Happiness is still ground for punishment in Iran, writes Mark Williams MP

There is never much time that goes by between vivid reminders of the human rights record of the mullahs' regime in Iran, or the radical, theocratic ideology that justifies those abuses, writes Mark Williams, a Member of Parliament from the United Kingdom. Under the system of clerical leadership, virtually anything can be criminalized if it is deemed to be out of step with the regime’s perspective on what it means to be authentically Muslim or Iranian, he says.

IRAN: Residents of Sohanak and Morad-Abad rally in front of Ministry of Roads

NCRI - On Wednesday, June 15, a group of residents from Sohanak and Morad-Abad, north-east of Tehran, rallied in front of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, protesting against the regime’s decision to not allow them to carry out construction.

U.S. lawmakers concerned about potential sale of Boeing planes to Iran regime

Two Republicans in the United States House of Representatives are expressing concern over Boeing’s tentative agreement to sell about 100 commercial planes to the Iranian regime, warning that the deal could have serious national security implications.

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) and Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.), who holds a seat on the Ways and Means Committee, said that U.S. businesses should not take part in “weaponizing” Iran’s regime.

Statement by Chairman of the legal committee of Syrian National Coalition

High-ranking Syrian opposition delegation meets Mrs. Maryam Rajavi,

President-elect of the Iranian Resistance

IRAN: Suppressive forces beat bakery owner for selling food during Ramadan, protests ensue

NCRI – Agents of the Iranian regime’s suppressive state security forces (police) beat a bakery owner with batons earlier this week west of Tehran.

The regime’s agents came to close down the bakery, in Beheshti Street in Heidar-Abad on Sunday, June 12, for selling food during Ramadan.

IRAN: Victims of a housing cooperative scam protested in front of regime’s Parliament

NCRI - The victims of Negin-E-Gharb housing cooperative scam protested in front of the regime’s parliament building in Tehran on Tuesday, June 14.

They protested against the fraud committed by the company that have not delivered the apartments of Vardavard in the Iranian capital in the past 16 years.

IRAN: Workers of East Alborz Coal Mines protest for 3 consecutive days

NCRI - Coal miners from the East Alborz (Alborz-E-Sharghi) Company, in northern Iran, have been protesting for three consecutive days in front of the company office. Their protest against the transfer of ownership into corporate-leased mining complex lots began on Sunday and by Tuesday was continuing, according to local reports.

During the protest, the workers raised the issues of their unpaid and delayed salary payments. The repressive police officers fearing the workers' fury released the three protesters they had detained on the first day of the rally.

Rally outside office of Iran regime’s governor in Parsian

NCRI - A group of people in Parsian, in Iran’s southern province of Hormozgan, rallied this week in front of the office of the regime’s local governor to protest against the entry of certain security assembly members of Lamerd to Kooshkenar County.

As soon as the members of Lamard security assembly came to Akbari village, located in Kooshkenar County, local people started to gather to block their entry to these areas. Finally, the staff were expelled from the village.

IRAN: Truck drivers protest in Bushehr

NCRI - On Saturday, June 11, truck drivers continued their protest and strike in Bushehr Terminals, southern Iran.

The regime’s police officers, at the behest of governmental agents, asked the truck drivers to end the rally. After that, they raided the crowd, beating and arresting about thirty of the drivers.

IRAN: Governor of regime admits closure of 80 factories and the unemployment of thousands of workers in Borujerd

NCRI - The governor of Borujerd, western Iran, admitted to the closure of factories and the unemployment of thousands of workers in an already critical economic situation.

On Monday June 13, Moslem Pour-Ghasemian, said: "80 [factories both small and large] in Borujerd have lost their capacity in production and performance due to the economic crises.”He explained that 50,000 workers have lost their jobs and admitted that this issue has created a “livelihood crisis."

Iranian regime agents harass disabled man and cause protest in Tehran

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s suppressive state security forces harassed a disabled man who was playing music near the intersection of Valiasr-Taleqani streets in Tehran on Sunday, June 12. This evoked a strong reaction among the shopkeepers and people in the area.

The protest was so strong that many drivers, including a number of taxi drivers, got out of their cars to join the skirmish against the agents and the regime’s Mayor of Tehran. Being engulfed by the people, the mercenaries apologized to the old man out of fear of the furious crowd and left very quickly.

Iran regime arrests 24 protesting workers

NCRI - According to the state-run media, the clerical regime's suppressive forces arrested a number of municipal workers who had gathered in the city of Ahwaz, in southwest Iran.

On Tuesday, June 14, ILNA news agency reported that following a protest gathering a day earlier by a group of district 4 municipality workers in Ahwaz, the repressive security forces arrested at least 24 workers.

Stagflation in Iran’s economy

NCRI - In an editorial on Monday, June 13, the state-run Resalat newspaper admitted the dire economic situation of the Iranian regime.

Referring to the closure of factories and manufacturing units, the newspaper wrote: “The closure of ARJ factory after 60 years of economic work sounded the alarm bells in the business environment. Every day, dozens of bad news stories are released about the closure of production units. More than 7000 production units in industrial cities have recently been closed. Expensiveness has increased the concerns.”

Iran: Prospects for change one year after the nuclear agreement

Maryam Rajavi meets with George Sabra- Auvers-sur-Oise, May 12, 2016

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