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MEPs call for action to end deadly siege on Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty, Iraq

Press release by European Parliament - Friends of a Free Iran
From Tuesday 12 August 2014, the Iraqi forces stationed outside Camp Liberty near Baghdad airport are preventing fuel entry to the camp where some 2800 defenceless refugees, including 800 women, members of the Iranian opposition PMOI, are being held in prison like conditions.


Iran: 3G Internet is immoral, senior cleric says

A senior cleric in Iran has declared that high speed Internet is unethical and contrary to humanitarian principles, state-run news outlets reported on Tuesday.

Makarem Shirazi, made the remarks in response to a question put to him by Internet users, via his website.


Iran - Human Rights: More prisoners hanged in public

The Iranian regime henchman continued hanging in public of prisoners in cities across the country to further intensify climate of fear among the public.

On Sunday morning a man was hanged in public in city of Sari (northern Iran) and another man was also hanged in public in city of Borazjan.


Iran - Human Rights: Five prisoners hanged including a citizen of Pakistan

NCRI - Five men were hanged on Tuesday (August 26) in the main prison in city of Bandar-Abbas, southern Iran. One of the prisoners is a Pakistani citizen who had been arrested in Iran for drug related offence.

On Monday, the authorities in Bandar Abbas prison had transferred the five men to solitary confinement to await their execution.


Deadline for Iranian regime to answer nuclear question reached

NCRI - A deadline for the Iranian regime to answer UN nuclear watchdog questions about its atomic bomb research was reached on Monday without any immediate word on whether Tehran had provided the information.

Western diplomats say Iran needs to help clear up the IAEA's suspicions if it wants to reach a broader diplomatic deal in the separate negotiations with the United States, France, Germany, Britain, China and Russia, Reuters reported.


Iranian regime replaces Suleimani in Iraq

Ghasem SuleimaniA senior member of the Iraqi National Alliance which includes parties with close links to the Iranian regime, said that Qassem Suleimani would be replaced by his deputy Hossein Hamadani for his failure in Iraq.

Quds Force commander, Suleimani has been in charge of the Iranian regime's security policy in Iraq since the fall of previous government in that country in 2003.


Iraq: Maliki's agents continue preventing fuel delivery to Iranians refugees in Camp Liberty

For twelfth consecutive day, Maliki’s agents are preventing fuel from getting to Camp Liberty

Depriving residents of food, medicine and fuel are blatant examples of war crime and crime against humanity

NCRI - It is now two weeks that at the behest of the mullahs’ regime, Maliki’s agents are implementing a new round of pressures and sanctions against Camp Liberty residents. Preventing entry of fuel, food, medicine and free access to medical services are among these measures.


Iran: Bafgh Iron Ore Mine workers protest continues

NCRI- Miners at Bafgh Iron Ore mine in Iran and their members of families continue to protest arrest of co-workers by gathering outside governor's office in city of Bafgh in Yazd province.

Some 5,000 Iranian mine workers went on strike on Tuesday in central province of Yazd demanding the release of nine of workers who had been arrested by the State Security Forces.


IRGC commander fears 'rebellion' by Iranian people

NCRI - A senior commander of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) expressed his fear of uprising by the Iranian people and said the main task of the Special Forces is to “control rebellion” by Iranian people.

IRGC Commander Hassan Karami, the chief of the forces Anti-Terror Special Units said that this force known as NOPO has been renamed as the “Special Force Guarding Velayat (absolute rule of clergy) in Iran ”.


Iran ranking first in the world in brain drain

NCRI - Iran under the rule of clerical dictatorship ranks first in brain drain in the world with nearly 25% of educated Iranians are currently living in developed countries, according to a report published in a state-run daily.

Iran is a country of over 73 million with 50% of the population 18 to 45 years old. This country has 4.5 million university students who are studying in 119 universities and over 1400 other institutions.


Report reveals Iranian regime role in terrorism in Turkey

Operatives of a secretive terrorist network in Turkey supported by the Iranian regime scouted the area hosting a NATO early warning radar system, an ongoing investigation of Turkish police has revealed.

According to an 854-page police investigation “on the Tawhid-Salam terror network obtained by Today's Zaman, witness testimony provided to the İstanbul Chief Prosecutor's Office on March 22, 2013 indicated that suspects tied to Iranian intelligence had collected information” about the site.


Despite negotiations Iranian regime announces new missile

The Iranian regime on Sunday unveiled two new missiles and two new drones it said have been added to its arsenal, in a ceremony attended by Hassan Rouhani.

The Ghadir, with a range of 300 kilometres (185 miles), is a ground-to-sea and sea-to-sea missile, the official IRNA news agency said. It is in the same family as the Ghader or Qader cruise missile, which has a range of 200 kilometres.

The other missile unveiled on Sunday, the Nasr-e Basir, is equipped with a seeker homing head. Its range was not given.


Iran INTV Telethon in English live on Internet

NCRI - The four-day telethon by the Iran opposition satellite Channel, Simay-e Azadi (Iran National Television - IRANNTV) is now broadcasting live on the Internet with simultaneous English translation, according to the TV program’s official facebook page.

"Simay-e Azadi" facebook page announced Sunday, August 24, 2014 that its worldwide fundraising campaign is being broadcast live with English translation on the Internet on the following link: