NCRI - The Iranian Resistance calls on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Human Rights Council, as well as all international human rights organizations to strongly condemn the execution of prisoner of conscience Mr Mohsen Amir Aslani on charges of “corruption on earth; changing Islam’s principles and secondary laws; and new interpretation of Quran”. It further calls for adoption of binding decisions against the growing number of arbitrary executions by the religious fascism ruling Iran.

Mr. Amir Aslani, 37, who had been in prison since eight years ago, was once sentenced to four years in prison which was later commuted to twenty-eight months. However, as more fabricated charges were brought against him, the head henchman Judge Salavati condemned him to death.

The Iranian regime has refraining from handing over the body of this prisoner to his family through stonewalling and offering contradictory answers to them.

The executions are continuing while Hassan Rouhani, infamous among the Iranian people as 'President of Execution' for his record of over 1,000 executions in a year, is visiting New Yerk to whitewash the regime's crimes.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 25, 2014

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