Ambassadors' Visit to Notorious Evin Prison, Criticized by Two of the Female Prisoners

NCRI - Two of Evin’s female inmates have asked foreign countries’ ambassadors not to partner with Iranian regime officials in their efforts to present a false good-looking image of Iranian regime’s prisons and prisoners.

Jordanian Daily: The Iranian Regime Is Actually Other Side of ISIS Coin

NCRI - The Jordanian daily Al-Raay has written: "Perhaps one of the rare incidents is that the interests of the vast majority of the Iranian people meet the interests of the Arabs, and that is the need to overthrow the clerical regime”. This newspaper has added: “The Iranian regime is in fact the other side of ISIS coin, which uses religion and Devine belief as a policy for a police state”.

Rouhani's Deputy Attributed the Banks Depositors' Protests to Anti-Revolutionary Media

NCRI - Parliamentary Deputy of the Iranian regime’s president, Hossein Ali Amiri, in a conversation with Fars News Agency, affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, warned protesting banks depositors, who are the victim of the fraud and raids of thousands of banks and financial institutions of the regime, "Do not make advertising food for the alien media”.

Iran Ripe for Regime Change Two Years After Nuclear Deal - NY Daily News Op-Ed

Two years after the Iran nuclear deal, internal moderation of the mullahs' regime has proven elusive, and Tehran has shown no aptitude to reform from within, argues Professor Ivan Sasha Sheehan of the University of Baltimore.

In an opinion piece for the New York Daily News on Friday, July 14, Prof Sheehan wrote:

It's Right to Support Regime Change from Within in Iran

Professor Raymond Tanter argues that a new Iran policy is likely under the Trump administration: regime change from within, with pro-democracy Iranian oppositionists as core of a new policy.

Professor Tanter served as a senior member on the Middle East Desk of the US National Security Council staff in the Reagan-Bush administration, Personal Representative of the US Secretary of Defense to international security and arms control talks in Europe, and is now Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan.

The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development: 33% of Iran's Population Below the Poverty Line

NCRI - According to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, 33% of Iran's population lives under the poverty line.

On July 12, 2017, Tasnim News affiliated with the terrorist Qods Force, reported from the website of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, writing that, "33% of Iran's population lives under poverty line."

The Member of the Syrian National Coalition: We Have to Expel the Iran Regime from Syria

NCRI - A member of the political forces of the Revolutionary Guards and the Syrian Opposition claim that they have called on the U.S. to discharge the militants of the Iran regime not only from south of Syria but also from all over the country.

Yaser Farhan in an interview with al-Arabia TV on June 12, 2017, stated:

Iran Regime's Parliamentary Security Commission: Big Banks Do Not Deal with Iran

NCRI - The security commission of Iran regime’s parliament in its second six-month report on Wednesday, June 12, 2017, on the implementation process of JCPOA announced: “Big banks are not dealing with Iran because of fears of the US sanctions.”

Iran Regime's Belligerence Needs to Be Put to an End

NCRI - A few months ago, United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson gave certification that Iran was complying with the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal. The certification is required every 90 days and it will soon be time for the next one.

His predecessor, John Kerry, rubber stamped the certification but the current Secretary of State is hopefully going to take the opportunity to act. If he speaks up about Iran’s belligerence and its numerous violations of the deal it will pave the way for Congress to act.

Iran Regime's Official "Proud" of Role in 1988 Massacre

NCRI - Earlier this month, a senior judicial official in the Iranian regime has publicly tried to justify the state’s execution of tens of thousands of political prisoners during the eighties.

In an interview with a state news agency affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), the official - Judge Ali Razini, the head of Branch 41 of the Supreme Court – said that the execution of prisoners in 1988 in what has been named the 1988 massacre was “fair” and “lawful”.

US Senators Call for Secretary of State to Deny Iran Regime Compliance with the Nuclear Deal

NCRI -  Several months ago, United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson certified that Iranian regime was complying with the terms of the nuclear deal. Tillerson is required to verify Iran’s compliance every 90 days. In April he declared that Iran was complying with the deal and stated that sanctions relief was essential for the national security interests of the country. Many other officials in the Trump administration disagreed with this.

Trump and Macron Can Transform Mideast Starting With Iran - Newsmax Op-Ed

NCRI - The myriad of crimes of the Assad regime in Syria would have come to an end years ago, if not for the fact the regime is propped up from outside by direct intervention of the Iranian regime, writes Prof Raymond Tanter.

Iran: Iran Regime's Brutal Suppression of Defenseless People

According to reports, Iranian police forces in the city of Ahvaz (southwestern Iran) have arrested members of a family because of so called lack of "official" land titles, and have completely demolished their home on Tuesday, July 11, 2017.



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