Faleh Fayyad steps up inhumane siege on Camp Liberty

Camp Liberty under heavy attack – No. 13 

Following the missile attack, the suppression committee under Faleh Fayyad intensifies antihuman siege on Camp Liberty
Hampering entry of food, obstructing discharge of black water tanks, preventing entry of basic repair items

Lethal attack on Camp Liberty: 23 dead, $10 million in damages, destruction of large sections of the camp Iranian Resistance had warned U.S. and UN dozens of times of a new bloodbath

At 7:40 pm on Thursday, October 29, Camp Liberty was targeted by a barrage of 80 rockets of various kinds resulting in loss of life of 23 residents.

Missile attack on Camp Liberty left craters between 4 and 7 meters wide

Camp Liberty under heavy attack – No. 10

Missile attack created craters between 4 and 7 meters wide in Camp Liberty

TIMELINE: Camp Liberty under heavy attack - IRAN, IRAQ, PMOI, MEK

Maryam Rajavi: Religious dictatorship ruling Iran cannot save itself by committing a crime against humanity at Camp Liberty

The Iranian Resistance's President-elect Maryam Rajavi hailed the martyrs and those injured in the October 29 missile attack on Camp Liberty, describing them as symbols of admirable persistence of the people of Iran in their struggle to overthrow the mullahs' religious fascism and achieve freedom.

Obstructing entry of basic needs and contractors to Camp Liberty for imperative repairs

On Wednesday, October 21, 2015, Major Ahmed Khozair, an agent from the Governmental Committee tasked to suppress Camp Liberty residents, once again in the recent weeks, prevented entry of residents’ basic needs, supplies, and items needed for maintenance and repair of camp’s infrastructures, etc returning them from camp’s gate.

Basic supplies, repair and maintenance items blocked from entering Camp Liberty

In an unlawful act, on Wednesday, September 30, Iraqi agents once again prevented entry of repair and maintenance items for Camp Liberty infrastructure. These forces that were carrying out orders of the Governmental Committee tasked to suppress Camp Liberty residents that functions under Faleh Fayyad also prevented basic supplies of residents from getting to the camp returning them from the camp’s entrance. Some of these items were stationeries, clothing, nylon table covers, welding electrodes to repair worn out black water tanks, and simple electrical items such as plugs, cables…

Bogus information being pumped against PMOI in Camp Liberty

Pumping fabricated information and reports against PMOI in Camp Liberty to tighten the siege and suppression and to disrupt transfer out of Iraq

According to reports received from inside Iran, the Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry (MOIS) has in recent weeks ramped up the pumping of fabricated information against the PMOI and Camp Liberty residents.

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Scenes of Oct 29, 2015 Camp Liberty missile attack + aftermath (Iran, Iraq, PMOI, MEK)