Iran: Continued Protests of Farmers Chanting "Farmer Dies, Never Surrenders to Humiliation"

Iran Uprising – No. 111

Sunday Morning, March 11, farmers in Varzaneh of Isfahan province who have been protesting to get their water share and against their dire living conditions over the past three weeks, gathered on the Khaju Bridge in Isfahan. They chanted: "Today is the day of mourning, the farmers’ lives are at risk; the farmer dies, never surrenders to humiliation; Oh Hojjat Ibn al-Hassan (Oh the savior), uproot the root of oppression; Rouhani is a great liar; if you do not give the (farmers’) water share, we will give our lives for it.”

Continued Protests by Farmers, Workers, Students, Looted People and Other Social Strata in Iran

the massive protests of eastern Isfahan farmers

Iran Uprising - No. 114

On Sunday, March 11, in addition to the massive protests of eastern Isfahan farmers, protests by students, families of political prisoners, working and retired Ahvaz steel workers, and other strikes, protests and demonstrations continued across the country:

Iran: Strikes, Demonstrations and Protests by Tehran Polytechnic University Students

Iran Uprising – No. 113

Relatives of detainees of Women’s Day demonstration, and Ahvaz steel workers joined the protesters

On Sunday, March 11, protests and strikes became more widespread. In addition to farmers in Isfahan, the families of the detainees, workers, students and various walks of people staged demonstrations and protest.

Iran Regime's Interior Minister: Protests in 100 Cities, Clashes in 42 Cities, and We Still Face the Same Incidents

Iran Uprising - No. 112

Deputy Interior Minister: Protests transcended all political currents in the country; spread very quickly, and violence was more than ever. Majority of those arrested lacked security record and 85% were under the age of 35.

Iran Regime Is the Cause of Nationwide Environmental Catastrophe

Iran Uprising – No. 110

A large number of people of Isfahan, central Iran, staged a demonstration in the city center on Saturday morning, March 10, 2018, in protest to the regime’s crackdown on the deprived farmers of east Isfahan, and in solidarity with them.

Iran: General Strike of Haft-Tapeh Sugarcane Workers and Other Deprived Sections of Society


Iran Uprising - No. 109

On March 8 and 9, in addition to the courageous uprising of the marginalized farmers in the eastern cities of Isfahan, including the cities of Varzaneh and Ezhiyeh, and the women's protests marking the International Women's Day, the strikes and protests of the workers and other strata of the society continued.

Iran: Demonstration and Clashes Between Farmers and Repressive Forces Continues


Iran Uprising – No. 108

On Friday, thousands of farmers in the cities of eastern Isfahan marched and staged a massive demonstrations to get their water rights. There were a number of farmers who had put on shrouds that were written on them: "We stand to the last drop of our blood." They chanted: “Rouhani, the liar, Zayandeh Rud is our rights"; "Even if we die, we will take our rights"; "Irresponsible authorities, shame on you; shame on you.”


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