Iran Regime's Failure in Cyberspace Filtration

NCRI - A high level state Mullah, close to Iranian regime's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, admitted the regime defeat in preventing the use of cyberspace and social media by young people, saying that the solution for cyberspace is not filtering.

The Mullah who was speaking in Mashhad on 17 August 2009, added: “We have repeatedly referred to the authorities and talked about it, and we believe that the solution to the problems of cyberspace is not filtering, and we must make the young people not get infected with cyberspace and that necessary attention and surveillance should be done.”

Iran: Death of a Contractor Due to Self-Immolation

NCRI - On Saturday morning, August 12, 2017, a Qom (Southwest of Tehran) municipality contractor, who, after months of trying was unable to recover his unpaid fees, self-immolated himself in front of the municipality and died Saturday night due to his burns.

Fereidoun Abedini, head of the Isfahan Burn Center, said on Monday, August 14, told the Fars government news agency that the individual (Sheikh Alizadeh) had died on Sunday evening, while the percentage of his burns was over 90 percent.

Iran: Labor Activist to Remain Behind Bars for Another 17 Months

NCRI - Iran regime’s public prosecutor has informed the wife of Reza Shahbi that this labor activist must remain in jail for another 17 months, according to a statement issued by the Tehran Bus Drivers Syndicate. Shahabi has been told he will remain behind bars until January 8th, 2019.

Shahabi has been condemned to another year in prison based on charges described by this syndicate as “fabricated.” Furthermore, the public prosecutor has said the five months he was on medical leave – with approval from the coroners – is considered absence from his prison time.

Destruction of Tens of Hectares of Forests and Grasslands Western Iran in Maneuvers of the Revolutionary Guards

NCRI - Extensive fire in forest areas West of Iran was extinguished on the fifth day by the help of local residents and environmental activists and safety guards. The widespread fire in the forest areas of Kuh Shahu (Shahu Mountain), suburb of Kamyaran city of Kurdistan province, has caused more than 400 hectares of damage.

The Unfulfilled Dreams of a Female Student in Iran

NCRI - The state-run ILNA News in a report on August 9, 2017, illustrated the status of unemployed female students by writing about one of them.

The news reads:

Iran: 94% of the Land Is Affected by Long-Term Drought

NCRI - Director of the Drought and Crisis Management Center of the Iranian regime’s Meteorological Organization has provided a worrying statistical analysis of the drought situation in Iran. According to him, 94% of Iran's surface area is affected by the meteorological drought, which is the first stage of the drought.

In an interview with state-run ISNA news agency on August 9, 2017, Shahrokh Fateh presented a worrying statistic and warned: “Long-term meteorological droughts in the provinces of Khuzestan, Qom and North Khorasan are in a dire and deteriorating situation.”

Iran: The Entrance to the Historical Christians' Cemetery Blocked

NCRI - Following the news about the destruction of Christian's cemetery in Western Province of Kermanshah, the newly released photos show that Kermanshah municipality has blocked the entrance of the cemetery as well.

Local sources reported that the iron door of the cemetery, which had a view over the inside, was replaced with a large steel door surrounded by a mortar of cement and plaster. The Inside of the cemetery is no longer visible and the entrance is completely blocked.

Iran Regime's Energy Minister: There Is No Region Spared of Water Concerns

NCRI - The Energy Minister of Rouhani’s government admitted that the issue of water in Iran has become very acute and problematic. On Saturady, August 5, 2017, state-run media quoting Hamid Chitchian wrote: “Water issues in all parts of the country have become acute and there is no region in the country that does not have water concern.”

Iran: Due to Economic Problems, some Medicinal Herbs Sellers Turned to Drug Production

NCRI - Deputy of Food and Drug at the University of Medical Sciences in Kermanshah says some of the medicinal herbs sellers (traditional pharmacists) in Iran have started to produce “drugs” and some of these centers have become “dangerous” along with hairdressers and clubs.

According to state-run ISNA news agency, Omid Abdi told reporters on Thursday, August 3: “These centers are out of the main function of delivering medicinal herbs.”


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