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Iran: Protests Spread to Different Cities of the Country

Simultaneous with the demonstration of the furious people of Baneh (Kurdistan province), there were protests in Tehran and other cities of the country by various walks of the society.

In Tehran, hundreds of labor activists, drivers of the bus company and other groups of workers, educators and students gathered in front of the regime’s parliament calling for the release of Reza Shahabi and other political prisoners. Reza Shahabi, a member of the board of directors of the Bus Company Syndicate, went on hunger strike on August 18 to protest the new frame-up by the judiciary against him and his re-arrest. He is now suffering a dire condition after his hunger strike for a month.

The participants in the gathering carried photos of imprisoned workers and educators and other political prisoners. They carried handwritten notes which read: “Reza Shahabi should be released”, “imprisoned worker must be freed”, “political prisoners should be freed”, “imprisoned educators should be freed”, “Workers, Students, Teachers! united, united!”. The agents of the repressive forces of the regime prevented protesters from getting close the parliament. The demonstration continued at Baharestan metro station. People chanted: “Hail to Shahabi, salute to Gohardasht”, “The worker dies, but never accepts humiliation”.

Meanwhile, thousands of retired civilians and armed forces, including academics, workers, army personnel and other retired people, gathered in protest against the regime’s Program and Budget Organization in Tehran. They demanded the strict implementation of the law on the equalization of pensions, the law enforcement services, and the expansion of their insurance services. The protesters chanted: “We shall not give up until we get our rights”, “No more oppression, our food tables are empty!”, “The poverty line is four million tomans, our salaries are a million tomans”. They also chanted against Rouhani: “The claimant of justice, shame on you, shame on you!” The agents of the repressive forces closed the area to prevent them from joining the protests of workers near the regime’s parliament. At the same time, hundreds of retirees rallied outside the office of Rouhani, the regime’s president, to get their trampled rights.

In Mashhad, the retirees also gathered outside the governor’s office and protested for not having paid their salaries and benefits for months.

Other protest gatherings on September 5th were: Setareh Sorkh Refinery workers of Bandar Abbas in front of the regime’s parliament in Tehran, workers of reconstruction of the Old Arg in Bam, Profile workers in Saveh, Iran-Poplin workers in Rasht, preschool instructors with 10 years of work experience in Kermanshah, mobile vendors in Firoozabad, employees of Ard Ashayer Iran company and workers of Parsilon in Khorramabad, and preschool preschoolers in Golestan Province.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 6, 2017