Iran: More Than 90% of the Detainees Are Under the Age of 25

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Iran Uprising -No. 25

IRGC Brigadier Hossein Zolfaghari, the security deputy of the Interior Ministry, threatened protesters on Monday, January 1st to reinforce more control, acknowledging that more than 90 percent of the detainees are youths and teenagers with an average age of under 25. ILNA, the state news agency, wrote on January 1st that by Sunday law enforcement and judicial authorities had reported more than 400 people were arrested during recent protests.

According to preliminary reports, the number of detainees amounted to 1,000 by Sunday, December 31. In addition, on Sunday night, IRGC forces and plainclothes mercenaries arrested a large number of people and youth in Mashhad. Earlier, a number of people were also arrested in Qazvin and Qaemshahr.

Regime’s intelligence agents arrested two young brothers on Monday afternoon in a raid on their home in the village of Konjedjan of Golpayegan. The mercenaries also beat their mother when arresting them. Four of the repressive forces who participated in arresting these two young brothers were IRGC Capt. Morteza Salami-Far, chief of Golshahr Police Station; IRGC sergeant Abbas Khalili; IRGC Lieutenant Davoud Talari; and IRGC Capt. Seddiq, Director of Intelligence and Security of Golpayegan. On the same day in Tabriz, the IRGC criminal guards also arrested a young girl in demonstration.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 2, 2018