Iran Is Preventing Displaced Iraqis From Returning Home

Urgent Call on UN & US to stop Iran’s continuing crimes in Iraq

The following is a press release by Struan Stevenson, the President of European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA) issued on May 11, 2017. Concerning, Iran regime’s criminal act of preventing evacuated Iraqi’s from getting back to their homeland.

Iran: 75 % of Stone Manufacturing Units Closed, Making 22,000 Jobless

NCRI - Due to regime’s economic policies, more than 75 percent of stone manufacturing units in Tehran have been closed, making 22,000 workers lose their jobs, according to reports.

“Nearly 22,000 workers in this sector have currently lost their jobs”, says a stone manufacturer, “and nearly 75 percent of stone manufacturing units have been closed.”

Iran: Regime Refuses to Declare Exact Number of Azadshahr Miners Killed

Azadshahr mine explosion – No. 5

Yesterday the director general of the Golestan Province Crisis Management Department (northern Iran) said the body of another miner was discovered in the Azadshahr mine, raising the number of those killed to 43.

A week after the Azashahr mine explosion, the mullahs’ regime continues to refuse to announce the true number of casualties in this incident. This mine had 500 workers and yet the related organs are refusing to announce how many miners were inside the mine at the time of the explosion. A number of regime officials have said the explosion took place during a change of shifts, placing a larger number of workers in the mine. Other regime sources first announced 90 miners were trapped, and afterwards resorted to providing contradicting numbers to cloak the scope of this horrific incident.

State media: 300% decrease in foreign investment in Iran

NCRI - The Iranian state-run Vatan daily published a statement on Monday issued by so-called Oil Industry Specialists in an attempt to undermine a recent speech delivered by the Iranian regime’s President Hassan Rouhani.

Vatan, linked to the faction of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, said in its report:

Iran: Mine Incident Fatalities Reaches 43

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s officials and state media announced on Tuesday that the number of victims of a deadly explosion last week at a coal mine in northern Iran has reached 43.

Reza Marvati, the Iranian regime’s Deputy Governor of Golestan Province, northern Iran, said seven more bodies were found in the Yurt Azadshar mine after the recent explosion.

Iran: 450 College Students Hit by Food Poisoning

NCRI – More than 450 students of Yazd University, central Iran, have suffered from food poisoning, reports indicated on May 8.

Poor food in the men’s dormitory has been cited as the cause of this food poisoning epidemic which has affected at least 451, according to state-run media.

Regime's Lawmaker: Rouhani is Providing Jobs for Chinese in Iran & China

NCRI - Mohammad Ismaeil Saeedi, a member of the social commission of the Iranian parliament, said Hassan Rouhani’s government is providing jobs for the Chinese in both China and Iran despite the fact that millions are unemployed in Iran.

“Uncontrolled fishing by Chinese fisherman in Iran’s coasts, revealed by an MP, has become a good reason for us to disclose more important facts revealing one third of the fishermen in Iran’s southern coasts are Chinese,” he said, according to the state-run Javan daily on May 8.

Safe Zones or Iran Regime's Plot Against Syrian People's Revolution

NCRI - Russia’s plan to set up safe zones in Syria with participation of the Iranian regime is actually a plot against the Syrian people’s revolution, says a Syrian military analyst in his interview with Orient TV on May 7.

General Ahmad Rahal said in the interview “let’s talk real. We’re faced with conspiracies which are initiated by the fox of an Iranian regime, approved by Russia, and implemented by the criminal Assad regime. This was all that was achieved in Astana.”

Syrian National Coalition: Iran Regime Is the Main Problem in Syrian Talks

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s destructive role is the main problem with Russia’s safe zone plan, says the Syrian opposition.

Ahmad Ramadan, Chairman of media and public relations of Syrian National Coalition, talks in his interview with Sky News on May 6 about this problem and the importance of the note the opposition representatives offered in this regard:

Iran: Western City's Only Heart Surgery Center on the Verge of Shut Down

NCRI - The only heart surgery center in the city of Brujerd in Lorestan Province, western Iran, is on the verge of shut down due to financial problems. Insurance organizations are refusing to pay 3.5 billion tomans (around $1mn) they owe this entity.

Sky News Arabia TV: Iran's Expansionist Plots

NCRI - Sky News Arabia TV aired a report on May 8 about the Iranian regime’s regional meddling, saying Tehran is taking advantage of Shiite Arabs as fuel for its wars in order to advance its expansionist plots in the Middle East. The Lebanese Hezbollah is one of these tools in this war.

“Hezbollah is under the command of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and this group’s participation in the Syria war is based on requests from Iran. This is under the framework of Iran’s strategic plot to gain even more influence across the region,” said Asad Bashare, a writer and political analyst in Beirut.

Iran: The Message of a Political Prisoner After Miners' Tragic Death

NCRI - Following the death of dozens of miners in the Azadshahr Yurt mine of Golestan Province (northern Iran) Labor activist and political prisoner Behnam Ebrahimzadeh sent a message saying the Iranian regime is responsible for this tragedy.

Parts of this letter is as follows:

Mike Freer: Britain Can No Longer Ignore Iran Regime's Human Rights Abuses

Ever since the UK became one of the six parties to negotiate with Iran over its nuclear programme, the British Government has been opening itself up to criticism that it is neglecting the issue of Tehran’s record of human rights violations, argues Mike Freer the Conservative candidate for Finchley and Golders Green in the upcoming UK election.

In an op-ed on Monday for the British website Conservative Home, Mr. Freer writes:

NCRI Foreign Affairs Chair: Regime Is Much Weaker, More Divided After the Sham Election

Iran news in brief

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