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Jafarzadeh tells Newsmax TV: Iran regime has no intention of abandoning nuclear program

 Alireza Jafarzadeh of the NCRI speaking on Newsmax TV on June 25, 2015

The Iranian regime does not intend to abandon its nuclear program and has continuously stalled negotiations to buy time while it pursues the development of nuclear weapons, Alireza Jafarzadeh, deputy director of the US Representative Office of the National Council of the Resistance of Iran (NCRI), told Newsmax TV.

The NCRI released a 28-page report Thursday "that looks at the behavior of the Iranian regime during the nuclear talks since it started in 2003 until now, that shows basically there are certain rules governing these negotiations and what Tehran has been pursuing in terms of its objective has been to maintain three red lines," Jafarzadeh told John Bachman in an interview Thuesday on "Newsmax Now."

8 tactics used by Iran regime in nuclear talks

NCRI - The 28-page report published on Thursday by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) on the Iranian regime's deceit tactics and strategies in nuclear negotiations with the world powers shows that Tehran has employed at least eight different tactics to keep its nuclear infrastructure intact for building the bomb.

Here are the highlights:

Main tactics employed by Tehran in negotiations

Senior US lawmaker backs former officials’ criticism of Iran nuclear deal

Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, on Thursday backed a letter by a group of President Barack Obama's former top Iran advisers expressing concern that the administration's nuclear agreement with the Iranian regime is too weak.

Eighteen senior former US officials, including five former top Obama administration officials, signed the open letter on Wednesday. Those senior advisers include former State Department official Robert Einhorn, former White House official Gary Samore, former State Department adviser Dennis Ross and retired Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. James Cartwright.

US lawmakers set 'red lines' in Iran nuclear deal

 Archive photo, nuclear negotiations.

As talks on an Iran nuclear deal enter the final stretch, US lawmakers are sharpening warnings against a "weak" agreement and laying down red lines that, if crossed, could prompt Congress to trip up a carefully crafted international pact, Reuters reported on Thursday.

Several influential lawmakers said they do not want to see any sanctions lifted before Tehran begins complying with a deal, and want a tough verification regime, in which inspectors could visit Iranian facilities anytime and anywhere. They also want the Iranian regime to reveal past military dimensions of its nuclear program, particularly after Secretary of State John Kerry seemed to soften the US stance last week, by saying Tehran would not be pressed on this point.

Patrick J. Kennedy: Iranian society is brimming with calls for regime change

Former US Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy has written in Thursday's edition of The Hill in support of international recognition for the Iranian Resistance.

"On June 13, Iranians supporting the main opposition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), held a major convention in Paris to support democratic change in their homeland. The massive rally drew as many as 100,000 Iranian exiles and hundreds of international political personalities, including dozens of distinguished former US officials from both sides of the aisle," Mr. Kennedy wrote. "Tehran’s lobby abroad spends millions of dollars in an effort to demonize the group internationally and prevent it from receiving political support in western capitals."

New report shows Iran regime's deceit tactics in nuclear talks

Alireza Jafarzadeh, the NCRI-US Deputy Director, unveils on June 25 2015 a major report on the Iranian regime's deceit tactics and strategies in nuclear negotiations with the world powers.

NCRI - The National Council of Resistance of Iran unveiled on Thursday a major report on the Iranian regime's deceit tactics and strategies in nuclear negotiations with the world powers.

The unique report, unveiled by the NCRI's US Representative Office in Washington, reviewed Tehran’s 12 years of negotiations with the EU3 and P5+1. Alireza Jafarzadeh, the NCRI-US Deputy Director, carried out the online briefing.

Ed Royce: Obama making dangerous concessions to Iran regime in nuke deal

 Rep. Ed Royce, Chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee

The Obama Administration is making too many concessions in the ongoing nuclear talks with the Iranian regime, Rep. Ed Royce, Chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, said in a statement on Wednesday.

"The Obama Administration is dropping its bottom-line by the day," Royce said. "These continued concessions only emboldened Iran’s leaders to press for more."

The following is the full text of his statement on the committee website:

Chairman Royce Comments on Dangerous Iran Negotiation Developments

Struan Stevenson: Iran nuke deal could have fatal consequences for world peace

Struan Stevenson

With the deadline for signing an international nuclear deal with the Iranian regime looming on June 30, there is increasing frustration that US President Barack Obama seems to be committing to too many concessions and weakening the West's approach to the regime, former senior European lawmaker Struan Stevenson says.

"Obama has conceded that Iran's expanding ballistic missile programme should be left out of any nuclear deal, despite the fact that they now have missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads and striking targets in Israel, Saudi Arabia or even Europe," Mr. Stevenson, a former President of the European Parliament's Delegation for Relations with Iraq, wrote on Thursday for United Press International (UPI).

French FM: Iran regime not interested in nuclear accord

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Wednesday that declarations from the Iranian regime's leaders appeared not to favour an international deal on the country's nuclear programme.

The regime's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Tuesday ruled out freezing sensitive nuclear work in the country for a long time and said sanctions imposed on it should be lifted as soon it reaches a final deal with major powers, state TV reported.

"France wants a deal but wants the deal to be robust, a good deal, but not a bad deal," Fabius said at a news conference alongside Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir.

EU: No progress made on human rights in Iran in 2014

NCRI - The European Union has criticized the state of human rights in Iran under Hassan Rouhani, in its annual report published this week.

The EU Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World in 2014, released on Monday, said that in Iran “no progress on human rights was made in 2014.”

“A lack of fundamental freedoms and violations of basic human rights including women's rights, in contravention of Iran’s international obligations, continued to be observed,” the report said.

To end the nuclear crisis, stop appeasing Iran’s mullahs

The people of Iran don’t want nuclear weapons. The mullahs’ nuclear proliferation has brought them nothing but economic devastation and regional insecurity and the bomb would only strengthen the rule of their fundamentalist dictators. The world community is united in its opposition to a nuclear-armed regime in Iran. Despite the global consensus, one policy misjudgment by the Obama administration can lead the region to deeper crises.

Syria ‘on brink of economic collapse'

NCRI - Syria is heading towards economic collapse after four years of war, British think-tank Chatham House has warned.

The Syrian pound has lost 80 per cent of its value and inflation has averaged 51 per cent, the group said on Tuesday in a report entitled "Syria’s Economy: Picking up the Pieces."

The think-tank said Syria’s economy has contracted by more than 50 per cent in real terms since 2011, with the biggest losses in output coming in the energy and manufacturing sectors.

NCRI to release detailed report on Iran regime’s deception in nuclear talks

 The NCRI has revealed the Iranian regime's nuclear weapons projects

On Thursday, the U.S. Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, will hold an online press conference to release a detailed report on how in every phase of the nuclear negotiations with the West, the Iranian regime has employed different tactics to ensure that its nuclear infrastructure remains intact and Iran is able to accomplish its objective: building the Bomb.

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