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France tells UN: ‘Iran must make difficult choices’ in nuclear talks

France warned on Tuesday that "insufficient" progress has been made toward a nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers with specific disparities over research and development and the issue of sanctions.

"Iran must now make difficult choices if it truly wishes to regain the trust of the international community," French U.N. Ambassador Francois Delattre told a United Nations Security Council meeting on U.N. sanctions on Iran.


EU to sanction 40 Iran regime shipping companies

The European Union is set to put 40 shipping firms controlled or otherwise linked to the Iranian regime Shipping Lines (IRISL) back on a list of sanctioned groups, Reuters reports.

The 40 companies includes Hamburg-based Ocean Capital Administration GmbH, that were previously placed on the EU's sanctions list.EU says these companies were controlled or otherwise linked to top national carrier the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL), which had previously been blacklisted.


House letter to Obama expresses concern on Iran nuclear talks

A letter to President Barack Obama, sent Monday by 367 House members highlights what they describe as “grave and urgent issues” relating to negotiations to rein in Iran’s nuclear ambitions. And urges verifiable limitations on Tehran’s nuclear program.

The bipartisan letter, dated Friday and released on Monday by the House Foreign Affairs Committee, cites concerns about the size of Iran’s uranium-enrichment program, its lack of cooperation with international inspectors and the need for an intrusive inspection regime.


U.S. Senator: Iran reigme is gravest threat to U.S. national security

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) on Monday warned that a nuclear armed Iranian regime is the 'gravest threat' to U.S. national security.

"The gravest threat to our national security is a nuclear-armed Iran, and this man, Ayatollah Khamenei," Cotton said from the Senate floor.


Saudi Arabia: Iran regime policies threatens regional and international security

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal said on Monday Iran was conducting “aggressive policies, and interfering in the countries of the region and [seeking to] acquire a nuclear weapon that threatens regional and international security.”

Prince al-Faisal said during a joint press conference with visiting British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond in Riyadh that Iran should not be given “deals it does not deserve,” in reference to the looming nuclear agreement between Tehran and the major powers.


IRAN: Young worker killed under torture after being arrested during New Year festivities

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s henchmen killed a young laborer under torture after his arrest last Tuesday shortly before the Fire Festival marking the beginning of the New Year celebrations in Iran.

Mr. Mohsen Maleki, 25, who worked in a sweet shop was arrested on March 17, but his body was handed over to his family the next day with fractures, hematomas and injuries covering his face and various parts of his body.


Iraqi Vice President: Iran declaring Baghdad capital of Persian Empire, is unacceptable

Iraq's Vice President Iyad Allawi has told Sky News that Iran's involvement in his country is unacceptable and is failing to push Islamic State fighters back.

Mr Allawi said he was very concerned about the Iranian regime’s increasing influence on the Iranian-backed groups fighting the war against IS in Iraq.


Iranian regime blocking Lebanon presidential election, Geagea tells UN

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea has told the U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon that Iran is the only country blocking the presidential election in his country.

He has urged Mrs. Sigrid Kaag to skip Saudi Arabia and head directly to Tehran since Iran is the only country blocking the presidential, An Nahar newspaper reported on Thursday.


Iran faces dangerous water crises

Iran's reservoirs are only 40 percent complete according to official figures, and nine cities which includes the capital Tehran are threatened with water restrictions after dry winter.

Several major bodies of water in the region have all but dried up, including the Zayanderud River and Orumiyeh Lake.


Khamenei calls ‘Death to America’ as deadline nears on Iran nuclear deal

Ali Khamenei, the Supreme leader of the clerical regime in Iran, called for “Death to America” on Saturday, a day after President Barack Obama appealed to that regime to seize a “historic opportunity” for a nuclear deal.

Khamenei told a crowd in the city of Mashhad that his regime would not capitulate to Western demands. When the crowd started shouting, “Death to America,” the ayatollah responded: “Of course yes, death to America, because America is the original source of this pressure.


Yemen's President Hadi pledges to fight Iran regime influence

In a televised speech on Saturday, Yemen's President Raboo Mansour Hadi pledged to fight ‘Iran’s influence’ on his country.

Hadi, who was under rebel imposed house arrest until last month when he fled to Aden in the south of the country, accused Shiite Huthi militia of importing the Tehran’s ideology into Yemen.


‘Brazil as an operational hub for Iran and Islamic Terrorism’

A Brazilian investigative journalist has briefed members of U.S. congress on the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities in Latin America.

In a statement titled "Brazil as an operational hub for Iran and Islamic Terrorism," Coutinho discusses not only his findings while working for Brazil's Veja magazine, but also late Aregentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman's tireless work.


E3 & US foreign ministers: Time for Tehran to take ‘difficult decisions’

British, German, French and US foreign ministers on Saturday stress that now was the time for Tehran to take ‘difficult decisions,’ with regards to its nuclear program.

In a joint statement the foreign ministers said: “We agreed that substantial progress had been made in key areas although there are still important issues on which no agreement has yet been possible. “



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