Iran: Ministry of Intelligence Was the Negotiating Partner With U.S. To Exchange Prisoners

NCRI - Iran's intelligence minister emphasized once again about its Ministry’s role in negotiations to exchange prisoners with U.S. two years ago.

According to State news Agency ISNA, Mahmoud Alavi said at Friday’s prayer ceremony on May 5th: “Intelligence Ministry did the negotiation of prisoners exchange and consequently that sum of one billion seven hundred and ten million dollars was recuperated some of the  prisoners were released and sanctions on a bank and a number of institutions were lifted.”

Khamenei: We Won't Surrender to UNESCO or Sign its Document for Sustainable Development

NCRI - The Iranian regime's supreme leader Ali Khamenei in a speech under the pretext of teacher’s week on Sunday, May 7, 2017 said: The Islamic Republic will not succumb to UNESCO’s 2030 document. UNESCO’s 2030 document or similar items are not something that the Islamic Republic could support and give in to. Khamenei while attacking UNESCO added: For what reason should international entities, which are certainly under the influence of world powers, have the right to decide for people of other nations with different cultures? He added: The principle is wrong. We sign a document, then, we come and quietly let it run; No! We announce, it is absolutely not allowed.

Iran; 55 Men and Women Were Arrested at a Dinner Party

NCRI - On May 7, 2017 in the city of Kerman – South Eastern Iran, 55 men and women participating in an overnight mixed gender party were arrested. Public prosecutor of Kerman province announced.
According to the state run ‘Mizan news’ Dadkhoda Salari announced: In addition to detained citizens, 19 luxury cars and two motorcycles belonging to them were also seized and the party venue was sealed as well.

Lawyer of Labor Activist on Hunger Strike Warns Iran Regime

NCRI - Warning the Iranian regime officials, lawyer of a labor activist, who in protest against his conditions has gone on a hunger strike from April 30, said that they will be responsible if anything happens to his client.

“I consider the head of judiciary, head of supreme court, Attorney General, Tehran Prosecutor, head of Prisons Organization, Intelligence Minister, and other security officials responsible for my client’s life”, said the lawyer.

Iran: Angry Coal Miners Attacked Rouhani's Car

NCRI - Angry coal miners and their families besieged and attacked Hassan Rouhani’s car on Sunday, May 7 after he visited the site of the deadly mine explosion.

The explosion at Zemestanyourt mine in Golestan Provinve (northern Iran) on Wednesday, happened after the coal mine filled with methane gas. Dozens of hardworking miners lost their lives following the
collapse of the coal mine due to the explosion. Iranian Labor Minister Ali Rabie admitted all miners trapped under the rubble had lost their lives, yet going only as far as announcing 35 deaths. Whereas prior to
his remarks other regime officials had declared 90 miners losing their lives.

Iranian Workers' Free Trade Union Statement on the Tragic Death of Tens of Miners

NCRI - Iranian Workers’ free trade union in a statement issued on May 4, commemorated the sorrowing death of Yurt miners and held the Iranian regime accountable for this crime. Free Trade Union in its statement writes: “explosion in Azadshahr’s Yurt mine in Golestan and burying dozens of suffering miners under the rubble, once again exposed the highest degree of harrowing crimes of Iranian regime and brought to public attention the lack of Iranian working class’ rights”.

Amnesty International Stands in Solidarity With Trade Unionists in Iran

The following public statement by Amnesty International called for the release of imprisoned Iranian trade unionist and upholding workers’ rights.

Public statement:

Several trade unionists in Iran languish in prison while many others face prison sentences of up to a decade solely for their peaceful trade union activities, Amnesty International said on the eve of International Worker’s Day on 1 May.

Teachers' Day in Iran: Jailed Teacher on Hunger Strike; Another Punished for Singing in Classroom

NCRI - On the so-called Teachers’ day in Iran, former director-general of Teachers’ Trade Association ‘Esmaeil Abdi’ is on hunger strike in prison, and another teacher from Gilan has been sent into exile for his singing in art class.

May 2 in Iranian calendar is the Teachers’ Day and the beginning of a weeklong tribute to teachers. On the eve of the day, however, Esmaeil Abdi, former director-general of Teachers’ Trade Association, who is currently serving his six-year prison term, has said in a letter he has gone on a hunger strike.

Exact Number of Those Killed in Coal Mine in Iran Is Unknown

NCRI - A day after the accident at the Yurt mine in Azadshahr (north of Iran), the actual number of dead miners is unclear. Iran's Minister of Industry and Mines confirmed that a subset of the IRGC was stakeholder of the mine.

In the aftermath of the explosion at the Yurt mine, 90 km East of Gorgan in the Golestan province that took place at noon on Wednesday, May 3rd, at least 35 workers were killed. But it remains unclear how many are still in the mine. Hosseingholi Qavanlou, the Head of Industry, Mine and Trade in Golestan Province, said: “We are not holding much hope of any survivors.”

Iran: 2 Arrested for Social Media Use

NCRI - Two Iranian Kurds were arrested on April 2nd for managing a Telegram social media channel about workers and child labor.

Haywa Kiaie and Mehdi Salahi phoned their families on April 4th to inform them of their arrest. However, they did not mention the charges raised against them and where they were being held.

Iran: Teacher Sentenced to 1 Year in Exile for Playing Music in Class

NCRI - Spokesman of the Gilan Teachers Guild has been sentenced to a year in exile for playing music in class. Aziz Ghasemzadeh, 38, is an active teacher in this guild.

He is a singer and caretaker for an Iranian music group named Sepehr that has conducted a number of concerts in Gilan Province, northern Iran.

Iran: Political Prisoner in Dire Conditions

NCRI - Lack of access to medical care and prison officials’ refusal to transfer Mohammad Reza Seifzadeh to a medical center has left him facing dire physical conditions, reports indicate.

Seifzadeh, 50, was arrested in 2012 on charges of measures against national security and contacts with the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). He was transferred to ward 209 of Tehran’s Evin Prison and thus sentenced to 10 years behind bars in exile in Barazjan Prison. He was also placed jailed as a political prisoner during the 1980s and spent four years behind bars. He has a 14-year-old child.

Syrian Opposition: We Reject Any Agreement With an Iran Regime Role in It

NCRI - The Syrian opposition declared on Thursday May 5 its rejection of any deal in which the Iranian regime has a role or is considered as a guarantor state.

“The Iranian regime is the killer of Syrian people”, said Osama Abu Zaid, spokesman for the Syrian opposition delegation in talks held in Kazakh capital Astana to settle the Syrian conflicts.

The opposition also said it rejects any agreement which is not based on international resolutions.

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