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Iran: Political prisoner dies under torture

NCRI – In yet another anti-human crime, Hamzeh Naroui, 23, a political prisoner from Balouchistan, passed away in Zahedan central prison on June 25 due to brutal tortures carried out by the torturers of the anti-human regime of mullahs. Five months earlier, his brother Ali Naroui had been also martyred under torture in Uromieh prison.

Hamzeh was arrested in Zahedan seven months ago for his family relation with Ali Naroui, and went under torture in the solitary cells of Zahedan Intelligence office for three months. He was then transferred to the solitary cell of quarantined ward of Zahedan central prison where he was kept captive under inhuman conditions for four months. When Hamzeh protested at those conditions to the regime’s agents, he went under torture once again upon the order of Sargol Zai, deputy to Mohammad Marzieh, the criminal prosecutor of Sistan and Balouchestan province, which led to his passing away.

On Friday, June 20, Habib Abbassi, 40, a prisoner in Uromieh prison, passed away suspiciously in solitary confinement. Five days earlier he had been transferred to solitary confinement for his argue with one of the torturers due to which he was tortured severely. In order to prevent this news from leaking out, the torturers locked all the ward doors and banned prisoners’ movements. They also took Abbassi’s body out of the cell quickly.

In yet another crime, Jaaber Sakhravi, 30, a political prisoner in Ahwaz, has become paralyzed and is suffering a very poor vision due to tortures imposed on his legs. He has been tortured savagely while he suffered a brain tumor and had had a minor heart attack before.

These crimes are only a small part of calamities carried out every day in the mullahs’ medieval prisons, safe houses and secret torture chambers in the cities all across the country.

The growing trend of suppression, torture and execution that has escalated since Rouhani took office has unveiled the blatant claims for “moderation” under the Velayat-e faqih state.

The Iranian Resistance once again calls for the referral of the dossier of the mullahs’ regime’s horrible crimes to the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court. It also underscores that any economic relations with the religious fascism ruling Iran should be conditioned upon stopping torture and execution and improvement of human rights situation in Iran.

Secretariat of the national Council of Resistance of Iran
July 4, 2014