NCRI - The people of Iran are continuing to face great difficulties in their daily lives. Reports indicate that municipal bus workers from Zabul are still waiting for 6 months’ worth of unpaid salaries, as well as New Year bonuses.

The municipality has said that the reason for this is due to a lack of financial resources.

This kind of story is not just specific to Zabul – it is happening more and more all over the country. Workers are left without their pay and are not even given a date for when to expect payment.

An installation company, Zagros Sepahan, has also seen 100 of its employees lose their employment. These workers were made unemployed after the company started to face serious financial difficulties. Many of the employees are demanding that the authorities responsible for labour issues look into this matter urgently.

For the past two years, employees of the Tous tile factory have also been facing problems with pay. Some have not been received their salaries for 17 months. The workforce has also been cut in half. Before the financial problems started there were 300 workers; now only 150 remain. The employees who have not been paid since 2015 have gathered in front of the offices to demand their salaries on numerous occasions, but each time they are told to remain patient.

Carpet dealers in Yazd are also facing crisis. There has been a closure of between 35 and 40 carpet dealers in the Yazd area.

Because of the ongoing labour crises there are numerous protests being held. One of them is in front of the steel pension fund where over a hundred retirees of Isfahan Steel Corporation will protest.

Milk pasteurization workers in Iran’s capital rallied in Vali-Asr Avenue. The protesters were demanding an investigation into the status of their issues. Security forces got involved and shut the rally down.

Hundreds of retired telecommunication workers from Shiraz protested in front of the governor’s office of Fars province for several days.

Despite the Iranian regime spending colossal amounts of money on funding terrorism abroad, the people of Iran have been left to suffer with very poor social conditions including health care, education and labour rights. A huge number of people in Iran live under the poverty line despite working hard.

Upcoming elections are normally a time of hope for the people, but this is not the case in Iran. The elections are a sham where the Supreme Leader and the Guardian Council effectively choose candidates by eliminating those who they do not approve of. Intervention by the international community is urgently needed to change the situation of the Iranian people.

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