Each year an average of 1 million people enter Iran’s work force, according to the state-run Quds Online news agency. When we place these statistics alongside those who have lost their jobs due to deep economic recession and production units closing down in Iran, without a doubt we all think about one subject: the unemployment crisis!

Pain and Poverty in the City Where Iran's First Oil Well Was Discovered

NCRI - Here people eat chestnut bread, as they don’t have wheat flour. Poverty on the outskirts of Masjed Soleyman, the city where Iran’s first oil well was discovered, is so much that people can’t afford a gallon of kerosene, and not even a bread.

“Poverty and deprivation in the villages of Masjed Soleyman is much more that what we expected, so much so that some people even can’t afford a bread to feed their children with”, writes Revolutionary Guards’ Fars news agency on March 8.

Fears of Iran Regime's Council of Experts

NCRI - In the final statement of their second meeting, Iranian regime’s Council of Experts warned over enemies’ ‘infiltration project’ and what they called ‘people’s irregular tendency towards the cyberspace’.

Iranian regime’s Council of Experts has in their Wednesday March 8 statement expressed concerns over what they’ve called ‘irregular tendency towards cyberspace’, asking in exchange for strengthening national internet and supporting domestic social networks.

Iran: Shocking Sale of the Infants to Foreign Countries, Girls Are More Expensive Than Boys!

NCRI - The infants of homeless women are sold by a trafficking gang in Iran to other countries and it is not clear what will happen to these babies.

As the state-run Rokna News reported on Match 6th, the Head of the Social Committee of Tehran City Council, Fatemeh Daneshvar announced that they have identified a trafficking gang that sends the premature infants of the addicted mothers to other countries. Fatemeh Daneshvar said:"most of these babies are sent out of Iran and we do not know yet if they will be delivered to the trafficking gangs or to the families or the prostitution centers. We are deeply concerned about this issue. The baby girls are more expensive than boys."

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