Iran: Another Victim of Acid Splashing

NCRI - A 25-year-old man from the city of Gotvand in Khuseztan province (southwest Iran) became the latest victim of acid splashing.  According to eye-witnesses, the young man was on his way back home on Thursday October 13 when he was attacked by passengers of a pickup vehicle who throw acid on him, according to state-run IRNA news agency.

Latest on the status of prisoners in Iran

Death of a sick prisoner in Gohardasht Prison, Karaj
According to reports on Tuesday October 11, Javad Mohammad Zadeh, a prisoner with Hepatitis-C in ward 7, Hall 19 of the Gohardasht Prison, has died following the deterioration of his health status, this prisoner spent the last days of his life alone in a cell and in very difficult conditions. His health condition was so critical that he was not able to recognize the time and place or the people around him.

IRAN: Former MP warns the regime will collapse

A former Member of Parliament in Iran has warned that the regime will ‘collapse’ if the corruption which is not stopped at the highest levels of the regime.

Ahmad Tavakkoli has said: “if we don’t fight corruption, the system will ‘collapse’. Corrupt people have made their way to the decision-making centers and corruption is like a ‘termite’ causing disorder at all levels of the system.”

Half of Iranian population deprived of sewer network

An official in the Ministry of Energy in Mullah Rouhani’s government has said that about 55 percent of Iran’s population are deprived of a sewerage network.

State-run Mehr news agency in Iran has quoted Behnam Vakili, the director of the regime’s Ministry of Power’s The Department of Monitoring the Operation of Wastewater Projects, on Wednesday October 12 as saying: “on average, about 44.5 percent of Iran’s urban population are covered by sewer network while less than one percent of rural population in the country, namely around 70,000 people, have access to such network and about 48,000 people have been provided with wastewater treatment.”

Iran Regime Minister of Intelligence: “We claim to be Muslims, but we easily lie for inferior political goals”

The Iranian regime’s Minister of Intelligence said in a speech on Wednesday October 12: “unfortunately, sometimes ethical and religious issues are easily ignored. Telling lies for political goals, disrespecting and dishonoring people has become commonplace” and warned rival faction.

Iran: The Staffs of a Major Hospital Went on Strike

NCRI - The staffs of Namazi Hospital of Shiraz (located in southern of Iran) staged a protest against the status of payments and they stopped working for a day.

As the online News Agency reported on 12th October 2016, the supervisor of Namazi Hospital, Mohammadreza Edraki stated that:"the situation is actually critical. The health insurance organization has not paid the 6-month dues to this medical-education center. Like the other authorities, we are also concerned about this problem."

Ted Cruz: Iran aggression against America has doubled since the JCPOA went into effect

17 senators seek to instigate an official inquiry by the Pentagon that would investigate an attack on the U.S. Navy by Houthi rebel forces, backed by support from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It is believed that Iran used a part of the U.S. $1.7 billion payment to carry out this attack and support the Houthi terrorist forces in Yemen, alongside other worldwide terrorist organisations. The money is believed to have been paid as a ransom to free U.S. hostages. As a result, the U.S. taxpayers may be unknowingly sponsoring terrorist organisations.

Iran: Prisoners speak about medieval human rights abuses

In an article on, Dr. Majid Rafizadeh, reveals what the human rights abuses in Iran are really like. He highlights that the countries in the West dealing with Iran are essentially defending a regime that conducts the “most sadistic methods of torture”.

He highlighted the case of Ajab Gol Nour Zehi, a Baluch prisoner, who recently spoke about his experiences. He said that he was beat on his head, face and back so hard that after 18 months the cables he was beat with left clear marks on his skin. He was hung and beat for hours at a time.

HRW: Awarding Iran with World League tournament emboldens discriminatory policies against women

 “The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) should cease awarding Iran the right to host FIVB international tournaments until the country ensures that female spectators can freely attend volleyball matches in the country,” Human Rights Watch said in a letter to Ary Graça, the sports federation’s leader.

In a matter of weeks, the FIVB will announce host countries for its 2017 World League.

A Female Prisoner Reveals the Terrible Crime of the Iranian Regime

NCRI - The female political prisoner, Zahra Zehtabchi, in a letter, exposed the crimes of the Mullahs' regime against her family.

The following is parts of her letter:

"I, Zahra Zehtabchi, the mother of two daughters, was charged with the membership in PMOI (MEK) and sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment. However, I was only the simple supporter of PMOI (MEK) and had a short-term internet relationship with them.

The Flogged Students were threatened by agents of the Iran regime.

NCRI - Subsequent to widespread coverage of barbaric flogging of school children in central Iran province – Kerman, on social networks and revelation of the Iranian regime's repressive measures against the students, regime officials of the Ministry of Education threatened students and their families that if they do not deny the flogging news, they will be expelled from school forever, and because of this Intimidation some of them denied their previous revelations.

Exclusive Interview with a Physician in Aleppo about the humanitarian crisis in the city

NCR - In an interview with Simaye Azadi (Iranian Resistance Satellite TV) on October 8, Dr. Fariba, a noble doctor who in most difficult conditions in the beleaguered but resistant city of Aleppo continues to provide medical services, explained the city's situation and humanitarian crisis concurrent with the military ground offensives by Assad regime's and Iranian regime’s mercenaries dispatched to the city.

Protests in solidarity with Justice-Seeking movement for the victims of 1988 massacre

NCRI - Freedom-loving Iranians and supporters of PMOI (MEK) protests in solidarity with 1988 massacre Justice-Seeking movement

On Saturday October 8, a large group of freedom-loving Iranians and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Oslo organized a photo exhibition on the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners (mostly members and supporters of PMOI) in the summer of 1988 in Iran, to expose the clerical regime’s crimes against humanity.


1988 massacre in Iran

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