The Vice-President of the European Parliament and the president of the International Committee in Search of Justice has warned Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei and regime's president Rouhani that their end is near and the West will not rest the dictatorships in Tehran and in Baghdad until they are toppled.

Alejo Vidal-Quadras also hailed the Iranian resistance under the leadership of Maryam Rajavi as the reference for a tolerant and democratic Islam in the Middle East.

He also said that with the United States sending 300 advisors to Iraq, the US no longer had any excuse not to prevent another attack on Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty, near Baghdad.

He told a gathering of Iranians in Paris on June 27: "The international community and in particular the government of the United States, the United Nations, the European Commission and the member states of the European Union are in part responsible for the suppressive measures at Camp Ashraf and Liberty which have lead to the loss of 136 lives.

"The monitoring of Camp Liberty was supposed to be 24 hours a day, seven days of the week, But the UNHCR left the camp on June 12, and UNAMI on June 15 and have not returned and left the residents to the wolves.

"It is over ten days now that the Iraqi forces supposed to protect the camp have turned their machine guns towards the residents. At the request of the Iranian regime there is a plan that when the tribes approach Baghdad Camp Liberty residents are to be attacked. Logistics and force have been prepared for this purpose."

He said the Iraqi people's uprising had now destroyed Iran's 11 years of plots and meddling in Iraq and prime minister Nouri al-Maliki's army had 'melted'.

But he said those rising up against al-Maliki were not members of the terror group ISIS but freedom-loving Iraqis who want a democratic government chosen by the people, and for the people.

He added: "As Mrs Rajavi has repeatedly stated, Iraq is Iran's most important springboard to the Islamic world. Democracy in Iraq triggers the elimination of fundamentalism. This is a historic test for the West to have either democracy in the Middle East by helping Iraqi people, or keep silent and help Maliki and allow the mullahs of Iran to drag the world into crisis and war and Iraq to disaster."

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