Maryam Rajavi: I call on all Muslims to strongly condemn terrorist crimes at Paris 14 November 2015

Maryam Rajavi: I call on all Muslims to strongly condemn terrorist crimes at Paris 14 November 2015

On behalf of the Iranian people and Resistance for freedom and democracy, I strongly condemn the terrorist attacks and massacre of defenseless people in Paris. I extend my condolences to the French President, government and people, on these attacks which are true examples of crime against humanity. I express my sympathies to the families of the victims. Today, our hearts bleed for the French nation. The people of Iran can deeply feel the bitterness of these crimes. They understand the feelings of the French people in these difficult moments and share your grief, since for 37 years they have been suffering under the religious and terrorist dictatorship which is the Godfather of ISIS. Today, the conscience of humanity is in shock and disbelief for how such crimes could be committed in the name of God and in the name of religion. Fundamentalism under the name of Islam has nothing to do with this religion, whether it is under the pretext of Shiite extremism and religious tyranny of velayat-e faqih or under the pretext of Sunni and by the name of Daesh (or ISIS). Such anti-human crimes have nothing to do with Islam and such evil is the enemy of peace and mankind wherever it be. Crimes committed by the religious fascism ruling Iran, including 120.000 political executions hostage-taking and export of terrorism has nothing to do with Islam and Iranian people. For this reason, I call on all Muslims to strongly condemn this crime and do not allow the conduct of these criminal terrorists be accounted for Islam and Muslims. I also call on you to stand firm to such extremism which is against the true teachings of Islam. The Assad regime in Syria and its prime sponsor, namely the mullah regime ruling Iran, are the main source of social and political backing for ISIS, by their killing of 300,000 innocent people and by forcing more than half of the Syrian population out of their land. As long as this dictatorship rules in Damascus with the backing of the religious fascism ruling Iran, ISIS will continue to survive and export its bloodbaths from the Middle East to Europe. At the same time, Iran's ruling mullahs who are the first to benefit from these crimes, brazenly blame the French government for these attacks. Based on what they published today in the official news agency of the IRGC, their demand is for France to give up its firmness against Assad dictatorship in light of the November 13th massacre and instead "coordinate its efforts with Islamic countries", namely the Tehran mullahs. In such circumstances, it is ever more necessary for France to persist on the removal of Bashar Assad from power and be ever more decisive in resolving the Syrian crisis. Experience has shown that the most effective and the only principled and correct method of dealing with terrorists is to be decisive. My most sincere sympathies to the people of France and my heartfelt prayers for the recovery of the injured.

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