Accidents lead to deaths of 137 laborers in Iran capital in 5 months

NCRI - At least 137 laborers in Tehran have lost their lives in the past five months as a result of accidents at their places of work.

Father sets himself ablaze outside Iran judiciary

NCRI - Following several recent cases of self-immolation outside government offices in Iran, a man in his forties from the town of Malekan, north-west Iran, set himself on fire outside the local offices of the Iranian regime's judiciary last week.

IRAN: Two political prisoners beaten by intelligence agents

NCRI - Agents of the Iranian regime's notorious Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) on Saturday brutally attacked two political prisoners locked up in a prison in Zahedan, south-east Iran.

Ten thousand arrested in western Iran province in 6 months

NCRI - Iran's fundamentalist regime has made at least 10 thousand arrests in the western province of Kermanshah over the past six months.

Amnesty condemns absurd trial in Iran of jailed cartoonist

NCRI - The human rights group Amnesty International on Friday condemned "absurd" new charges against satirical cartoonist Atena Farghadani who is currently serving a prison sentence in Iran.

"The trial of satirical cartoonist Atena Farghadani and her lawyer on a charge of 'illegitimate sexual relations falling short of adultery' after they shook hands is not only absurd and extreme but clearly politically motivated," said Amnesty International ahead of her court session starting on Saturday in Tehran.

Bahrain submits formal complaint to UN against Iran regime

Bahrain has submitted a complaint to the United Nations denouncing the Iranian regime's "interference" in its internal affairs, the BNA news agency said Friday.

The move came a day after Manama recalled its ambassador from Iran and ordered Tehran's envoy to leave within 72 hours.

Bahrain expels Iranian regime’s ambassador over ‘meddling’

Bahrain has recalled its ambassador from Iran and ordered the Iranian regime's envoy to leave the country, accusing Tehran of meddling in its affairs.

A Foreign Ministry statement, quoted on Thursday by the official BNA news agency, said the action was taken in response to "continuing interference by Iran in the affairs of the kingdom" and an attempt by Tehran to foment "confessional sedition."

Yemen severs diplomatic ties with Iran regime

Yemen's government has decided to sever diplomatic relations with the regime in Iran, Yemeni state media reported.

State news agency Saba, citing an unidentified person at the Yemeni presidency, said the government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi "has taken the decision to expel the Iranian ambassador to Yemen, withdraw the Yemeni envoy to Tehran and close down its diplomatic mission in Iran."

Man gunned down in car by Iran regime

NCRI - An Iranian man in his twenties was shot and killed by the regime's suppressive forces on Thursday in the town of Sardasht, in West Azerbaijan Province, north-western Iran.

Media rights group condemns jail sentence for Iranian Facebook user

Reporters Without Borders said on Friday that is appalled to learn that Soheil Arabi, an Iranian Facebook user whose death sentence was quashed by the Iranian regime’s supreme court, has been given a new sentence of seven and a half years in prison starting with two years under observation, during which he must prove he has repented to avoid reimposition of the death sentence.

Euro-Parl VP: Europe should speak out on Iran’s appalling rights record

Huffington Post

Ryszard Czarnecki
Vice President of the European Parliament

A lot has been said about the nuclear agreement signed between EU3+3 and Iran in summer. But problems with Iran are far from being over. One area that should be of major concern is Iran's conduct in the area of human rights.

Iranian regime pressuring a Kurdish political prisoner

NCRI – The mullahs’ regime in Iran is depriving Kurdish political prisoner Zainab Jalalian of family visits.

20% reduction in Iranians’ food basket

NCRI - Economic mismanagement by the mullahs' regime in Iran has led to Iranians being able to consume 20 percent less food and liquids, the Iranian regime's state media have acknowledged.

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