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Iran: Workers and Other Deprived Groups Continue to Protest and Strike

Iran Uprising – No. 70

On Friday and Saturday, February 2 and 3, 2018, protest movements of youths, workers and other deprived classes continued.

On Saturday, February 3:

1. The Qazvin bazaar businessmen went on strike in protest of tax extortion and pressure from the regime.

2. A group of Tondgouyan petrochemical workers in Bandar Mahshahr gathered in front of the governorate in protest to non-payment of part of their claims. In the days before, the workers had been on strike at their workplaces.

3. The contract staff of the National Iranian Drilling Company gathered again. They object to the status of salaries and wage discrimination between them and the permanent staff.

4. A group of Moghan sugar beet growers gathered in Moghan Agro-Industrial Company’s Office of Management and Finance to protest non-payment of their claims.

5. In Abadan, the workers of the municipality gathered for the second day in a row against the non-payment of their salaries of previous months.

6. The families of MPS patients gathered in front of the Ministry of Health in Tehran to protest the scarcity and cost of the drugs for the disease.

7. The unemployed youth of Agda in Ardakan (Yazd province) gathered in front of the pelletizing complex.

8. A number of graduate engineers gathered in front of the Ministry of Science in Tehran to protest the devaluation of their degrees. They have come to Tehran from different provinces such as Ilam, Ardabil, Hamedan, Alborz, Mazandaran and Markazi.
9. Workers of the coop housing company of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company protested against five-year delay in delivering their homes.

10. A group of people gathered in the city of Estahban, Fars province, to protest the cutting of trees at the Morghak tourist resort in Roniz.

11. In Tehran, a group of looted people protested to achieve their rights.

Some of the Friday February 2 protests are as follows:

12. In Tehran, people gathered at Bridge College and Vali Asr, and chanted the slogan “Khamenei, Death to your trick; The Blood of Our Youth is dripping from your hand”. Young people threw Molotov cocktail following the attack by the mercenaries.

13. The earthquake-stricken people in Kohbonan in Kerman province, in protest to the deceptive promises made by Rouhani in the investigation of the earthquake stricken areas, broke the governorate door and entered in it. It was written on the hand written banners of the quake-stricken people of Kohbonan: ” Kohbonan does not want lie, it wants action” and “Can a house be built by the amount of 35 million (about 7,500 dollars)?” The incident took place when Rouhani’s Interior Minister Rahmani Fazli was in the administrative council meeting in the governorate of Kohbonan. Rahmani Fazli immediately left the place out of fear. The deprived people of this region, despite the extreme cold of the desert, are severely suffering from lack of basic facilities.

14. The railway workers in Varamin blocked the crossing of the train and prevented it from moving by sitting on railroad tracks to protest non-payment of their four months’ salary.

15. In Orumiyeh, 500 people whose lands have been confiscated by Bassij, gathered in Bassij Square, demanding their lands. Predatory mullahs have been refusing to respond to these deprived people for 16 years.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 4, 2018