Condolences to Family & Colleagues of Ali Naqdi, a Victim of Anti-Labor Policies of Iran Regime

The end of injustice is possible only with the uprising and overthrow of this anti-labor regime

Ali Naqdi, one of the deprived workers in our country, was the victim of the predatory and anti-labor policies of the ruling religious fascism, unable to provide for his family and himself and paying increasing debts, when after many months of trying to recuperate his salary, the efforts did not yield any results, he committed suicide. His body was found in the water channel on February 27.

Iran: Workers, Toilers, Bazar Merchants, Retirees, and Looted People Continue Strikes and Protests Across the Country

Iran Uprising – No. 91

In spite of repressive measures and a variety of government tricks to silence the people's protest, the strikes and protests of workers, bazar merchants, retirees and looted people continued throughout the country on Tuesday, February 27:

Iran: A Detainee of the Recent Protests, Died Under the Torture

Iran Uprising - No. 90

With the killing of another detainee of the recent Protests, called Taleb Basativand, under torture in the prison of Ilam (the city in west of Iran), the number of people arrested during the uprising who were killed under torture reaches at least 13.

People's Protests Continue in Different Parts of Iran


The looted people of Caspian and Iranians Alborz protested in front of the regime’s parliament in Tehran

Iran Uprising - No. 89

As Nowrouz (Iranian New Year) approaches, the low-income strata who live in a deplorable situation, are facing more difficulties. Part of the protests of the workers and the toilers took on February 25 and 26 is as follows:
Monday, February 26:

The Strike of Ahvaz Steel Workers Enters Its Second Week

Iran Uprising - No. 88

Protest rallies of Steel Industry Workers in different cities of Iran

The workers of the Ahvaz Steel National Group on Monday February 26 continued their strike for the seventh consecutive day. Those who gathered in front of the governorate in the past three days chanted: “I don’t go from here, until I get my right”; “Workers die, they do not accept abjection”; “No nation has seen this much injustice”; “One less embezzlement, our problem is solved”; “Today is the day of mourning, the poor national group is the victim”. They then marched and blocked the street.

Strikes in Protest to Closure of Border Markets of Iran

Iran Uprising- No. 87

Call for general solidarity

The strike by marketers and shopkeepers in the Iranian Kurdistan cities of Baneh and Piranshahr, who had gone on strike on Saturday February 24 in protest of closing border markets, continued on Monday for the third day. Marketers and shopkeepers in Sardasht also joined the strike on Monday, February 26, and refused to open their shops. The mullahs’ regime, in fear of spreading the strike to other strata of the population, deployed a large number of riot guards, intelligence agents and plainclothes agents in different parts of these cities.

The Continuing Protests in Different Cities of Iran

Protest gathering, hundreds of Ahvaz National Steel Group workers

Iran Uprising -No. 86

On Thursday and Friday, February 22 and 23, the protests of noble workers and other deprived groups that were deprived of their basic rights continued in various cities of the country. The rising youth also expressed their disgust at the corrupt and criminal regime with various activities, including burning banners of images of Khamenei, the executioner of the Iranian people, and distributing pamphlets and writing slogans.


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