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Iranian regime dispatches intelligence agents to Europe to plot against dissidents

NCRI – The Ministry of Intelligence of the religious dictatorship ruling Iran is continuing to dispatch its agents to Erope under the guise of refugees. This is aimed at infiltrating into the ranks of dissidents, gathering intelligence about them and preparing the grounds for terror attacks.

One of the latest of such examples is an agent by the name of Easa Azadeh being sent to France.

Details about his connections with the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) were unveiled last year by the Security and Anti-Terrorism Commission of the National Council of Resistance of Iran on 23 February 2014.

This agent left Camp Liberty and went to Baghdad’s MOIS-controlled Hotel Mohajer, and through a Quds Force brigadier commander known as Sajjad – in charge of Hotel Mohajer – and two Iranian regime embassy agents in Baghdad by the names of Mousavi and Hosseini, was hired and placed at the disposal of the MOIS. He was then taken to Iran and placed under training courses similar to those of “Massoud Dalili”. Dalili was the guide of the assailants in the 1 September 2013 massacre at Camp Ashraf.

In November 2010, Azadeh’s daughter, who had married an MOIS agent by the name of Mohsen Astani, went to Ashraf to participate in various acts and throwing rocks at Ashraf residents along with other agents, demanding her father’s return to Iran.

After selling himself as an agent to the MOIS in Hotel Mohajer, Azadeh began fully cooperating with the Iranian regime along with Sajjad, Mousavi and Hosseini, taking part in threatening and encouraging newcomers to Hotel Mohajer to succumb to the mullahs’ MOIS. With the support of Martin Kobler’s Afghan assistant by the name of Durrani he began sending MOIS’ messages to various Camp Liberty residents, which were revealed and responded to with the utmost protests at that time.

In this regard the residents’ representative wrote to UNAMI on 27 January 2013 that Durrani had approached to one of the residents and passed him the message of “an agent of the mullahs’ Intelligence Ministry by the name of Easa Azadeh”…”The residents who were informed of this act were infuriated and exasperated.”

On that very day in a letter to the UN Secretary-General, former European Parliament Vice President and President of the International Committee ‘In Search of Justice’ expressed his utmost protest that a UNAMI employee had passed to a Liberty resident “a message from a former resident who has left the camp and is now working for the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security”.

Afterwards, the mullahs’ MOIS issued an Iranian passport numbered 16359085 dated 12 February 2013 to Azadeh, and in November 2013 took him to Iran for “briefing and training” about new missions. However, his presence in Iran was kept a complete secret and he was even kept in the dark from his relatives so that in future conspiracies if needed they could claim he had gone directly from Iraq to Europe. This MOIS agent provided information on various facilities in Liberty to the Iranian regime and specifically played a role in planning missile attacks on Liberty.

After completing his briefing and training, the MOIS covertly sent this agent to France to receive refugee status and carry out the related missions in that country. According to MOIS instructions he was banned from coming into contact with other regime agents abroad until further notice and until receiving his refugee status.

As stated in this Commission’s 23 February 2014 statement: “Those who separate themselves and go to Hotel Mohajer are sent to rooms at second, third or fourth floors after going through preliminary stages. But those such as Massoud Dalili that are appointed for criminal plots are taken to other special locations.”
Dalili was the assailants’ guide in their attack against Ashraf on 1 September 2213, who made it possible for the attackers to kill 52 PMOI members in a short period of time and abduct 7 others as hostage. Finally, these mercenaries murdered him and burned his face in order to keep his identity unveiled.

Sending agents like Easa Azadeh to Europe happens in a condition where not only does the mullahs’ regime not hide its consent for the January 7 tragedy in Paris, in fact it is threatening the French government that “a change in French policy vis-à-vis Syria is needed to maintain security.” (Tasnim news agency, affiliated to the Quds Force, 8 January 2015). Ansar al-Hezbollah, a group linked to Khamenei, sent “thousands of congratulations” on January 14 for the Paris massacre and wrote: “Carrying out this ‘legitimate punishment’ that was ‘planned from months before’ has nothing to do with a terrorist attack or ISIS”. This group’s publishing went on to ask, “Is it fair that the ruling of a low-level Western court is binding, but the ruling of the (Imam) Jafar Sadeq remains unanswered?” (Letharat – 13 January 2015)

Dispatching such agents to France by the mullahs’ MOIS and the Revolutionary Guards Quds Force has no other objective but espionage and preparing the grounds for terror attacks against Iranian refugees. In this regard the Iranian Resistance issued a statement on 15 January 2013 announcing the dispatching of another MOIS agent by the name of Ghorban-Ali Hossein Nejad to France. This individual surrendered himself to the Iraqi army intelligence forces back in April 2012 and was then hired by the MOIS. Relevant images and video footages were published at that time.

The NCRI Anti-Terrorism and Security Commission recalls the assassination of Dr. Kazem Rajavi, Mohammad Hossein Naghdi and many Iranian refugees, and in addition to warning in advance of the mullahs’ conspiracies against its dissidents and this regime’s espionage and terrorist plots, it strongly calls on France and other European countries to implement the April 1997 European Council resolution on the Iranian regime’s intelligence agents and elements dispatched abroad by the Quds Force and the hated religious dictatorship’s Gestapo.
Security and Anti-Terrorism Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 16, 2015