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IRAN: Kurdish teachers stage their fourth protest gathering

On Thursday, May 14, teachers of Kurdistan held their fourth protest gathering. They are protesting unfair wages and prejudice in the educational system.

This gathering in Sanandaj was held in front of the governor’s building. Teachers protested their difficult living conditions and the unresponsiveness of the educational system regarding their grievances. They stated that they are just given hollow promises.


Majority of Iranians have to migrate if water crisis persists, official says

 If the water shortage crisis in the country persists, around 70% of Iranians or a population close to 50 million will have to leave to survive, a deputy of Hassan Rouhani says.

Isa Kalantari referred to the deteriorating condition of water shortage in the country and the weak management and said: “The present water crisis in Iran began some 10 years ago. By using around 97% of its surface water almost all rivers have dried up.”

“This means that if we continue as is, around 70% of the population or 50 million people will have to leave the country. The renewable water in the country is 100 billion cubic meters per year. Our ill management has resulted in the drying up of ponds and wasting surface and sub-surface waters,


Iran: Largest prison built to ramp up suppression

Construction of Iran’s largest prison in Tehran is finished, a regime official announced.

“The stages to build the largest prison in Tehran are finished and we are adding new spaces to this complex,” Mohammad Alizadeh said. “We needed a new prison.”

The new prison named the “Great Prison” is situated in Hassanabad district and can contain 15000 prisoners.

The advisor to the Interior Minister Reza Mahjoubi said, “The number of people entering our prisons is above world average and every year half a million people enter our prisons of whom 200000 remain there.” He nonetheless failed to mention the cause for this high number of prisoners.


US vows to back Arab states in 'threats' from Iranian regime

President Barack Obama has vowed to GCC stated that the U.S. will back them against any 'external attack' or 'destabilizing activities in the region' by the Iranian regime.

He told the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council at a summit at Camp David that he was 'committed to the security of our Gulf partners', but stopped short of offering the formal defense treaty that some Gulf countries had sought.

With differences over US policy toward Tehran, Syria’s civil war and the Arab Spring uprisings looming over the meetings, Mr Obama instead he promised to integrate ballistic missile defense systems, strengthen cyber and maritime security, streamline weapons sales and increase joint military exercises.


Iran ”threatening Saudi Arabia” as nuclear talks continue

Iran has been makes threats to its neighbour Saudi Arabia as it continues its talks with the West over its nuclear program, a leading Arab journalist has warned.

Abdulrahman al-Rashed, former General Manager of the Al Arabiya News Channel, said the regime was constantly increasing tension in the region and continues to defy UN Security Council resolutions as the negotiations continue.


West is ignoring soaring executions in Iran

The West is sacrificing human rights abuses in Iran - which has executed 342 people so far this year - as it seeks to strike a nuclear deal with the regime, Soona Samsami, the representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in the United States warns.

Mrs. Samsami said the Iranian regime was now on target to execute 1,000 men, women and minors in 2015, compared to 721 people in 2014.


ISJ condemns Iran’s attempts to purchase nuclear tech from Czech

Reuters reported on 13 May 2015 : The Czech Republic blocked an attempted purchase by Iran this year of a large shipment of sensitive technology useable for nuclear enrichment after false documentation raised suspicions, U.N. experts and Western sources said… January Iran attempted to buy compressors - which have nuclear and non-nuclear applications - made by the U.S.-owned company Howden CKD Compressors. A Czech state official and a Western diplomat familiar with the case confirmed to Reuters that Iran had attempted to buy the shipment from Howden CKD in the Czech Republic, and that Czech authorities had acted to block the deal.


IRAN: Mullahs sending Afghan immigrants to fight in Syria

The Iranian reigme has started sending undocumented Afghan immigrants to Syria to serve as frontline fighters alongside Syrian dictator Bashar Assad's struggling troops.

The Afghans are almost all Shiite Muslims from the Hazara ethnic group who were living as illegal immigrants in Iran until they were rounded up by the regime's Revolutionary Guard.

They were given the choice of either fighting in Syria or going to jail, according to German magazine Der Spiegel.

The magazine has estimated that at least 700 Afghans have now been killed in fighting around Aleppo and Damascus alone.


Amnesty pleads for life of Iran prisoner of conscience

Amnesty International has issued an urgent appeal to save the life of Iranian prisoner of conscience Mohammed Ali Taheri, who is facing execution in the regime for insulting Islam by forming his own religious group.

Mr Taheri was arrested in May 2011 and jailed for five years by the Revolutionary Court in Tehran for 'spreading corruption on earth'.

He was also sentenced in a separate trial to five years behind bars, a 315,000 dollars fine and 74 lashes for 'insulting Islamic sanctities', 'committing a religiously forbidden act', which included touching 'non-relatives of the opposite sex', 'unlawful involvement in the medical treatment of patients' and publishing 'misleading writings'.


US Congress Overwhelmingly Passes Iran Nuclear Review Bill

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed legislation Thursday assuring lawmakers have the right to review, and perhaps reject, any nuclear deal that President Barack Obama reaches with Iran.

The measure, which passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 400 to 25. Only six Democrats and 19 Republican disagreed.

One week after the bill cleared the Senate, now goes to the White House, with Obama signaling he will sign it.


Professor Sheehan: Iranian opposition has a “profound role to play”

On Thursday, hosted an online question and answer session with Professor Ivan Sascha Sheehan of the University of Baltimore. Professor Sheehan is the director of the graduate program in negotiation and conflict management at the university’s School of Public and International Affairs. In recent years, much of his scholarship has focused on Iran and its democratic political opposition.


IRAN: Seven prisoners hanged in Shiraz

In a prison in the southern city of Shiraz, Iranian regime’s henchmen secretly hanged seven prisoners on Sunday and Tuesday. The executions took place in Adelabad Prison of Shiraz in two groups of three and four prisoners. The identity of none of the prisoners is known and no source or official of the Iranian regime has announced the executions.

In the past several days, several executions have been carried out in a number of cities, including Qazvin where one man was executed and in the central prison of Mashhad where a young man was hanged. Moreover, six inmates were hanged in the Orumiyeh prison on May 6.


Iran regime continues persecuting religious minorities: Report

The regime in Iran is persecuting religious minorities and is continuing to commit human rights abuses, according to a damning new US government report.

The regime is still harassing, arresting and jailing anyone that opposes the state's theocratic dictatorship, the US Committee on International Religious Freedom said.

It has urged the US government to take a string of measures to improve the abuses that are rife in Iran.


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