NCRI - The 3,000 Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty are 'stranded' In Iraq because of the broken promises of the United States, former new York mayor Rudy Guiliani has told a conference in Paris.

He branded Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki a 'dictator, a murderer, a killer and a client of Iran' and said the only solution to the crisis at Camp Liberty and the bloodshed in Iraq is the topple the religious dictatorship in Iran.

He told delegates at the June 27 event: "At the core of all of these problems is the regime in Iran. It should be changed, it must be changed."

The best alternative to the mullahs in Tehran is the MEK (PMOI) under the leadership of Maryam Rajavi, which stands for 'democracy, freedom, human rights and the rights of women', he said.

Mr Guiliani added: "What is happening in Iraq is no surprise. It amazes me that people are saying they didn't know about ISIS, they didn't know about the influences that were taking place in Iraq, that they didn't know Maliki had become a client of Iran.

"Just like he killed our people, your people, our people, just like Maliki killed them at Ashraf and Liberty he also kills his own people. He's attempted to wipe out huge, huge amounts of the Sunni population, of the Kurds, and the people who oppose him. He is a dictator, a murderer, a killer and a client of Iran.

"How can we possibly seek to engage Iran in trying to solve the problem of Iraq? How absurd, how stupid is that? Iran has solved the problem of Iraq, for Iran. They have Maliki, that's their solution."

He said Iran now wanted to 'cheat the West' into believing it needed a nuclear program to meet its energy needs, just as it did under negotiations lead by President Hassan Rouhani in 2003 and 2005, and who had now 'bragged' about fooling the rest of the world in his memoirs.

He added: "So let's tell the world what's going on inside Iran right now, under the reformer. More oppression than even when Ahmadinejad was there. More executions than even when Ahmadinejad was there.

"They know that dictatorship, oppressive murdering dictatorship like the theocracy in Iran are always resting on a very, very, very thin reed, always right on the precipice of being overthrown. They know that because they know what's going on inside Iran and they're killing people for two reasons, to make sure the people of Iran don't get the wrong message and start to believe that Rouhani is a reformer.

"Apparently they've been able to convince the administration in my country that he's a reformer. Apparently they've been able to convince parts of Europe that he's a reformer. But they want to make sure the people of Iran don't make that mistake. They want the people of Iran to know he's as big a murderer, as big a killer, as big an executioner as you've ever had in Iran."

He said as long as Supreme Leader Ali Khameni and Hassan Rouhani are in power, Iran can not be trusted with a nuclear capacity, and any negotiation with Iran should not give up the principle of regime change in Iran as 'ultimately the only solution'.

He said the US and the UN should 'ashamed' of themselves for abandoning the residents of Camp Liberty and the Iraqis holding them there are 'war criminals'.

He added: "I wish my country would not continue to dishonor itself by having promised you freedom and protection and denied it to you.

"But there is one person who feels it every minute of every hour of every day. She is a great woman. And when the history of your country is written, Madame Rajavi will be known as the great liberator of Iran."

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