Iran: Workers ended the 3rd day of their walkout at Kiyan Tire Factory (Alborz)

Sample ImageNCRI - On Saturday, workers ended their 3rd day of strike at Kiyan Tire Factory. They burned used tires to block the highway between Tehran and Islamshahr, a western suburb of the capital, to draw commuters' attention traveling to Tehran. Striking workers have not been paid off in the past few months.

Iran: More than 400 sacked workers of Iran-Sadra Shipyard ended the 8th day of their protest

Sample ImageNCRI - On Saturday, more than 400 laid off workers of Iran-Sadra Shipyard in the southern city of Bushehr ended the 8th day of their ongoing sit-in. The workers are protesting against sudden dismissal from their jobs by the factory's management last month. They have held a sit-in outside the shipyard's administration building.

The protesting workers blocked the main entrance to the facility, other workers did not turn out and many parts of the shipyard are closed down.

SSF Commanders warned about heightening of suppression in the New Year

Sample ImageNCRI - Brig. Gen. Ismail Ahmadi-Moqadam, chief of the State Security Forces (SSF), stressed that the suppressive plan known as "Boosting Public Security" will be "complemented" and "not abandoned" and suppression in the New Year will intensified.

Speaking to a gathering of border regiment personnel in Paveh, western Iran, he said that people may think "these plans were temporary … the SSF is determined and I promise people that the plan will not be abandoned and it is not going to end under any circumstances and the trend is irreversible," the official news agency IRNA reported on March 26.

Iran: Mullahs admit to widespread election boycott by Mashhad residents

Active ImageSham Majlis elections – 14
NCRI - Despite vote riggings and attempts to tamper with ballot boxes, Mohammad Reza Faker with 211,624 won the elections as the front running in the northeastern city of Mashhad, the state-run news agency Mehr reported on Monday.

Hassan Movahedian, Mashhad's governor, announced the number of eligible voters to be 1,800,000. The first winner of the Majlis election from Mashhad won his seat only with 11.5 percent of the votes.

Iran: Majlis deputies elected by only 7 to 9 percent

Active ImageOfficial counts demonstrates mullahs' Majlis deputies elected by only 7 to 9 percent
Sham Majlis elections – 12
NCRI - Government-run media came up with the final figures of vote counts on Monday night. Despite vote riggings and claim of 60 percent turn-out, the mullahs' regime was not able to announce more than 1,909,000 turn-out for Greater Tehran.

Iran: Workers protest in 15 factories and workshops

Active ImageNCRI - In the past weeks and run up to the Iranian New Year (Persian calendar year beginning March 21) more than 15 factories and workshops have gone on strike. Among them, 1,000 workers of Minoo Food Packing Factory walked out on March 12 over what the labor activists called "substantial pay cut in the salaries and their end of the year bounces" by the management.

Workers announced that they will stay on strike until their demands are met by the factory's management.

Iran: Despite vote riggings, mullahs' own account of the Tabriz elections confirms fraud

Active Image

Sham Majlis elections – 13
NCRI - Despite vote riggings, mullahs' own account confirms electoral fraud in the northern city of Tabriz. Massoud Pezeshkzad won the first seat by 105,000 votes to the Majlis (parliament), 8.5 percent of all eligible voters in the East Azerbaijan province, reported the state-run news agency ISNA on Monday.

Ali Ghafari, deputy governor in political and security affairs, announced that 201,000 were eligible to vote in the East Azerbaijan province, according to the governor's office figures published on March 8. However, the actual number of eligible voters was much higher than what was published prior to the Election Day for covering the low turnout.


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