Mogherini’s Iran trip encourages more executions

Mogherini’s upcoming trip to Tehran and meetings with those responsible for 120,000 political executions and 700 executions in the past six months encourages further executions and violates the values of democracy and human rights, and must be cancelled

NCRI - The Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran reiterates that the upcoming trip to Iran by Ms. Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and meetings with leaders of the ruling religious fascism encourage this regime to continue torture and executions. It urges all supporters of human rights, women’s rights and democracy to take urgent action for the cancellation of this trip. This and other trips to Iran under the mullahs’ rule run counter to the national interest of the Iranian people and their determination to overthrow this regime and establish democracy and popular rule in Iran.

Iranian Resistance condemns heinous killing of Egyptian workers

NCRI - The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the heinous killing of 21 Egyptian Christian workers in Libya and extends condolences to their families and the people of Egypt.

The killing of innocent workers who had been struggling to make a living is an inhumane crime that blatantly contradicts the teachings of any religion and civilization, and severely violates international laws and conventions.

Iranian Resistance condemns mysterious death of Argentina prosecutor

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) strongly condemns the suspicious death of the Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman and offers its condolences to his relatives and friends.

In light of his prominence role on the investigation regarding the Iranian regime’s terrorism, the NCRI’s foreign affairs committee calls for launching an independent international investigation into the mysterious death of Mr Alberto Nisman and making public the relevant findings.

Iranian Resistance strongly condemns brutal and abhorrent killing of James Foley

NCRI - The Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) condemns the brutal, outrageous and abhorrent killing of the American journalist James Foley by the ISIS terrorist group and expresses its condolences and sympathy to his family members.

This anti-Islamic and inhumane act that has tarnished the dignity of contemporary humanity, more than ever underscores the need for a firm regional and international policy against the extremism and fundamentalism under the cover of religion.

Iran: UN NGO Committee membership a tool in regime's hand to suppress voices

The membership of the religious fascism ruling Iran in the United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations Committee, is flagrant transgression against the fundamental values and yardsticks of the United Nations and a trampling of all human rights, humanitarian and moral values. This regime and other violators of human rights shall abuse this lever as a tool to suppress the independent and truly non-governmental organizations and the voices yearning for freedom. Moreover, this is an opportunity for the clerical regime to get accreditation with the UN for its espionage and terrorist gangs under the emblem of non-governmental organizations with consulting rank.

Iran: Jack Straw's disgraceful visit to Tehran

Jack Straw's trip to Iran whitewashes bleak record of religious dictatorship 660 executed in Iran in 2013

At a time when the people of Iran are suffering under the yoke of repression and the regime is secretly continuing its nuclear weapons projects and terrorist activities in Iraq, Palestine and Syria, the imminent trip to Tehran by former UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw is a disgraceful act to appease the religious dictatorship.

Iranian Resistance condemns arrest of Iraqi lawmaker, killing of his family members

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the criminal Saturday morning, December 28, attack by Maliki’s forces with over 50 armored vehicles and helicopter on AlbuAlwan village in Anbar Province and the arrest of Dr. Ahmed Alwani, Chair of Iraqi parliament Economy Commission, and the killing of a number of his family members and guards, including his brother Sheik Ali al-Alwani and a female relative. This was despite Dr. Alwani’s parliamentary immunity and the fact that his arrest lacks any legal justification.

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