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Iraqi militants capture Iranians fighting for Nouri al-Maliki

NCRI - The Iraqi militants fighting the government of Nouri al-Maliki have captured a number of Iranians fighting in Al-Anbar province, a commander of Sunni militants has declared.

Hesam al-ddin al-Dulaimi, member of the Revolutionary Military Council in Al-Anbar province said that the Iranians are being held by militants, Iraqi TV network al-Raffedin reported.


Iran: Satellite jamming signals blamed for dust storm deaths in Tehran

NCRI - Satellite jamming signals used to block opposition TV channels in Iran prevented the regime's weather office from forecasting a dust storm in Tehran in June which killed at least five people.

In a report to the the Iranian regime's parliament, the Meteorology Organization claimed it was unable to forecast the storm due to noise signals caused by jamming devices, the state-run news agency ISNA reported.


Iranian regime sentences a prisoner to stoning to death and hanging

NCRI - The Iranian regime's judiciary has sentenced a prisoner to death by stoning, hanging and 15 years imprisonment, state-run Mehr News Agency reported.

The regime's judiciary chief in northern city of Ghaemshahr who did not identify the prisoner said the review of the case of this 32-year-old prisoner has been one the most important tasks of his office.


Iran: "Youtube will remain banned," official says

"Youtube will remain banned, and the working group in charge of Internet filtering has no plan to remove the filtering," stated the official in charge of determining Internet filtering in Iran.


Iran: Political prisoner Arzhang Davoodi sentenced to death

The Iranian regime's judiciary has sentenced political Prisoner Arzhang Davoodi to death for his opposition to the clerical regime, according to reports received from Iran. Mr. Davoodi has already served 11 years in prison

Davoodi, 61, a teacher, was arrested in October 2003 and was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment which was later increased to 20 years.


Iranians increasingly defy mullahs' rule across Iran

NCRI - The Iranian people, particularly the youth, are increasingly defying the mullah’s regime by public protests against its suppressive forces, including the State Security Forces (Police), members of Basij paramilitary force and thugs such as “Ansar Hezbollah” patrolling the streets riding motorcycles. On many occasions the confrontation has led to the youth punishing the regime’s forces in cities across the country.


Pentagon Iraq assessment doubles need for eviction of Iranian regime from Iraq

The European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA) says the recent U.S. Defense Department assessment of Iraqi military underscore "that any military aid to Iraq, without an active plan for Maliki’s dismissal, only serves the Iranian regime and their terrorist Quds Force and strengthens extremist forces."


Mother of American held in Iran calls for release of her son

While Iran and the six major powers agree to extend negotiations for four months over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, a mother of Amir Hekamti being held in Iran has pleaded with President Obama for his release.


EX-Jordanian minister: Iran nuclear talks cannot succeed

"Negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program cannot succeed without first gaining a comprehensive reading of the region’s political landscape," former Jordanian Minister of Media Affairs says.

In an article published in Arabic language daily Asharq Al Awsat, Samih Maaytah said: "The nuclear issue is not independent of the already existing understandings between major powers and the countries of the region, and it cannot be made independent."


Iran: Five men lashed in public in four locations in city of Kermanshah

A man being lashed in public in Iran, May 2003

NCRI- The Iranian regime henchmen have lashed five men simultaneously in public in four locations in the western city of Kermanshah for eating in public in holy month of Ramadan, the state-run Mehr News Agency reported on Monday.


Iran: Extending the nuclear negotiations 'will not work' - Maryam Rajavi

Maryam Rajavi speaking at a conference in the European ParliamentBelow is a translation of a report by Agence France-Presse (AFP):

The protracted negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program "will not work" only will "give time" to Tehran for "more deception," Maryam Rajavi the president of the main exiled Iranian opposition group said Saturday.

In a statement, the President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), described "the fruitless Vienna negotiations and the regime's refusal to accept a comprehensive agreement that could permanently prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon as a failure for the policy of appeasing and showing latitude towards the regime."


EX- Obama advisor warns about Iranian regime approach in nuclear talks

NCRI - A member of President Barack Obama’s inner circle on Iran says that the Iranian regime has been extending what he calls a “rights creep.” This involves the Iranian regime increasing over time its claims on what it entitled to regarding its enrichment program.

Robert Einhorn, who worked as a special advisor on arms control at the State Department until May 2013, elaborates on this rights creep by pointing out that the United States had for years said that the Iranian regime should not be able to enrich any uranium, but last year relented in saying that the regime could pursue a “limited” enrichment program.


Hands off Cain: Executions in Iran and Iraq causes increases worldwide executions

An Italian anti-death penalty group says the number of executions worldwide increased last year due to high number of executions in Iran and Iraq.

The organization Hands off Cain, based in Rome, said Friday that despite a global trend toward capital punishment abolition at least 4,106 people were executed in 2013, up from 3,967 in 2012, due to increases in Iran and Iraq.