57 Executed in Iran Since the Beginning of July

Maryam Rajavi: The Iranian regime’s stepped up resort to mass executions is a desperate bid to curb social upheavals

International community called to censure criminal executions, reject Tehran’s religious fascist regime

The growing trend of mass executions since the beginning of July which has amounted to at least 57 executions so far is a desperate attempt by the clerical regime to counter the rising wave of public discontent and prevent the spread of popular upheavals by creating an atmosphere of fear and terror.

Iran: Execution of 21 Prisoners, Including a Woman and Two Executions in Public

Whipping a young man in public

The anti-human regime of mullahs sent 21 people to the gallows during the days of 1 to 5 July. At least seven prisoners were hanged on July 5 at Gohardasht Prison in Karaj. Among the executed was Omid Rostami, 28, and Abbas Yusefipur was previously severely beaten by the agents of prison, and was taken to the hospital by the order of Dariush Amiriyan, the interior director of the prison. A number of prisoners were executed on the basis of confessions that were forcefully taken from them under torture. The gathering of the executed families in protest against the execution of their children and their relatives outside Gohardasht Prison was attacked by oppressive forces. Police agents were trying to disperse the victims' families by air firing.

Iran: Transfer of Political Prisoner Ali Moezzi to Ward 8 of Tehran Prison

Call for immediate action for his release

The Iranian resistance calls on all international human rights organizations to take immediate action against making a new case file for the 66-year-old political prisoner Ali Moezzi and for his immediate and unconditional release.

Iran: Regime Terrified of Widespread Social Welcoming of Iranian Resistance Justice Movement

Repressive measures increasing in Tehran & various provinces

Two weeks after failing to engineer Iran’s farce presidential election, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is terrified of the two slogans, “No to murderer, no to demagogue, and “My vote is regime change,” and the subject of seeking justice for the 1988 massacre victims.

Iran: Flogging 20 People in Qazvin Under the Excuse of Breaking Fasting

NCRI - On June 11 the mullahs' regime's henchmen sentenced 20 people to the anti-human punishment of flogging in a summary trial in the mullahs' "special courts". The ruling was implemented on the same day.

Arrests under the excuse of breaking fasting continues in various cities of the country. According to state-run media the number of arrestees in Fars province and in the cities of Qazvin and Urmia amounted to 730. This includes the arrest of 590 people in Fars province under the excuse of breaking fasting and breaking norms, detention of 90 people in Qazvin, and the arrest of 50 in Urimia.

Iran: Mullahs' Plot to Destroy the Traces of the Massacre of 1988

As the movement for justice for martyrs of the massacre of political prisoners inside Iran and at the international level rises up, the clerical regime is trying to destroy the traces of the 1988 massacre. One of these measures is the destruction of mass graves of martyrs in different cities.

In Mashhad a group of 10 henchmen using heavy machinery such as tractors and rollers, destroy mass graves of the PMOI martyrs in Behesht Reza cemetery. Henchmen are deployed in two containers and are working around the clock. By flatening the tombs, they want to make new graves in place so no traces of the mass graves of the martyrs of the 80’s and the massacre of 88 are remained.

 Iran: Mass Executions Immediately After Election Farce

 Nine executions on May 23

The mullahs’ regime in Iran has immediately relaunched its domestic crackdown machine after the election farce, especially through executions and torture in prisons across the country. Ten inmates in the prisons of Tabriz, Zahedan, Ardebil, Kermanshah and Isfahan, and Karaj Central Prison were hanged on May 22 and 23. Nine of these cases were carried out on May 23 alone.

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