Iran regime embassy and Iraqi Committee measures to psychologically torture PMOI member, Camp Liberty residents

NCRI - On April 14 and 21, 2015, the Iraqi Governmental Committee at Iraqi Prime Ministry tasked to suppress residents of Camp Liberty took Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) and terrorist Qods Force agents to the camp under the pretext of residents’ families. The travel of these agents to Iraq and their stay has been arranged by regime’s embassy in Baghdad.

IRAQ: Iran regime intelligence hirelings taken to Camp Liberty police station

This measure has been carried out in two consecutive weeks by mullahs’ regime embassy and agents of Iraqi suppressive Committee

NCRI - On Tuesday, 21 April 2015, for the second consecutive week, agents of the Iraqi Committee tasked to suppress Ashraf took a number of agents of Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) and the terrorist Qods Force to the police station of Camp Liberty under the pretext of camp residents’ families. These agents whose travel to and residence in Iraq have been organized by regime’s embassy in Baghdad had to go through several checkpoints to get to Camp Liberty that could have only been managed through the assistance of Iraqi security forces.

IRAQ: 25th member of Iranian opposition PMOI (MEK) dies due to medical blockade

Mr. Jalal Abedini is the 25th PMOI member that loses his life due to the medical blockade. Numerous requests for his transfer had been sent in the list of patients to various countries, including Finland and Britain, as well as the lists of patients sent to Ms. Jane Lute, representative of UN Secretary-General.

Call by Mrs. Rajavi on the United States and the United Nations for swift action to end the medical blockade which is a clear case of crime against humanity.

NCRI - Friday afternoon, 17 April 2015, Mr. Jalal Abedini, a Camp Liberty resident, lost his life following a 6-hour-long surgery in a hospital in Baghdad due to an anti-human medical blockade and lack of free access to hospital and medical services and delay in treatment and surgery.

Critically Camp Liberty patient needs urgent transfer to Britain

NCRI - Mr. Jalal Seyed Abedini, 58, a Camp Liberty resident and a refugee of Britain that has been in the several list of Liberty patients to be transferred out of Iraq, underwent an urgent abdominal surgery on April 15 for a 20 cm tumor in his intestine and is currently in critical condition. He has also been suffering from an eye disease for many years and is living on just one kidney.

Iraqi agents continue to obstruct burial of Iranian dissident who died 70 days ago

NCRI - Agents under the command of Iraq's National Security Advisor Faleh Fayyad continue to prevent the handover of the body of Mr. Ali Salari and his burial. The administrative and legal processes have been completed, but the stonewalling by Iraqi agents has prevented the burial up till now. Ali Salari lost his life 70 days ago due to the medical blockade imposed on this refugee camp by the Iraqi elements of the Iranian regime. This is a camp of Iranians opposed to the Iranian regime.

Refusing to handover the bodies of the martyrs or preventing their burial and memorial ceremonies is a well-known method employed by the religious fascism ruling Iran that is now being implemented through its Iraqi agents against the Iranian dissidents residing in Iraq.

Iraqi inspector close to Maliki continues holding Iranian dissident hostage

NCRI - While the fourth week of the unlawful detention of Mr. Safar Zakery, a resident of Camp Liberty, on the pretext of a suspicious car accident ends, Nasser Moussavi, the inspector (the investigative judge) of Karkh Court in Baghdad who is a close associate of Maliki is continuing this blatant hostage taking upon absurd pretenses and is placing impractical conditions for release of Mr. Zakery at the behest of the clerical regime.

On Thursday, April 9, after Moussavi interrogated Mr. Safar Zakery in the presence of his lawyers and residents’ legal advisor as Mr. Safar Zakery’s interpreter, Moussavi declared in a decision that as far as the car accident is concerned, the release of Mr. Safar Zakery is made conditional on a bail of 30 million Iraqi Dinars that should be placed by an employee of Government of Iraq that should be a resident of Baghdad.

IRAQ: Illegal detention of Iranian Camp Liberty resident extended for sixth time

Illegal detention of Mr. Zakery while ignoring United Nations documents regarding his status and allowing the Iranian regime to meddle in his case as well as preventing him to undergo a scheduled surgery indicate that this is a case of planned hostage taking

NCRI - In the fourth week of the illegal detention of Mr. Safar Zakery, a Camp Liberty resident, on pretext of a suspicious traffic accident, and following a series of illegal and suspicious measures, the investigative judge Nasser Moussavi extended Mr. Zakery detention for the sixth time deferring the next deliberation until April 14. He is waiting for a reply from mullahs’ regime embassy in Baghdad, which clearly indicates a fresh conspiracy against Mr. Safar Zakery and Camp Liberty residents.

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