Iran: 13 Executions in One Day, Including Two Executions in Public and Hand Amputation of Three Inmates in Qom

 The Iranian Resistance calls on all international human rights authorities and organizations, in particular the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, and the reporters on arbitrary executions and torture, to condemn the clerical regime for executions and medieval punishments, such as hand amputation. It also calls on the international community, especially the European Union and the United States, to sanction the mullahs’ regime from committing these brutal punishments. The leaders of the barbarism ruling Iran, who are the disgrace for contemporary humanity, must be rejected from the family of nations and brought to justice.

Iran: Increased Public Executions on the Eve of Moslem Holy Month to Intimidate People

Trying to prevent the public protests by intensifying the atmosphere of terror and intimidation in the society on the eve of the Islamic holy month of Muharram, Iranian regime has increased the public executions in various streets and prisons of the country.

Iranian Resistance Call to Save 25 Youth Prisoners at Death Row

Some of the convicts were less than 18 years old when committing the attributed crime

The Iranian Resistance calls on international authorities, especially the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, and all the defenders of the rights of children and youths to take immediate action to save 25 death row inmates at the youths ward in Ardebil's central prison youth section.

Copper Miners Seeking to Sell Kidneys Is Disgrace for Iran's Mullahs

On August 28 workers of the Chahar-gonbad Copper Complex of Sirjan in central Iran put up a large banner at the site entrance written: “Workers of this copper complex willing to sell kidneys due to poverty.”

Iran: Mass Executions, Death Sentences Continue

Call to condemn Tehran, condition relations on halting executions

The religious dictatorship ruling Iran continues to issue death sentences and carry out executions. The number of prisoners executed in the month of August alone has reached over 50.

Iran: Hunger Striking Prisoners Call on the Iranian People and the International Community to Support Their Justice Seeking Movement

Political prisoners' hunger strike - Number 6

Political prisoners in Gohardasht prison in Karaj called on their fellow citizens to declare their solidarity with their justice seeking move and asked them to help them in standing up against abuses and law breakings in religious despotism ruling Iran. The prisoners, who are now on their 30th day of hunger strike, urged all international human rights bodies and organizations to visit all political prisoners and striking prisoners to work toward securing their rights.

IRAN: On 27th Day of Hunger Strike, Political Prisoners Health Deteriorates Rapidly

The Iranian regime’s authorities in Gohardash Prison continue to deprive nearly two dozen political prisoners of necessary medical care as their health is deteriorating rapidly in the 5th week of their hunger strike.

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