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Brief des Exiliraners Javdan an den Chefredakteur von „DIE ZEIT“

Dear Mr. Dilorenzo
My name is Mussa Javdan. My parents came to Norway in 1984 as political refugees and I was raised and went to school in Norway with my sister. Currently I live in Italy. I was informed from the statement belonging to ( ISJ) that some Iran lobby journalist named Luisa Hommerich, who also wrote some articles based on lies in Spiegel, and was condemned by the German/Hamburg court is planning to write a new article based on lies about the peoples Mojahedin organization of Iran ,this time throw your paper. Luisa Hommerich is famous in the Iranian community for being a close friend with the Mullahs in Iran. It seems that her new article is referring to the children of the People mujahedin organization of Iran. She may argue as many other websites on the internet belonging to the Iranian regime, that the children were forced into Iraq and were kept as prisoners in the Ashraf camp in Iraq during their stay.
I belong to the so called the “children of Mujahedin”
As I mentioned my parents belonged to the Iranian opposition group the people’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran and came to Norway as refugees. After I while my parent decided to join the organization and went to Iraq, the neighbor country of Iran. Me and my sister stayed in Norway for our education.
After many years that I had not seen my family I decided to visit him and my mother who was currently in Iraq. My sister however did not join me.
Well I was not the only one who decided to do that, there were several people from different countries that also decided to do that and I met and spent time with them in Iraq as well, and we became close friends. I have to mention that I did spent t a lot of time with my parents and I was free to see them whenever I wished. During my stay in Iraq with the other people from other countries, I never got the impression that anyone had come here against their own will. I am absolutely sure that no one was forced to do anything against their own will and could leave and travel at any time. Very important to mention is that after 2003 when the Americans occupied Iraq, camp Ashraf was under the control of the American forces. In several occasions we were asked by the Americans to leave the camp and return to the countries, in my case to Norway were I came from. So in any case blaming that we were forced to stay in camp Ashraf under the control of the coalition forces is totally nonsense. The same regulations took place when the Iraqi forces took over.
Because of the close relation between me and the other people coming abroad to camp Ashraf, I am absolutely convinced that the accusation made by Luisa Hommerich about the children of Mujahedin are absolutely false.
In year 2011 I was injured in an attack made by the Iranian regime forces on camp Ashraf. Then I became a Visa from the Italian embassy for treatment in Italy and traveled and stayed there. I have to inform you that I am in constant contact with my parents in Albania and I have visited them several times and are free to do so whenever I want to.
Has it never appeared for Luisa Hommerich that my sister a Norwegian citizen never went to camp Ashraf with me. And why did not Germany accepted hundreds of their own refugees in Camp Ashraf when they wanted to come back to Germany.
I hereby want to mention that the Iranian Intelligence service in mission to discredit their opposition through lobby journalists is targeting your paper. Luisa Hommerich, a famous Iran lobby who also was condemned by the German court for her lies is trying to infiltrate your newspaper to satisfy her masters in Teheran. Do not let her use your newspaper in favor of the Iranian intelligent services.
Best regards Javdan