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  Iran: Prisoners Forced to Vote in Sham Elections

Following the Iranian regime’s series of fraud measures and vote riggings, prison authorities across the country are forcing inmates to vote in this sham elections.

Peyman Khanzadeh, deputy warden of Urmia Central Prison in northwest Iran, announced through the prison loudspeakers that all inmates’ participation in the elections is mandatory and any individual refusing to cooperate will be deprived of family visits for three months. He also pressured those inmates lacking any identification papers to call their families to bring their necessary documents to the prison for them.

Authorities in Diesel Abad Prison of Kermanshah, western Iran, have threatened to ban any family visits for a period of one month against those inmates refusing to vote.

On May 17th Ali Asghar Jahangir, chief of Iran’s Prisons Organization said, “Ballot boxes will be brought to prisons and inmates possessing their ID documents can place their votes.” (Hamshahri daily – May 17, 2017)

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 19, 2017