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Mrs. Rajavi hails arisen Azeri compatriots and describes insults against them as insults against all Iranian people

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, hailed the arisen Azeri compatriots across Iran, especially in Eastern and Western Azerbaijan, Ardebil and Zanjan provinces, stating that villainous insults against the Azeri compatriots by the antihuman and anti-Iranian mullahs’ regime is an insult to all Iranian people of various ethnicities, religions and beliefs. She called on the Iranian people, especially the youth, to support the arisen Azeris.

Underscoring the remarkable role of the valiant people of Azerbaijan and Azeri people in Iran’s history, including during the constitutional and antimonarchical revolutions, Mrs. Rajavi stated that as long as the ominous regime of velayat-e faqih (absolute rule of the clergy) is in power, the brutal suppression of all Iranian people, as well as the systematic discrimination against various ethnicities, religions and faiths and sedition between various sections of the Iranian society, will continue.

Mrs. Rajavi noted that a great people that offered the Iranian nation prominent figures such as Sattarkhan, Hanifnejad and Khiabani will surely be the vanguards in the overthrow of the antihuman regime of mullahs and the establishment of democracy, as well as in putting an end to the ethnic and religious discrimination and oppression.

On Monday, November 9, the cities of Tabriz, Urmia, Zanjan, Ardebil, Khoy, Maragheh, Marand, Naghadeh, Meshkinshahr, Ahar, Moghan and other cities in Eastern and Western Azerbaijan, Zanjan and Ardebil provinces were the scenes of large popular demonstrations in protest to the Iranian regime’s insult of Azeri compatriots in the state television that is under Khamenei’s control. Moreover, there were also gatherings and protests in the many cities, including Tehran and Shiraz. Demonstrations and clashes continued through part of the night in cities such as Tabriz.

People in Tabriz and a number of other cities confronted the suppressive forces that attempted to obstruct the demonstrations during which a number of state vehicles were set on fire and a number of people were injured or arrested.

In some of the cities, the suppressive forces used batons, tear gas, shockers and plastic bullets to attack the people who used stones and set tires and garbage bins on fire to defend themselves.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 10, 2015