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Forty-three US Senators warn about a “bad Iran nuclear deal”

Forty-three senators sent a letter to the White House on Wednesday night warning President Obama not to bypass Congress as the administration nears the deadline for a nuclear deal with Iran.

The letter heralds the stiff opposition that Obama will face from the new Republican-majority Senate if his administration signs a deal with Iran next week – one they consider bad.


IAEA calls on Iran regime to provide access to sites, information on nuclear weapons related activities

The United Nations nuclear agency chief said on Thursday that the Iranian regime had failed to provide explanations regarding its atomic bomb research and called on Tehran to step up cooperation with a long-running investigation.

Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, told a meeting of the IAEA’s 35-nation board of governors: “I call upon Iran to increase its cooperation with the agency and to provide timely access to all relevant information, documentation, sites, material and personnel.”


U.S. official sees difficulty reaching Iran nuclear deal by deadline

It now appears difficult to reach a comprehensive nuclear deal with the Iranian regime by a Nov. 24 deadline but it is not impossible, U.S. Deputy National Security Adviser, Tony Blinken, told American lawmakers on Tuesday.

"Right now, I think it's going to be difficult to get to where we want to go. It's not impossible," Blinken, who is U.S. President Barack Obama's chosen deputy secretary of state, said at his nomination hearing for the diplomatic post.


Saudi asks UN to blacklist Hezbollah in Lebanon, Houthi in Yemen

Saudi Arabia asked the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday to put Hezbollah on its list of "terrorist organizations".

"We call on the council to place Hezbollah on the list of terrorist organizations," Saudi envoy to the Security Council Abdallah Al-Mouallimi said.


Iranians in New York protest regime's soaring executions and human rights abuses

Iranians in New York have staged a rally to condemn human rights violations in the Islamic regime and demand protection for dissidents trapped in Camp Liberty.

The demonstration outside the United Nations headquarters on Tuesday was times to coincide with a UN General Assembly human rights session that approved a resolution expressing 'deep concern' at the soaring number of executions in the regime.


UN human rights chief: ISIS Terrorists ideology must be undermined

The Islamic State group’s ideology must be undermined, United Nations' Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein has urged.

A single Muslim voice denouncing the terror group's bloodshed could even be more effective than air strikes alone, Mr al-Hussien said.


Cash-strapped Iranian regime slashes funding to terror groups - Report

The Iranian regime has slashed its funding of terrorist groups in the Middle East after its budget was hit by a plunge in oil prices.

The regime is now allocating 25 per cent less to Lebanese Hezbollah and other paramilitary groups dependent on the clerical regime for their cash-flow, Kuwaiti newspaper al Qabas said.


Kerry delays joining Iran nuclear talks in Vienna

US Secretary of State John Kerry has delayed his trip to Vienna where international negotiators are in final talks with the Iranian regime regarding its nuclear program.

Kerry was expected to arrive in Vienna in the middle of the week as part of the push for a final deal to curb Tehran's nuclear activities before the jointly agreed November 24 deadline.


Belgian Parliament meeting condemns Iranian regime human rights violation, repression of women

Press release by Belgian Committee of Parliamentarians and Mayors for a Democratic Iran:

A meeting was held today (Tuesday 18 November 2014) in the Belgian federal parliament to discuss the recent cases of human rights violations in Iran and particularly the wave of acid attacks against young girls and women for “mal-veiling”.

Mayor Dirk Claes (CD&V), President of the ‘Belgian Committee of Parliamentarians and Mayors for a Democratic Iran’ who was chairing the meeting said : “After more than one year that Hassan Rouhani became President, all those nice words about him are gone and it is very clear that it was quite an illusion to regard Hassan Rouhani as a moderate. It is quite clear that if we really want to see a free, democratic Iran, this could never be possible with the current dictators in power. The only solution is therefore to support the Iranian opposition for a regime change.”


Iran must be 'flexible' in nuclear talks, Britain tells Tehran

Iran must show 'more flexibility' in nuclear talks due to start on Tuesday next week so that a historic deal can be struck, Britain has urged.

US Secretary of State John Kerry also described the negotiations between six world powers and Iran in Vienna as a 'critical week' that could end the 12-year dispute over Tehran's nuclear ambitions.


West has 'no clear strategy' in war on ISIS, allowing Iranian terrorists to thrive, report declares

The US and Western powers have 'no clear strategy' in their war against the Islamic State, delaying a defeat of the terror group and allowing criminal militias close to Iran to thrive in the region, a damning new report has claimed.

The Brussel based European Iraqi Freedom Association also blamed US and coalition for helping former Iraqi prime minister during their occupation of his country as the main cause of the current crisis.


Iran (graphic images): Three prisoners hanged in public

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s henchmen executed three prisoners in public on Saturday using a crane, pulley system and a specially adapted device for group executions.
The three men were hanged in the city of Bandar Abbas in southern Iran.

The identities of the three prisoners were not revealed and no specific information was provided about the crimes committed, their time of arrest or if they had been sentenced through any process within the clerical regime’s own laws.


Iran: Terrorist Quds Force funded by illegal transfers via China - report

The Iranian regime is transferring money via Chinese companies and banks to help fund their terrorist Quds Force, a new Western intelligence report has revealed.

The report seen by the Reuters news agency names the Shenzhen Lanhao Days Electronic Technology Co Ltd as one outfit receiving Iranian cash which is then passed onto the elite force which is part of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.


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