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Egyptian activists call on UN, U.S. to act to free seven Camp Ashraf hostages

NCRI – A group of former members of the Egyptian lawmakers and human rights activists have condemned the “atrocious massacre” of members of the People’s Mojaheding Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

They also called on the United Nations and the U.S. to act to secure the release of seven residents taken hostage by the Iraqi forces on September 1.

“In the strongest terms we condemn the atrocious massacre of innocent people in Camp Ashraf who are protected persons. We impel the U.S. government and United Nations to intervene immediately to secure release of the abducted hostages and warn government of Iraq on consequences of extraditing these hostages to the regime in Tehran,” the joint statement said.

“We voice our complete support for the call of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, to U.S. and UN regarding the need for their immediate measures to free the seven hostages and provide protection to Camp Liberty residents by deploying UN Blue Helmets in this camp.

“We further emphasize on the need to bring the assassins and those in Tehran and Baghdad who are behind them to the International Criminal Court (ICC) of The Hague for committing this crime and demand their just punishment for atrocities that are a shame to humanity.”

Mostafa Hamoudeh, Tareq Sahri, Sameh Fozi, Saleh al-Saegh, Aldolfattah Hussein, Awad al-Jebali, Ahmed al-Sharif, and Muhammad Amareh, are among the signatories.

Hanan Mahmoud Halab from International Arabic Council of Human Rights and Najib Jebrail of Egypt’s Human Rights Union also joined the former lawmakers in condemning the massacre in Camp Ashraf


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