Iran: Khamenei tasks IRGC with upholding security in Tehran and cracking down on protestors

 Nationwide uprising in Iran – Statement 27

NCRI - In the fifth day of the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising - with the suppressive State Security Force (SSF), special anti-riot force, paramilitary Bassij, and plainclothes agents unable to contain the protests by the residents of Tehran - the mullahs’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei late on Tuesday tasked the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) with upholding security in Tehran. Trucks carrying Revolutionary Guards on Wednesday moved to various parts of Tehran.

Iran: Medical staff at Tehran hospital go on strike

National Council of Resistance of IranNationwide uprising in Iran – Statement 26

NCRI - Medical staff at Hezar-Takhtekhabi Hospital in Tehran have gone on strike against the kidnapping of those injured in the nationwide uprising.

Agents of the suppressive forces have for the past several days besieged the hospital and kidnapped those injured and transferred them to prison without prior treatment.

Iran: On 5th day of uprising, people clash with suppressive forces throughout Tehran

National Council of Resistance of IranNationwide uprising in Iran – Statement 24

NCRI - Women and youths clashed with agents of the mullahs’ dictatorship in various parts of Tehran on the fifth day of the nationwide uprising.

Tens of thousands of residents of Tehran gathered in 7 Tir Square at 18:30 (local time) and chanted “death to the dictator”.

Iran: Esfahan's prosecutor-general threatens to execute those detained during recent uprising

Tehran, June 17, 2009 Anti-government rallyNationwide uprising in Iran – Statement 23

NCRI - Following uprising of the people of Esfahan which is in its fifth day, Esfahan’s prosecutor-general Mohammad Reza Habibi in a statement said, “I warn those who try to disrupt internal security by inciting individuals to destroy, the Islamic penal code for such individuals waging war against God is execution.”

Iran: Suppressive forces clash with people in Esfahan on the fifth day of demonstrations

National Council of Resistance of IranNationwide uprising in Iran – Statement 21

NCRI - Esfahan today was the scene of demonstrations and clashes between suppressive forces and protestors. Demonstrations in Esfahan have been going on for the past five days. A number of people have been shot by the agents. Ambulance sirens could be heard from many parts in the city. 

Iran: Preventing news coverage of people's uprising in order to increase suppression

National Council of Resistance of IranNationwide uprising in Iran - Statement 19

NCRI - The Iranian regime today banned the news coverage of opponents' demonstration and protesters by foreign journalists.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi described this act as a preface to increased suppression of people's uprising and said while the scenes of firing on demonstrators and killing them and assaulting the youths whose only demand is freedom has caused international outrage, the mullahs' regime tries to increase this brutal suppression away from the eyes of foreign journalists and cameras.

Iran: Brutal attack on demonstrators in front of state radio and television station

Tehran, Iran, June 15, 2009Nationwide uprising in Iran – Statement 18

NCRI - This evening, June 16, suppressive forces attacked demonstrators in front of the state radio and television station with batons and daggers while they were leaving the place, wounding and arresting a large number of them.

Since 6:00 pm, some 20,000 people of Tehran staged a protest in front of state radio and television station. This gathering that lasted several hours was silent and without any slogans.


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