Iran: Mullahs set stage for violating nuclear deal, counter critics with propaganda

NCRI - A week after signing the nuclear deal in Geneva, leaders of the clerical regime ruling Iran who view abandoning nuclear weapons as a deadly blow to their rule, are on one hand preparing to break the agreement and on the other hand trying to demonstrate to their internal critics through falsifications and propaganda that they have scored a great victory.

Khamenei remarks reveal Iranian regime's deception to ease sanctions, continue nuclear project

NCRI - Hours before initiation of new round of nuclear negotiations in Geneva, the Iranian regime's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, while expressing support for “officials who are tasked to conduct the negotiations”, said: “The redlines in the nuclear issue ought to be adhered to and not a step back should be taken from rights.”

Iran: Nuclear accord without enrichment halt, closure of Arak, Additional Protocol, offers mullahs opportunity to acquire nuclear weapons

NCRI - In the current nuclear crisis, any accord between the international community and mullahs’ regime not encompassing complete halt of enrichment, full shutdown of Arak heavy water site, acceptance of the Additional Protocol, and unhindered and free access of IAEA to all of regime’s nuclear sites and specialists who have been kept out of reach of IAEA for so many years, will just give further opportunities to the religious fascism ruling Iran to reach nuclear weapons capability. These steps should also include a halt in production and installation of centrifuges, removing enriched uranium from Iran, or rendering it unusable for nuclear weapons. Anything less is neither “verifiable” nor “transparent”.

Khamenei underlines expansion of nuclear weapons project, calling it ‘continuance of accelerated scientific progress’

NCRI - Ali Khamenei, the clerical regime’s Supreme Leader, said on Wednesday, October 9: “The policy of accelerated scientific progress is Islamic system’s deep-seated policy.”

He described “continuance of accelerated scientific progress” as “the principle element in achieving exalted summits of advancement, might and prosperity”.

Paris: Press conference to reveal Iranian regime's clandestine nuclear program

NCRI - Mr. Mehdi Abrishamchi, Chairman of the Peace and Security Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran will reveal the latest information on the structure, organization and activities of the organ responsible for weaponization aspect of mullahs' nuclear program, in a press conference in Paris at Hotel Napoléon (40 Avenue Friedland, Paris 75008) on Thursday, October 10, at 10:30 AM.

Rouhani: Nuclear program is national, nonpartisan, and we will not give it up

NCRI - Hassan Rohani, the new President of the Iranian regime in his first press conference after taking office emphasized on the continuation of the regime's nuclear program, describing it as a "national and non-partisan" program.

He said the issue of uranium enrichment is not a matter of negotiations. He described the international community’s call to halt enrichment as “beyond the law, unreasonable or expired" demands.

Iran: Khamenei’s new fatwas are aimed at intensifying crackdown

Ali Khameinei's new fatwas forbids revealing the Iranian regime’s crimes, listening to music, dancing, wearing short sleeve shirts by men, going to monasteries and associating with Baha’is

NCRI - Ali Khamenei, the Iranian regime's Supreme Leader whose regime is besieged by intensified internal fighting among various factions and is fearing popular uprisings, has published a series of repressive instructions and directives - under the guise of publishing new fatwas.

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