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Breaking News: Justice prevails for Iranian Resistance in France

Justice prevailed; collaboration to demonize defeated; and legitimacy of Iranian Resistance proved

The suppression of Iranian Resistance distracted attentions from real terrorism and offered the best opportunity to the fundamentalists

Yesterday (Tuesday, September 16), the counterterrorism investigative judge of Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered an end to prosecution of an infamous dossier that had been opened 14 years ago against the Iranian Resistance in a deal with the mullahs’ regime and permanently closed the file.


Iran: IRGC member killed in Syria

NCRI - A member of the Iranian regime's Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) buried on Tuesday (September 16, 2014) in city of Shahrud in Iran, state-run news outlets reported.


UNSC: Sanctions against Iranian regime remains fully in effect

The United Nations sanctions against the Iranian regime will remain fully in effect and only a decision by the Security Council could change that, the acting president of the council said on Monday.

Ms Rosemary DiCarlo, US Deputy Representative to the United Nations and acting president of the UN Security Council made the remarks in a UNSC meeting held on Monday in New York to hear a briefing on the activities of "Iran Sanctions Committee" based on the resolution 1737 adopted in 2006.


Feared paramilitary gangs to patrol Iran's cities in 'veiling and dress-code' clampdown

NCRI - The Iranian regime is to deploy a feared paramilitary group onto the streets to clamp down on improperly veiled women and youths violating the dress code enforced by the regime.


Shunned Iranian regime brands Paris conference on fighting IS as 'just for show'

The Iranian regime has branded an international conference in Paris on fighting the Islamic State group as 'just for show' after being banned from attending the event.

The regime was not invited to the high-level meeting in Paris on Monday September 15th for an international strategy summit on how to combat ISIS.


Iran: Prisoners hanged in Qom and Uromiyeh cities

NCRI - As the wave of executions in Iran continue unabated under Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian regime henchmen hanged a prisoner in city of Qum on Tuesday. Another prisoner was hanged in city of Uromiyeh in north western Iran on Monday.


Iran: UN report on mullahs human rights abuses angers regime

The Iranian regime has branded the annual United Nations report on the human rights abuses, soaring executions and press censorship in Iran as 'biased and unjust'.

Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior aide to the Supreme Leader, said the report by UN chief Ban Ki-Moon was prepared 'without any research, investigation and discussion with Iranian officials', adding: "This is an indication of standing against the Iranian government."


P5+1 and, Iranian regime remain "far apart" on nuclear issue

The permanent five members of the UN Security Council plus Germany remain "far apart" on core issues in nuclear talks with the Iranian regime, including size and scope of uranium enrichment capacity, chief U.S. negotiator said.

Under-Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman said: "I fully expect in the days ahead that Iran will try to convince the world that on this pivotal matter, the status quo, or its equivalent, should be acceptable."


U.N. nuclear chief pressures Iranian regime on bomb concerns

The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog sought to put pressure on the Iranian regime on Monday to address concerns about its atomic bomb research, three weeks after Tehran failed to meet a deadline for providing information about the issue.

Director General Yukiya Amano said that the Iranian regime had not carried out two of the five transparency steps it had agreed to implement by Aug. 25.


Iranian regime reaffirms support for Syrian dictator

The Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) reaffirmed support for the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, as U.S. decides to supports moderate Syrian opposition forces.

IRGC Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said on Tuesday that “support of the Syrian regime will continue” and “we strongly condemn this move by the U.S. which we see as an aggressive and bullying posture.”


France opens conference urging "global" fight on ISIS

French President Francois Hollande called on Monday for united international action to tackle the threat from ISIS as he opened a conference on Iraq bringing together members of a coalition to fight the group.

"What is the threat" the French leader said as he opened the one-day meeting of officials from some 30 states in Paris.


Iran: Music by late NCRI member provokes wrath of authorities

The performance of works by the late Iranian composer Emad Ram in a Teheran concert hall has provoked the wrath of the mullahs. The great Iranian artist, who died in Germany in 2003, was a member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

His works were performed in a Teheran concert hall on 3 and 4 September 2014.


John Kerry: Threat posed by the Iranian regime is bigger than of ISIS

In an interview with Fox News U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that the Iranian regime with its nuclear program presents a threat that is bigger than the kind of threat that ISIS presents.