Iran one of the poorest countries in terms of medical specialists per capita

NCRI - The Minister of Health in Hassan Rouhani’s government, Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi, admitted to a shortage of medical specialists in the country, according to a report on Friday, September 16 by Tasnim news agency, affiliated to the regime’s terrorist Revolutionary Guards Quds Force.

Iran: Dire conditions of women heads of household in Lorestan

NCRI - In the meeting of the working group on women and families in the Province of Lorestan (western Iran), the governor's political, security and social deputy said: "Some 50,000 women have been identified in the province who head their households."

Statement of the Romanian Parliamentary Committee for a Free Iran

NCRI - The Romanian Parliamentary Committee for a Free Iran in a statement congratulated the relocation of People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK) members from Iraq to Europe to Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and all members and supporters of PMOI (MEK). Following is the full text:  

Hail to a great victory for the people of Iran and the Iranian Resistance and a defeat for the mullahs ruling regime of Iran!

Social protests in Iran

NCRI - Tehran – A group of people who have lost their properties through investing in “Padideh” credit institute, gathered on Wednesday September 14 in front of Ministry of Economy in Tehran to protest against lack of investigation into their stolen property.

The demonstrators sent a letter, indicating their critical financial situation and demanding an urgent investigation into their stolen properties.

Messages of congratulations by the NCRI members on the transfer of PMOI (MEK) members from Iraq to Europe

NCRI - Members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, National champion Moslim Iskandar Filabi and Ms. Mahin Meshkinfam, and Messrs. Reza Olia, Hossein Farshid and Ibrahim Mazandarani sent messages of congratulations for the safe and victorious transfer of the members of People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK) from Iraq to Europe and the failure of the Iranian regime's plots.

Noticeable increase in traffic fatalities in western Iran freeway

NCRI - Chief of “Road Police” in Hamedan province (Western Iran) said on Wednesday September 14, in Hamedan’s Transportation and Safety Commission: “Hamedan Road Police is facing a lot of problems in Hamedan-Saveh freeway. When it rains, the situation in the freeway turns into a crisis.”

Iran: clash of the rival regime’s factions

NCRI - Following the confessions of “Saeid Mortezavi” former Tehran Attorney General to his crimes in Kahrizak, “Ali Motahhari” the Vice President of Iranian regime’s parliament has in a clear clash of the factions accused Mortezavi’s supporters including former President Ahmadinejad and asked Mortazavito make clear what his role was in the case related to the murder of Zahra Kazemi.

Iran: 77th day of air pollution in city of Arak (central Iran)

NCRI - Director General of Environmental Protection in Markazi Province (Central Iran) said that air pollution in metropolitan Arak is at its seventy-seventh day which is dangerous and unhealthy for sensitive population groups.

Iran: Political prisoner “Behnam Mousivand” on dry hunger strike

NCRI - According to reports by Farsi-language websites, following nine days of being on a hunger strike, Behnam Mousivand, the political prisoner in ward 8 of Evin Prison, has now gone on a dry hunger strike.

From Wednesday September 14, he has even refused to take water. This political prisoner is suffering from some type of intestinal disease and his health condition will become critical in case he remains on hunger strike.

Joint statement of German prominent figures: Relocation of PMOI members from Iraq, a great victory for Iranian resistance

NCRI - A number of German prominent figures have in a joint statement described the relocation of People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK) members from Iraq to Europe as a great achievement for Iranian resistance, congratulating it to Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and all members and supporters of PMOI (MEK).


At Least 30 Current Iranian Officials Participated in the Massacre of 30,000 Political Dissidents in 1988.

Reuters: Saudi prince warns Iran regime against using force to pursue rivalry 

A senior Saudi official has urged the Iranian regime to end what he called wrong attitudes toward Arabs and warned it against any use of force in its rivalry with the kingdom. 

Mecca province governor Prince Khaled al-Faisal, in remarks likely to be seen as a reference to Iran's regime, added that the orderly conduct of the haj pilgrimage this year "is a response to all the lies and slanders made against the kingdom," Reuters reported.

UN asked to stop Iranian arms smuggling to Yemen - Gulf News

Saudi Arabia called on the United Nations Security Council on Thursday to put an end to the Iranian regime's weapons smuggling to the Al Houthi militia in Yemen as the clandestine shipments continue despite a UN resolution forbidding it, Gulf News reported.


1988 massacre in Iran

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