Iran: Suppressive measures against the workers in the run-up to the International Labor Day in Iran

National Council of Resistance of IranNCRI - In the run-up to the international Labor Day, most of Iran's factories and workshops came under severe crackdown by the mullahs' regime.

Since the early days of the new Iranian year in the end of March, workers in dozens of Iranian factories and workshops have been suppressed by the government-run security apparatus. They were protesting over non-payment of their overdue salaries and benefits. 

Iran: Martial law in Iran's western city of Ivan-Gharb

National Council of Resistance of IranIn protest against killing of a number of people in an earlier violent anti-government demonstration in Iran's western city of Ivan-Gharb in Ilam province, local businesses and bazaar shut down yesterday and local residents stayed home. 

Following the bloody crackdown on a demonstration in Ivan-Gharb where a large number of people were killed and wounded, the special units of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) imposed a martial law in the city and arrested a number of protesters.

Iran: 5th day of hunger strike and protests at Sahand Universit

Sahand University StudentsNCRI- Students have gone on hunger strike and demonstration for the past five days at Sahand Technical University in the northern city of Tabriz.

They are protesting to hand picked school administrators by the government for the school.


Iran: Mullahs' runoff Majlis election charade discarded by people

Sample ImageNCRI - The mullahs' runoff Majlis (parliament) election charade yesterday was ignored by people across Iran far greater than the first round according to reports by the resistance's sources from polling stations in Tehran and various cities and towns.

There were only a handful of people who turned out to vote in many polling stations in Tehran including the ones in Aryashahr, Kashani Boulevard, Nezam Mafi Mosque, Islamshahr, Azadi Street in Hashemi district, Nabi Mosque in Narmak district, Saheb Zaman Mosque and Jame'e Mosque.

Iran: Savage attack by IRGC on people in Sardasht

National Council of Resistance of IranNCRI - On Sunday, Special Units of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) attacked a peaceful gathering in Rabat Township in the suburb of the northwestern city of Sardasht, killing one and wounding five others.

Upon the arrival of IRGC agents on the scene of the gathering, they opened fire on defenseless people killing a 21-year-old man identified as Hossein Poyaii-Far.


Iran: Angry people demonstrate in Poldokhtar and Dashtistan

Sample ImageNCRI - Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, lauded the citizens for standing up and demonstrating against the mullahs' suppressive forces in the western city of Poldokhtar and southern city of Dashtistan. She called on youths in other cities in particular those living in the western province of Lorestan and southern province of Bushehr to support their compatriots.

Iran: 800 textile factory workers went on strike

Sample ImageNCRI - 800 workers at Farnakh textile factory in Qazvin, western Iran, walked out in protest against non-payment of their salaries in the past two months and the New Year bonus. The factory was the largest of its kind in the Middle-East before enforcement of privatization scheme.


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