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Senators denounce Pastor Abedini imprisonment in Iran

U.S. Senators at a subcommittee hearing have been told that high-level U.S. attention to Iran's imprisonment of American Pastor Saeed Abedini is helping to keep him alive, The Associated Press reported.

Abedini has been in custody in Iran since September 2012 and was sentenced to eight years in prison for what was termed undermining state security.


Arab states reject Iran regime interference in Iraq

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for Arab States held their 134th session of the GCC Ministerial Council in Meetings in Riyadh on Thursday. Prince Saud Al-Faisal, Minister of Foreign Affairs headed the delegation of the Saudi Arabia to the session.

The Qatari foreign minister Khalid al-Attiyah who chaired the session stressed the firm position of the Arab states on ridding the Middle East of nuclear weapons.


Iran nuclear talks - Iranian opposition warns of Western illusions

Berlin / Vienna, March 9, 2015 (APA) - While the United States stated reported progress in nuclear negotiations with Iran according to President Barack Obama, and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) sent a five-member team of experts to Tehran to negotiate over the technical details of Iran's nuclear program, the Iranian exile opposition warns the West against "illusions".

This was said by a spokesman for the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) on Monday to APA. Last weekend a "convention" of the Iranian exile opposition in the German capital Berlin sounded the alarm. In a nutshell: settlement with Iran's dictatorship than yielding to the epicenter of fundamentalism and a sponsor of terrorism, criticism of the weakness of Western governments and sharp warnings against giving in to the mullahs in the nuclear negotiations.


U.N. human rights investigator condemns abuses in Iran

Dr Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations special rapporteur on Iran, said on Thursday that at least 753 people were believed to have been executed in Iran last year, the highest number since 2002.

The U.N. human rights investigator called on the regime in Tehran to revoke laws restricting freedoms of the press and expression, free some 30 detained journalists and bloggers and halt satellite jamming and blocking of websites.


Concerns over Iran-backed militias’ role in Iraq grows

General Martin Dempsey, the top U.S. military officer who visited Baghdad this week, told a Senate hearing on Wednesday that there was no doubt the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) would be pushed out of Tikrit, but that “the question is what comes after.”

Voicing concern about treatment of Sunni Muslims by the overwhelmingly Iran-backed Shi'ite attacking force, Dempsey said: “The question is what comes after, in terms of their willingness to let Sunni families move back into their neighborhoods, whether they work to restore the basic services that are going to be necessary, or whether it results in atrocities and retribution.


Return Camp Liberty Iranians personal weapons for self-defense: Ex-Italian FM

“The outstanding leadership of PMOI by Madam Rajavi, her immediate, unequivocal condemnation of terrorist attacks in Paris in the name of the Prophet and her courage in defending human values gives a special strength to the celebration of International Women's Day.”

“A day when our thoughts and prayers should be addressed first and foremost to the women and members of the PMOI who have been killed or atrociously left without any medical assistance in Camp Liberty and Camp Ashraf.”

Text of speech by Giulio Maria Terzi, former foreign minister of Italy, at the grand gathering on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 7, 2015 in Berlin:


71% of Americans believe talks won’t prevent a nuclear Iran: Poll

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll reveals that the vast majority of Americans doubt that the current nuclear negotiations will prevent the Iranian regime from obtaining nuclear weapons.

According to the Poll, 71 percent think that negotiations with Tehran will not prevent the regime in Tehran from developing nuclear weapons while the 24 percent believe that the talks will prevent mullahs from developing such weapons, and 5 percent were not sure.


West’s cooperation with Iran regime in fight against ISIS is 'extremely dangerous'

The US and allied air strikes against Islamic State will not lead to the defeat of the terrorist group and are aiding Iran to gain total control of the region, the head of the European Iraqi Freedom Association has warned.

Any western cooperation with Iran in the fight against ISIS is 'extremely dangerous' and will turn the war into a sectarian conflict between the Shiites and Sunnis, former MEP who chaired the Delegation for Relations with Iraq at the European Parliament, Struan Stevenson, told online journal The Hill.


Persecution of Christians in Iran continues under Hassan Rouhani: Report

The persecution of Christians in Iran is getting worse under Hassan Rouhani and many now face "severe physical and psychological torture," a new report from a group of British MPs and peers says.

A joint investigation by Christians in Parliament and All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on International Freedom of Religion or Belief found that Christians continue to be arrested and interrogated because of their faith.


IAEA official: Iran is six months behind in answering nuclear questions

The Iranian regime is at least six months behind in providing technical information on the nature of its neutron calculations and experiments on explosives that could be used for an atomic device, a senior UN nuclear watchdog has said.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) official said on Tuesday that the agency expects more information soon from Iran on its nuclear program as there are talks of progress in the talks.The investigation by IAEA on the military dimension of the Iranian regime’s nuclear program runs parallel to Tehran's talks with six world powers to curb its nuclear work in exchange for lifting economic sanctions.


Iran nuclear talks to continue in Brussels next week

The EU's foreign policy chief will chair talks with France, Germany, Britain and Iran in Brussels next Monday, the European Union said on Tuesday.

"Federica Mogherini will host in Brussels next Monday, 16 March 2015, a meeting with the Foreign Ministers of Germany, Frank Walter Steinmeier, of France, Laurent Fabius, of Great Britain, Philip Hammond, and of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif," the EU said in a statement.


47 U.S. senators send warning letter on Iran nuclear deal

In an open letter to the leaders of the Iranian regime, 47 Republican senators on Monday warned that any nuclear deal brokered without their approval could be undone “with the stroke of a pen.”

The letter, authored by Republican Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton and co-signed by 46 other Republican lawmakers, seeks to inform the regime’s leaders that any nuclear agreement involving the United States could face constitutional hurdles.


Iran regime hangs women on eve of International Women's Day

NCRI - At least two women were hanged to death on the eve of the International women's day in a prison in Iran.

One of the prisoners identified as Mehrnoosh Qavasi, in her fifties, was executed after serving many years in prison.



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