Iran: Protests of 2,000 Looted People in Ahvaz (Southern Iran)

Nearly two thousand Ahvaz people, looted by financial institutions affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and other oppressive institutions, including the Arman Vahdat Cooperative, continued their protests during last week on Wednesday night of October 18. They chanted to the criminal leaders of the regime: "let Syria alone, care about us", "if you reduce your embezzlements a bit, our Problems will be solved", "Death to Saif (Head of the Central Bank of the regime) ", "Khuzestanis die, but never accept ignominy"," I fight, I die, I shall take back my money".

Iran: Thousands of Plundered People Rallied Chanting "Death to This Oppression", "Justice, Justice" And "Rouhani, Shame!"

On Sunday, October 15th, thousands of people whose property was looted by institutions affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and other repressive organs, rallied in the central streets of Tehran, and expressed their anger and disgust at the oppression of Iranian religious rule. Caspian, Padideh Shandiz and Alborz Iranian (Arman), Pardisban and other institutions have been established in recent years by the IRGC, the Judiciary and SSF (State Security Force) under the guise of cooperative enterprises and banks in a chain in cities throughout Iran. They gathered and looted the assets of people from various walks of society.

Iran: Nationwide Protest by Education Staff in 20 Provinces on the Occasion of International Teacher's Day

On Thursday, October 5, on the occasion of the International Teacher's Day, at least 28 cities in 20 provinces of the country witnessed protest gatherings of the education staff. In Tehran, incumbent and retired education staff along with labor activists, retired workers and other retirees and families of political prisoners gathered in front of the regime's planning and budget organization. The presence of about 3000 women education staff frustrated of the mullahs’ tyranny in the gathering was impressive. The rallying slogans were: "teacher stand up to eliminate discrimination," "the imprisoned teachers should be freed," "Never has a nation seen such injustice," "one less embezzlement, our problems will be resolved," "Fair wage, is our certain right "and" Our tables are empty of food, while you continue your lies."

Iran: Clashes of Angry Workers With Repressive Forces in Central Province

The Iranian Resistance hails the brave workers of the Azarab and Hepko factories in the city of Arak – central Iran, who have been protesting bravely for their rights in recent days, and calls on the general public and the youth to help them in solidarity. The Iranian Resistance also calls on the international organizations defending the rights of workers to support the striking and protesting workers in Iran and to take effective action to release the detained workers and to address their demands.

Iran: Spreading Protests in Different Cities of the Country

On Saturday, September 16, nearly two thousand retired civil servants including teachers from the provinces of Tehran, Alborz, Isfahan, Central, South Khorasan, North Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi, Gilan, Mazandaran, Kermanshah, in protest to their difficult livelihood protested in front of Vahdat Hall in Tehran. They chanted: "Tyranny and oppression is enough, our table is empty", "We do not stand still until we get our rights", "One less embezzlement, our problem is solved". On the banners that were carried by the protesters, it was written: "Rouhani, Rouhani, implement your promises." Police forces surrounded the rally to prevent the spread of the rally.

Iran: Continuation of Protests Against the Killings of Porters and Repression of the People of Kurdistan

Following the uprising of the people of Baneh and the protests in other cities in the provinces of Kurdistan and West Azerbaijan in protest to the killing of porters, the clerical regime has intensified repression and arrests, and the interrogation and street arrests in these areas. A number of Revolutionary Guards commanders have left Sanandaj and have gone to the border towns. Revolutionary Guards and police have been sent to Baneh from Sanandaj and Hamedan. A number of armoured vehicles equipped with water cannons have also been sent to the city of Bokan to throw tear gas. The regime has severed or significantly limited communications from Baneh, Marivan, Sardasht, and Piranshahr cities in order to prevent spreading of the news and information, and has arrested a number of social network activists, especially in Baneh.

Iran: Protests Spread to Different Cities of the Country

Simultaneous with the demonstration of the furious people of Baneh (Kurdistan province), there were protests in Tehran and other cities of the country by various walks of the society.

In Tehran, hundreds of labor activists, drivers of the bus company and other groups of workers, educators and students gathered in front of the regime's parliament calling for the release of Reza Shahabi and other political prisoners. Reza Shahabi, a member of the board of directors of the Bus Company Syndicate, went on hunger strike on August 18 to protest the new frame-up by the judiciary against him and his re-arrest. He is now suffering a dire condition after his hunger strike for a month.

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