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Iran: Political prisoners’ food being poisoned by guards

NCRI – Iranian prison officials are trying to kill political prisoners by poisoning their food, according to reports from inside the regime.

Prisoner Mashallah Haeri, 64, the father of two memebers of the People’s Moajedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Camp Liberty, was refused access to his medicines after refusing to eat contaminated meals.

Mr Haeri, who suffers from a severe heart problem, has become critically ill due to torture and inhumane treatment in prison and is currently unable to walk or talk.

The regime’s deputy prosecutor and notorious henchman Khodabakhshi said in response to protests by families of political prisoners: “We will not execute them all, we will just execute some.”

He said some prisoners would meet a fate similar to political prisoner Mohsen Dogmechi, 53, a renowned Tehran merchant jailed because his daughter was in Ashraf and for helping the families of other political prisoners. Despite having cancer, he was refused medical treatment in prison and died behind bars in 2011 after nine years of torture and abuse.

Khodabakhshi added: “Some will become like Dogmechi, and others will be tormented to death like the ones who are presently here.”

In other reports, the hot water has also been cut off at Gohardasht prison as the cold weather approaches, risking even more danger to the health of prisoners.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

October 28, 2013