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Iran: Assembly of Experts Acknowledges Mullahs’ Lack of Credibility

Elections held solely to strengthen religious dictatorship

Iran’s Assembly of Experts on June 19 issued a statement in response “to doubts regarding people’s role in an Islamic state.” This statement, shedding light on rifts amongst the regime’s ruling elite and an escalating power struggle following last month’s sham presidential election, is an unprecedented acknowledgement of the mullahs’ lack of “legitimacy” and “acceptability,” emphasizing once again that the people’s vote has no credibility in the mullahs’ regime and it’s only purpose is to strengthen the religious dictatorship’s status quo.

This statement, issued under orders from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and signed by Assembly chair Ahmad Jannati, stipulates: “In recent days there have been publications regarding the Islamic state’s ‘legitimacy’ and ‘acceptance,’, and mullahs’ rule (velayat) based on the people’s vote, citing the words of Imam Ali (first Imam of Shia Islam)… these remarks are in contrast and unfit in reference to our religious pillars.”

The mullahs’ regime being forced to issue such a statement shows very well the regime has not only lost all credibility and acceptance amongst the people, it has no integrity amongst clerics unaffiliated to the state and a large portion of its own forces.

“The velayat… leading the people, and impeaching political social rulers are amongst God’s orders, and is not based on the people’s will, opinion or vote,” the statement reads.

“The unprecedented importance of the velayat and leadership of the Islamic people” as the “source of credibility for the Islamic ruling” is emphasized, adding in the mullahs’ Islam “there is no talk of people’s vote, demand and opinion, and of course if the people pledge allegiance (elect) with an individual other than the velayat, it will lack any credibility,” the statement continues.
The Assembly of Experts statement is an emphasis on the fact that the mullahs’ regime is engulfed in crises more than ever before following Khamenei’s failure to engineer the recent presidential election.

Iranian Resistance President-elect Maryam Rajavi emphasized after the election: “Khamenei’s heavy defeat in manipulating election is an indication of an end to the regime. Crisis at the top of the religious fascism will continue until its downfall…”

In such circumstances, and to prevent further repents inside the regime, Khamenei has missioned Jannati to make it crystal clear for all that only the valayet is important here, and elections and people’s votes only bear value when they approve and strengthen the religious dictatorship rule. Through such a measure Khamenei is preparing his apparatus for internal purges.

Considering the fact that the Assembly of Experts has acknowledged the regime’s lack of credibility and acceptance, and the fact that elections are only held to uphold and strengthen this dictatorship, from this day forward there are no further pretexts for foreign parties to provide credibility for the mullahs’ farce elections and recognizing its outcomes. Elections are only a 21st century mask placed on the face of a medieval bloodthirsty dictatorship that must be excluded from the international community.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 20, 2017

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