Camp Liberty siege, obstructing entry of clothes; breach of Memorandum of Understanding between UN and Iraq

Camp Liberty

Call for putting an end to violations of the MoU that the US and the EU had supported and guaranteed

On Thursday, August 20, 2015, Iraqi forces associated with the governmental committee tasked to suppress the Camp Liberty residents that is controlled by Iraqi National Security Advisor Faleh Fayyad obstructed the entry of clothes bought by the residents into Camp Liberty. The Iraqi agents stated that they have been ordered to prevent clothes from entering the camp. They stalled the vehicle carrying the clothes and returned it after a few hours without even inspecting the vehicle. The residents had informed UNAMI in advance of the purchase of the clothes and their delivery to Camp Liberty.

Camp Liberty: Preventing necessary surgery of 8 ill asylum seekers

Camp Liberty

Third week that residents’ purchased necessary items are prohibited from entry

At the behest of the Iranian regime, the committee tasked with suppressing Camp Liberty residents led by Faleh Fayyaz in the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office has intensified its suppressive policies and inhumane restrictions against Camp Liberty residents.

On Sunday, August 16, upon the orders of the ‘suppression committee’, Iraqi agents prevented four patients from attending their long-awaited eye surgery appointments in a hospital in Baghdad. The surgery appointments of these four patients have to this date been cancelled several times due to the Iraqi forces’ obstructions.

IRAQ: Faleh Fayyad committee intensifies Camp Liberty siege

NCRI - Iraqi committee chaired by Faleh Fayyad intensifies siege and inhumane pressures against the residents of Camp Liberty located near Baghdad international airport that houses Iranian opposition members.

On Monday August 10, for the fourth day, Iraqi forces prevented the entry of basic living needs and logistical items to Liberty and returned those items.

PMOI member passes away in Albania. He is the 26th martyr of medical blockade

Mohammad Hadi Taali

Mohammad Hadi Taali passed away in Albania. Before being transferred to Albania he was residing in Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty in Iraq where his health deteriorated due to inhumane medical blockade.

He is the 26th PMOI member that has lost his life due to medical blockade imposed on Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty residents.

  • Dozens of letters by Hadi Taali and residents’ representatives to UN and U.S. officials, Camp Liberty Daily Reports, and the criminal role of Iraqi forces in hindering his treatment and preventing his transfer to Erbil
  • Call on U.S. and UN by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi to bring Liberty’s antihuman siege to an end

VIDEO - Iraq: Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty face excruciating conditions

Extreme heat, worn out electric generators, electricity crisis and disruption of public services in Camp Liberty

Call for ending the inhumane siege on Camp Liberty

NCRI - The siege and inhumane restrictions imposed on Camp Liberty and the recent heat wave in Iraq, which has made it among the hottest places on earth, has the Camp Liberty residents facing excruciating conditions and major problems.

Iraqi forces continue denying Camp Liberty Iranians food, fuel and services in Ramadan

In 50 degrees Celsius heat of Ramadhan, on the orders of Faleh Fayyad, Iraqi forces prevented entry of food, fuel and septic trucks to Camp Liberty

NCRI - For the third consecutive day, the Iraqi national security advisor Faleh Fayyad, in charge of the committee to suppress the Iranian opposition in Ashraf and Liberty, has prevented entry of food, fuel and septic trucks to Camp Liberty at behest of the Iranian regime.

The criminal and anti-human measure in the 50 degrees Celsius heat in the fasting month of Ramadhan, depriving Liberty from food and fuel takes place while the government of Iraq has announced Thursday a holiday due to intense heat.

NCRI statement on Camp Liberty, Iraq

On the orders of Faleh Fayaz, Iraqi forces prevent entry of food, fuel and septic tankers in Camp Liberty under 50°C heat on Tuesday/Wednesday during Ramadan

Despite the scorching heat which has forced the Iraqi government to declare that this coming Thursday all state institutions will be shut down, in an attempt to torment Camp Liberty residents, Iraqi forces at Gate 4 of Baghdad International Airport on Tuesday and Wednesday (July 14-15) prevented the entry of diesel fuel, petrol and septic tankers and food trucks into the camp.

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