Below are a list of some events that we have co-sponsored featuring the Resistance movement's key international supporters:


Madrid, Spain December 19, 2012 Iran Opposition Leader Maryam Rajavi Visits Spain - 2012
Paris, France November 17, 2012 Iran - PMOI Delisting and Prospect of Change in 2013
New York, US September 26, 2012 Rally against Presence of Ahmadinejad in New York, United Nations
Washington D.C., US August 25, 2012 Bi-Partisan Panel lauds Iranian dissidents in Iraq, urges Secretary Clinton to de-list the Iranian opposition

Paris, France

June 23 2012

Paris Gathering
Brussels, Belgium June 6, 2012 Statement on Ashraf and Liberty
Washington D.C., US May 30, 2012 Current and former Officials and Lawmakers Demand Improvements at Camp Liberty in Iraq
Washington D.C., US May 15, 2012 Senator Roy Blunt Opens panel where senior former military, state department, and judiciary officials slam claim Iranian dissident camp could hold weapons, call for delisting the group
Washington D.C., US April 6, 2012

Former US Officials Say They Will Not be Intimidated or Silenced

Paris, France March 24, 2012

International Conference in Paris - Ashraf Residents and Obligations of the International Community

Paris, France March 10, 2012 Women's equality activists support women's uprisings in Arab world and women of Iranian resistance in camps Ashraf and Liberty

London, UK

February 25, 2012 London conference highlights deficiency of camp Liberty despite UN approval; UK parliamentarians call for investigation on lack of humanitarian standards in camp Liberty
Washington D.C., US February 25, 2012 Former US officials urge formation of commission of inquiry about conditions at camp Liberty, Iraq, where hundreds of Iranian dissidents have relocated
New York, US February 11, 2012 Bipartisan group of US leaders calls on State Department to remove Iranian dissidents from terror list and urges UN to protect them
Paris, France February 11, 2012 Conference on the Anniversary of Anti-Monarchy Revolution
Brussels, Belgium February 7, 2012 International Conference at the European Parliament in Brussels
Paris, France January 20, 2012 International Conference in Paris
Paris, France January 6, 2012 Paris International Conference – Ashraf Crisis