People protest against poor road conditions in Iran

NCRI - On Friday October 7, people of Zir’Ab in Savadkuh in the province of Mazandaran (northern Iran) held a gathering and blocked the international road in protest against high number of road accidents in the last two days in the city.

According to reports, two people were killed in the city on Thursday October 6 in an accident involving a truck and a taxi.

Iran: Kurdish youths and students call for condemning the 1988 massacre

NCRI - In a call on Wednesday October 5, a group of youths and students in Kurdestan province (Western Iran), while paying homage to the martyrs of the 1988 massacre and condemning this inhumane crime by the Iranian regime, have pointed to the achievements made in the past two months by the International Movement to Obtain Justice for the Victims of the 1988 Massacre in Iran.

announcing their support for the movement as well as the call by mothers of martyrs and political prisoners in this regard.

Iran: Bipartisan Support of UK Lawmakers and MEPs

 NCRI  - 45 British law makers and MEPs, issued a statement to support the international movement to obtain justice for the victims of the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran, and called for the trial of the perpetrators of this crime against humanity, following is the full text of the statement: 


Massacre of Political Prisoners in Iran in 1988 A newly released audio file of Ayatollah Montrazeri, former successor to Khomeini, in 1988, reveals new evidence about the massacre of more than 30,000 political prisoners in Iran's prisons in the summer of 1988 including women and children and all political prisoners who supported the opposition movement of the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI). 

Iran: protest and workers rallies

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s ailing and sluggish economy has not been able to improve people’s lives even after the nuclear deal and receiving the cash. A fact which can clearly be seen in the spread of protests across different cities in Iran against the regime’s predatory leaders.

According to a report on October 6, the petrochemical contract workers in so-called Bandar-e Khomeini, held a protest rally following  the head of the industrial unit’s continued refusal to implement the unification scheme.

Judiciary of Iran has switched the place of the defendant and the plaintiff

NCRI - Narges Mohammadi: I believe in the way I pursue and I have no regret about the jobs that I did

The deputy of the Human Rights' Advocates, Narges Mohammadi sent a memo from Evin Prison and stressed that she will tolerate the ordeal of prison but she never believes that serving a day in this prison is legal, ethical and humane for her.

Congressional Resolution Addresses Iran’s 1988 Massacre

The news regarding the Islamic Republic’s massacre of more than 30,000 political prisoners attracted the attention of the national and international media outlets.  On October 7, Dr. Majid Rafizadeh, an Iranian-American political scientist and Harvard University scholar, and president of the International American Council wrote about the human rights and political activists who are protesting the lack of legal actions taken by the International Criminal Court (ICC), and the United Nations to hold Iranian leaders accountable. They argue that the international community should prevent this crime from being forgotten, and should be the voice of the victims’ families.

The Minister of Science was impeached due to photo prints of Maryam Rajavi

NCRI - In the wake of Iran's angry reaction to the released images of Maryam Rajavi, the top officials and suppressive organs of the regime also showed their intense fear for such incident. Regarding the case, Maryam Rajavi's Alumni Photo was published in the Journal of the Sharif University of Technology and she has been praised as one of the former students and the honors of this university.

Iran: destroying rural houses in Northern Iran

NCRI - Municipal agents of Aliabad-e Katul in Mazandaran province (Northern Iran) along with a number of law enforcement agents have attempted to destroy the rural houses in ‘Afratakhteh’ village.

The excuse for this vicious measure has been announced to be ‘construction without conforming to the municipal regulations’.

Iran: Army Air Force staff hold a protest rally in Dezful

NCRI - A group of Army Air Force staff in Dezful, Khuzestan (Southern Iran), held a rally on Monday October 3 to protest against the ‘Corruption in the Army’s Housing Co-operative’.

The participants in the rally, who were the personnel of Dezful’s Fourth Air Base, expressed their protest against the regime’s predatory brokers in the cooperative by chanting slogans like “co-operative! Give us our money back!” Theywere also carrying a banner which read “where is our money?”

Protest gathering in Iranian Kurdish region, to dissent the apprehensions of demonstrators

NCRI - The clerical regime’s security forces arrested five protesters and organizers of the rally in Marivan (Kurdistan, western Iran) on Thursday October 6. The names of the arrestees are Siran Khornika, Artin Hassan Zadeh, Bahreh Arefi, Parvin Rezaei, and Adel Rashidi.

The protestors demanded the release of the arrestees and threatened that if they are not released on Friday, they will continue their protests.

Iranian Mullah: Presence of unveiled woman in the street is presence of enemy’s infantry

NCRI - According to state-run Fars news agency on October 6, the reactionary mullah Alam al-Hoda, Friday prayer leader in Mashhad (northeast Iran) in a meeting with commanders of the police and security forces called for more repression against women and girls and said: “The presence of an unveiled or improper veiled woman on the streets should be viewed in your eyes as enemy’s infantry and as the subject of your (suppressive) operations. You cannot be negligent in dealing with this issue otherwise we will be defeated.

Iran: The Pioneering role of The Canadian Parliament

‘Canada Can Lead Global Criticism Of Iran's Human Rights Abuses’, this is the title of an article written by David Kilgour Former member of Canada's House of Commons and Secretary of State published in on October 6. In this article after referring to  the Worst Massacre of Political Prisoners since WWII which was committed by Iran regime in 1988, Kilgour suggests the importance and necessity of taking immiditate next actions, following is the full text:

Why Narrative of "Moderates" versus "Hardliners" within the ranks of the Iran Regime is a Myth?

The Next President Has a Serious Call to Make on Iran Policy

In an article published in on October 6, 2016 Shahriar Kia explains, the disastrous consequences of fallacious appeasement policy towards the religious fascism ruling Iran, and also clarifies why the idea that "moderates" within the ranks of the Iranian regime can be strengthened against "hardliners" is wishful thinking. Following is the full text:

Among the many foreign policy challenges that the next President of the United States will face, Iran will be a prominent one.


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