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Iraqi political parties and personalities support People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI)

NCRI – There has been a new wave of support by political parties as well as political and religious personalities for the PMOI in Iraq and condemnation over the increasing number of plots by the mullahs’ against the PMOI.

The parliamentary fraction, Iraqi Front for National Dialogue, in a statement, described PMOI members as honorable guests in Iraq and said, "We in the National Dialogue Front regard this organization as a friend which shares our goals in establishing a democratic system based on respect for human rights and dignity."

The statement emphasized that in their 20 years of presence in Iraq, the PMOI had never "interfered in Iraq’s affairs; on the contrary, they have remained neutral in the most difficult circumstances." It added, "This organization enjoys the legal status of political asylum in Iraq and the only party seeking to expel the organization from Iraq is the Iranian regime since it views the PMOI as a threat to itself. The Tehran regime seeks to expel this organization from Iraq to have free reign to meddle in Iraq’s affairs."

The statement which has been signed by Dr. Saleh Mutlaq, the fraction’s parliamentary chair, and eight of its members goes on to say, "We therefore regard members of the PMOI as Iraq’s honorable guests and regard it as our duty to support and respect them according to our moral, humane and religious values." The statement also calls on "all national forces of Iraq to support the PMOI and, if the government persists on its stance at present or any other time, prevent any foreign influence on its decisions."

The Vaugurel Socialist Nassiry Party issued a similar statement, declaring, "The members of the PMOI have spent a long time in Iraq and, quite contrary to the rumors spread by the Iranian regime against them, there are no documents attesting that they interfered in Iraqi internal affairs or engaged in activities outside the framework of Iraqi laws,."

The statement described the remarks by certain Iraqi officials against the PMOI as "contrary to the will and ethics of the Iraqi people." It reiterated that “The Geneva Conventions have reaffirmed the right of PMOI members to political asylum in Iraq and the occupying forces have recognized them as protected persons.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 4, 2006